5 Whole House Automatic Water Shut off Valve Reviews

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There is nothing worse than water leaks in winters (and even in summers). Water leaks not only wastewater but also wastes a great amount of money on repairs. To save yourself from big losses, we suggest you buy a Whole House Automatic Water Shutoff Valve.

What is leak detection, and how does it work?

There are times when we are busy with different chores. There is a great possibility of leaving a water valve open in such situations, and water continues to drip out of it. Water leak detection will sense such situations and would instantly update you via message or notification on your smartphone.

There are many different types of leak detectors; some contain the capability to sense temperature fluctuation and report you immediately. So, in winter, you won’t have to worry about frozen pipes!

But if you want a better model, your smart leak detector would not only detect water leakage but also suggest ways to save water and automatically shut off the main line of water if the leakage is massive.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Moen 900-006 Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff in 1-Inch...
Moen 900-006 Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff in 1-Inch...
SIZE: Model 900-006 fits 1-Inch to 1-1/4-Inch pipe diameter (consult a professional)

5 Whole House Automatic Water Shut off Valve

Here is a list of automatic water leak detection and shut-off system in 2021;

1. Moen Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff

  • It provides 24/7 protection, manually switching on or off through the app.
  • Enable automatic shutoff to deal with water leaks.
  • Microleak Technology actively assesses the water pipes and valves daily.
  • It can even fit a 1 to 1 ¼ inch pipe.
  • Daily water consuming reports through apps promotes the saving of water.
  • Complete installation equipment is provided in the package.

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Technology-friendly.
  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.
  • It helps in saving water as well money.
  • Available in 3 different sizes.
Things to Consider!
  • Cannot fit a pipe with ¾ inch diameter.


What is better than a virtual assistant who would alarm you every time water leaks? Certainly nothing! This water leak detection and automatic shut-off system will fix the biggest pains in your life.

Its MicroLeak technology can even detect the tiniest pinhole leaks. And they never overlook drops per minute but assess them as well.

Flo by Moen has a smart app which records your daily consumption of water. Not only that, but it also suggests ways to save water and use it more efficiently. Just a WiFi connection would make the job, and an AC/DC connection.

What if the fear of missing out strikes you even after installing this device? Well, you can upgrade to FloProtect Plan. It is a security plan which provides a 5 years EXTENDED warranty and LIVE water assistant. And, not only that, but you will also get a $5000 FloProtect Deductible Guarantee. Isn’t this great? Get this upgrade now and make your life peaceful.

2. Leaksmart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

  • The package includes one patented leak smart and one ¾ inch auto water shut-off valve.
  • Automatic shut-off sensors prevent water wastage by immediately switching off the main water supply valve.
  • Available in three different sizes from pipelines of ¾, 1 inch, to 1 ¼ diameter.
  • Great battery backup!

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Technology friendly.
  • Compatible with WiFi, Nest, IRIS, SmartThings, and Wink.
  • Easy to read instructions.
  • Compatible with your insurance.
Things to Consider!
  • Doesn’t offer any official warranty.


Remember the day when your basement was filled with water when you came back home? You need a LeakSmart Automatic Water Shut Off and Leak Detection System to prevent it from happening again. They do exactly what they say, i.e., detects water leaks in less than 5 seconds.

Water leaks do not necessarily mean pipeline burst, but sometimes an open tap can also waste gallons of water. SmartLeak is smart enough to track each kind of water leakage by notifying instantly.

So, what does the package include?

  • LeakSmart valve that is connected to your main line valve. When it senses any water leakage, it shuts off the supply instantly.
  • LeakSmart Sensor is placed under the water pipes and house appliances where there is the threat of leakage. It not only senses leakage but also assesses temperature change. This sensor sends signals to the LeakSmart valve, which then switches off the mainline.
  • LeakSmart App helps in monitoring temperature and manually shutting water valves on/off. It also notifies you about the battery life.

So, this technology-friendly gadget is everything you need to prevent flooding at your place. This is an affordable piece of gadget. Get it now!

