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For those who work in concrete or stone, the SDS drill bit is the tool of choice. This specialized drill bit is used in a precision spring-loaded chuck that allows movement of the bit. The back-and-forth motion, along with the bit’s twisting, gives a hammering effect on the medium being drilled. SDS stands for the German words “Schtek, Drehe, Sitz,” or “Stick in, twist, and stay,” coined by the Robert Bosch Company of Stuttgart, Germany.

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I will drive you through the full technical details and, of course, the buying guide with a FAQ at the end.

What is SDS?

The SDS drill bit’s shank is slotted, and the chuck’s jaws have special keys to fit the slots. The slots are closed at each end, so the drill bit slides up and down without falling out of the chuck.

As this hammering motion continues, the drill bit spins according to the workers’ input, and so the hammer drills into the medium.

SDS drill bit sets are available in nearly every standard size, and you can find sets in the metric ranges. Mounting guard rails along a concrete step is one of the uses of this type of drill bit.

Holes are drilled into the concrete using the appropriate drill size, then the concrete anchor is hammered into place, and the guardrail is mounted with bolts screwed into the anchors.

SDS bits are also used for drilling holes in materials such as granite. They can be diamond-tipped or have a diamond core for hardness and reliability.

Masonry drills are used in conjunction with a liquid cooling system that maintains the temperature to fracture the rock or break the drill bit. All types of masonry and stonework can be drilled using these highly specialized bits.

Best SDS Plus & SDS Max | Top Rated

Here are a few products that you can scan through according to your needs

1. Masonry Drill Bit Set, SDS Max | Carbide Tipped

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Features I Like!
  • Hard Carbide tip
  • Forged HSS
  • 13″ length in total & 9″ working length
  • SDS Max

2. DEWALT SDS MAX Bit for Rotary Hammer (DW5831)

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Features I Like!
    • Innovative design and expose carbide area for maximum efficiency
    • Helix expedite mill removal and reduce the friction
    • Hardened steel core reduces breakage change of bit

3. Bosch Multi-Cutter Head SDS Max Rotary Hammer Bit

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Features I Like!
  • Innovative design for optimum efficiency
  • Carbide tipped
  • 24″ in length & 18″ usable length
  • Very heavy-duty stuff
  • Made by Bosch the ‘Boss’ in SDS

More about SDS Makers

Finding SDS drill bit sets for your masonry or hammer drill is not a problem since nearly every hardware store sells them. They can even be found in certain department stores that sell tools!

Prices may vary, according to store policy, but the standard price for SDS drill bits, individually, is around five to eight dollars for the high-temperature steel SDS bits, and much more for the carbide or diamond manufactured bits.

Some of the best brands of SDS drill bits can be found in the above-mentioned resources. Bosch is probably the most revered of drill bits since it has been around for over a century and has developed drill bits with advancing technology.

The materials that Bosch has had time to experiment with have led to many durable and functional drill bits for the next millennium.

Milwaukee Tool is America’s finest. This company has been around since World War I, and its tools have had a special place in the hearts of construction laborers for over a century.

Milwaukee Electric’s tool helped develop the electric motor drill, and the hammer drill was one of the most important designs they invented. To follow would have to be the augmentation of SDS drill bits to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Irwin Tools and even Hilti came into the manufacturing of SDS drill bits. These companies made names for themselves by providing competitive prices along with quality.

Specialization is the key to these manufacturers of tools and their devotion to the powerful tool and dies accessories, as seen in their product lines’ quality.

Video Guide

FAQ’s about SDS

What is the main difference between SDS and hammer drill?

SDS is quite similar to Hammer drill bits, but in SDS, a piston mechanism gives a powerful hammering action. This helps to make a hole faster than typical hammer drill bits.

What is the main difference between SDS, SDS Plus, and SDS Max?

The SDS is just a chuck system that was originally developed by Bosch. The SDS is just a small improvement. You can use SDS & SDS plus as a synonym.

Size is the main difference between SDS plus and SDS max. SDS & SDS plus is the same thing. SDS Max is just an upgraded version of SDS plus used for more heavy masonry jobs that cannot be handled easily by SDS/SDS plus bits.

SDS and SDS plus are 10mm in diameter – and interchangeable. SDS Max is 18 mm in diameter.

Also, SDS max has some innovative design that makes it more firm in the chuck.

Are these SDS drills better?

Yes, these are more powerful and are held more firmly. A strong grip optimizes the drilling power so that power is used for cutting action.

Can I use an SDS drill bit in a normal drill?

Better not to use as the main difference is the chuck design that is different for SDS, and a standard rotary hammer is different. This will loosen the grip and may lead to some serious damage.

How does an SDS drill work?

Hammering is done by piston firing the drill bit forward and pulling it back. The chunk is designed so to facilitate the operation. Ball-bearings are used in chunks to reduce friction because of that too and fro motion.


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