3. iHome iSB02 Automatic Water Shut Off System

  • 24/7 water leakage monitoring to avoid water leakage at homes or offices.
  • Two sensors with a dual leak probe feature, one on the bottom and the other 6 inches for the flexible placing of the sensor.
  • Allows mobility and flexible placement.
  • iHome has a strict privacy policy and keeps the data secure and encrypted.
  • Instantly alerts you through their mobile app when there is any leakage.

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Powered by WiFi.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz networks and iHome SmartPlug.
Things to Consider!
  • Their mobile app can crash sometimes.
  • Doesn’t offer an automatic shut-off system.


So, you love traveling and shifting from one house to another. Or if you live on rent somewhere, this is a perfect leak detection system to own. iHome Leak Detection System allows mobility and can be fixed anywhere and everywhere.

With this smart iHome Leak Detection System, you will instantly get a notification on your smartphone. A good aspect of this remote water leak detector is rechargeable. In case of a power outage, it will work uninterruptedly.

Also, with all the privacy and data breach fiasco going around, iHome offers a strict privacy fence. All this so that you can sleep peacefully!

So, everyone who loves to travel gets this technology-friendly appliance to save water from wastage and live your life on a dry, peaceful floor.

4. E-SDS Automatic Water Leak Shut Off Valve System

  • Automatic surveillance system for leak prevention.
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.
  • It comes with 2 valves, and 2 sensors, and an alarm sound.
  • Perfect for ¾ inches pipeline, and controls flood from two different points.
  • It has a vacation mode and a smart battery backup.

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Easy installation.
  • Perfect for electronic appliances, water heaters, etc.
  • Two years warranty.
Things to Consider!
  • Not for a bigger pipeline than ¾ inches one.


Did it ever happen that you went on a vacation, and your water pipeline broke off? If yes, you might have realized the importance of automatic water leak detection and shut-off systems.

And if not, believe me, you wouldn’t want to live with this fear.

With the E-SDS water leak detection and shut-off system’s vacation mode, you get complete ease of mind. The leak detection sensors are active 24/7 to find the slightest leakage.

If they detect one, they instantly send a notification on your mobile, so you can manually switch off the mainline. It is as easy as it sounds.

This particular water leak detection system has 2 valves and 2 sensors to improve its job. And it is suitable for pipelines of ¾ inches diameter.

But, if you face a simple problem such as a power outage in your area, you still can consider buying this product. It has a powerful battery backup that rings an alarm and shut-off the water valve automatically.

So, if you want to prevent water leakage while you’re on vacation, get this E-SDS water leak detection and shut-off system with TWO years’ warranty.

5. Smart Hot Water Heater Shutoff System

  • Most affordable water shut off system.
  • Daily push notifications on your smartphone.
  • Water heater shutoff system.
  • It has a sensor to prevent water leakage.
  • Floor sensors to shut off cold water input.
  • 90dB alarm sounds to alert the household/office.

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Technology friendly.
  • Shuts water within 1 minute.
  • Easy installation.
  • Safe and secure.
Things to Consider!
  • Only for water heaters.


This Smart Hot Water Heater Shutoff System is placed below the water heater to detect any water leakage. The sensors are active 24/7 to detect any usual activity and shutoffs immediately if they notice any leakage.

What we liked the most about this water detection system is:

  1. Affordability.
  2. Easy installation.

They are a perfect piece of gadget to own in a house with kids. We all know how unpredictable they are. So, it is nothing but a helping hand in such disastrous situations.

And, it doesn’t require any wiring. This is awesome. You can fix it almost instantly on your existing plumbing, and it starts operating.

Another noteworthy fact about this Smart Hot Water Shut Off System is that it contains every single thing that you will ever require. All hoses and wires, and even nuts and washers. This is the reason why we call it easy to install.

You can get their apps on both iOS and Android. It is compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi as well. What a treat to have, no? Get it now before it’s too late. You need this!

Buyers Guide for Whole House Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

Water detectors have become an essential part of every household. They are easy to use and manage. But, we have loads of suggestions on which water detection system to choose and which one to avoid.

So, what’s best for you?

Well, it depends on various factors such as the place of installation, members in your family, and if you are an avid traveler or not. But, some of the most important aspects of a water detection system are its quality and efficiency.

Besides, these factors should never be overlooked when looking for a new water detection system.

Good quality sensors

The prime purpose of installing a water leakage detector is to prevent flooding timely. If the sensors are not efficient and don’t work 24/7, they will most likely fail in instant reporting.

Therefore, one should always look for water leak detection sensors that are prime quality ones. Some of the water leakage detectors mentioned above have one to two sensors and instant alarms or send immediate alerts on your mobile. Ideal water leakage detectors are those that can detect the slightest pinpoint leakage promptly.


Every modern gadget is technology-friendly. We cannot simply rely on alarms to prevent flooding. Most water leak detection systems are compatible with WiFi and send alerts through smartphone apps.

Therefore, always consider a water leak detector that is technology-friendly and has the ability to send instant alerts on your personal phone.

Automatic shut-off system

What’s the point of installing leak detection when it can’t prevent flooding? There are water leak detectors that do not offer an automatic shut-off system, rather offer instant alerts.

But, the better ones are with automatic shut-off systems. They are very efficient and work almost instantly. Most of the above-mentioned auto shut-offs work in less than seconds. These automatic shut-off systems are connected with the water mainline. They also send you regular alerts daily.


The price of a water leak detection and automatic shut-off system ranges from $500-$15. It depends on what you are looking for.

If you can buy a fancy water leak detection device, get yourself Moen 900-006 Flo by Moen 1-Inch Smart Water Shutoff. They are great! Their instant alerts and daily reports of water consumption are beneficial. And, they are really making an effort to save mother nature by suggesting ways to save water from wastage in your daily life.

However, if you want a cool affordable piece of water leakage detector, Smart Hot Water Heater Shutoff System will be perfect for you.


The size of the sensor device matters more than anything. We would never want an oversized water leak sensor device with a small hose. These factors limit mobility and prevent them from working at their best.

You will have to contemplate where exactly you want to put it. If you are placing it inside a narrow pipe, a sensor that can be fixed with ¾ inches diameter will be ideal for you.

There is a wide variety of diameters, from ¾ inches to 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch. Find what’s best for you!

Final Verdict

It is indeed correct that the chances of flooding are greater than a fire breakout. Therefore, we should prepare for every condition. A smart water leak detection and automatic shut-off system with built-in sirens and smartphone compatibility is all that you need. All of the above-mentioned factors determine what’s suitable for your use. From portable to huge commercial purpose sensors, we have mentioned a variety of leak detectors.

You will have to assess what is best for you, whether you want a portable sensor device or a sensor with vacation mode. One of the most used features in leak detectors is auto shut-off. They are pretty much a lifesaver, especially when you have pets and kids in your house.

Be careful with what you buy. Most Whole House Automatic Water Shut-off Valve comes with a warranty, but not all offer one. You are indeed taking a step towards making your house more safe and secure. Get the best water leak detector right now and live your life peacefully.

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People Also Asked for Leak Detectors

Here are the top-rated questions that people asked to inquire about leak detection systems;

What is the Whole House Automatic Water Shut off Valve?

Here is a list of a whole House Automatic Water Shut off Valve in 2021;

  1. Moen 900-006 Flo by Moen 1-Inch Smart Water Shutoff
  2. Leaksmart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve
  3. iHome iSB02 Automatic Water Shut Off System
  4. E-SDS Automatic Water Leak Shut Off Valve System
  5. Smart Hot Water Heater Shutoff System

What is the ideal power source of water leak detectors?

Some of the water leak sensors are powered by AC/DC. At the same time, the majority of the sensors are driven by a battery. But the ideal power source would be AC/DC powered outlet with battery backup.

How does a leak sensor work?

Leak sensors measure the temperature change every other second. If there is the slightest fluctuation in the temperature, they instantly sense leakage and immediately start operating. Some sensors are powerful; they can even monitor extreme changes in the environment, such as freezing weather or excessive humidity. Both of these conditions can potentially harm a water pipeline causing catastrophic bursts.

What are the hub requirements?

If a sensor works on WiFi, there is no hub required to operate them. But, if sensors are not compatible with WiFi, you will require a hub to connect your water leak sensor with your smartphone app. Some of the famous hubs are IRIS, SmartThings, and Wink.

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