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In the era of CNC machines, it is pretty challenging to find the best one. It is essential to know about these machines so that you can buy them easily.

Among different types and several manufacturers, Next wave automation CNC shark hd520 is worth appreciation. Your investment won’t be wasted with this pretty helpful thing.

CNC machines work differently but never fail to serve us with the best we want from them. They are best at engraving, carving, cutting, and more. Being suitable for any possible materials, they are there to help you in your vast projects.

If you own a high-quality, well-performing CNC machine, you are lucky enough to work with any material.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Next Wave Shark SD120 CNC Machine
Next Wave Shark SD120 CNC Machine
Ships fully assembled – Made in USA

Next Wave Automation CNC Shark HD520 Reviews

Here is my list of the Next Wave Automation CNC Shark HD520 in 2021;

1. Next Wave Shark SD120 CNC Machine

  • Table Dimensions: 12inches—24inches
  • Weight: 78 pounds
  • Machine Dimensions: 39—25—22 inches
  • Batteries: not required
  • XYZ travel: 12—24—4 inches
  • Made in: USA

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What we Like!
  • Highly customized clamping
  • Interlocking aluminum table track
  • Comes assembled
  • Touchscreen controller system
  • Color pendant controller
  • Compatible with various routers
  • The table is designed for larger projects
Things to Consider!
  • Hard software for beginners


When you want something affordable yet productive, the Next wave shark SD120 CNC machine is the one. This model is getting closer to the total size of the CNC machine with the additional Y capacity. The sturdy construction of this machine and the Y travel of about 24 inches allowing it to work on massive projects.

You can use it for carving plaques, ornamental boxes, signs, and précised parts. The material can be wood, plastic, or even soft metal; the machine can work with it.

With XY homing ability and extensive Z travel, the setup is more accessible than before. It is one of the best choices as a CNC machine for both hobbyists and professional woodworkers. The virtual zero software lets you design incredibly so that there are no errors and mishaps. You'll be able to work more accurately than ever. The machine has a 3D carving capability to make sure you can use it for any of your projects.

Are you making a decorative or working on joinery? Next wave shark SD120 will help you out. Don't worry about storing it, as its compact size will adjust anywhere in your workshop. It also features a V carve software, which you can use to create your design and then transfer it to a USB drive. You can use this drive to control the machine from a pendant controller.

Its ready-to-use software is also there to allow your computer to control the CNC machine for complex projects and designs. It will only require a USB cord to be connected between the PC and the machine. This sturdy and compact CNC machine is your next step towards improved woodworking.

2. Next Wave 10024 Shark HD520 CNC Router

  • Table Dimensions: 28—63 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Machine Dimensions: 63—36.5—24.5 inches
  • Batteries: not required
  • XYZ travel: 25—50—7 inches
  • Warranty: two years

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What we Like!
  • Color screen controller
  • Unlimited reference points
  • Aluminum mounting clamp
  • Constant cutting depth
  • Latest VCarve Pro design software
  • Anti-backlash lead screws
  • Vector art 3D sampler pack also included
Things to Consider!
  • Difficult installation for beginners


When it comes to larger projects on a production floor, what else is more helpful than a Next wave HD520?

You don't have to worry about any workpiece or task because the vast base size will allow you to work with any wood piece. Be it a home shop environment or something more professional. This machine will never let you down.

All the things are included with the machine, and the only thing you have to do is to set up the machine to begin working. Not only is it durable and reliable, but it also features virtual zero unlimited software, so you never stop working.

The color pendant controller is for added convenience and ease during challenging woodworking.

The solid and durable construction is another most essential thing that makes this machine the favorite of woodworkers. The heavy-duty model is designed to perform various tasks with different materials.

The aluminum mounting clamp and table is what make it easy for the user to work efficiently. It also features anti-backlash lead screws on all axes.

The machine knows how to work wonders with soft metal, wood, plastic, etc. You will be able to carry out all your projects easily with the next wave, HD 520.

The compatibility of the machine with various additional accessories is what we see as a blessing. So, when you plan to buy this model, you don't have to think twice because it can work on any project without any issues.

Not all machines can handle the constant cutting depth, but the next wave, HD520, can solve your problem because of its unlimited reference points.

3. Next Wave 10022 Shark HD510 CNC Machine

  • Table dimensions: 28—36 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Machine dimensions: 38—36.5—24.5 inches
  • Batteries: not required
  • XYZ travel: 25—25—7 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

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What we Like!
  • Lifelong technical support
  • Colored touch screen controller pendant
  • The homing capability of X and Y
  • USB interface
  • The latest version of VCarve desktop design software
  • Proper cable management system
  • Minimized dust due to removable steel shield
Things to Consider!
  • Using plastic table cracks is an issue sometimes


Next wave sharks HD 510 is something worth giving a try. It is quite a useful and valuable option in the life of woodworkers. You are relieved when you begin working with the HD510 CNC machine. This pretty thing is a must-have if you love CNC machines.

Please keep it in your workshop or use it for a giant production floor; this helps you out in your projects. Not only will it fulfill your machining needs, but it will make sure you get the expected results.

This improved next wave version is a versatile tool for all your woodworking needs. It can carve, dado, rabbet, and design even cut materials like wood, soft metal, plastic, polymer, etc.

Now you can design amazingly on the desired surface, using your creativity. With industrial-grade construction, this exceptional CNC machine will never make you feel disappointed.

The lightweight nature and sturdy making are the two secrets of this well-working machine. It is compatible with most of the accessories of the Next Wave, which makes it more impressive for the users.

To improve the rigidity of the CNC machine, the gantry legs are steel-encased in this machine. The automation of the router provides you with convenient usage. You don't have to switch it on and off every time.

One more thing about this beauty; you will get a spindle motor-free with your Next wave HD510 CNC machine. What else do you want?

No other CNC machine will be a better option than buying this combo. Moreover, the machine has a removable steel shield to collect dust and debris to make your working easy and clean.

4. Next Wave Shark SD110 CNC Machine

  • Table dimensions: 12—18 inches
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Machine dimensions: 23—24—19 inches
  • Batteries: not required
  • XYZ travel: 12—13—3 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

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What we Like!
  • Compact table design
  • Lightweight
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Blue laser color for better visibility
  • The convenient touch screen interface
  • USB allows maintenance in dusty environment
Things to Consider!
  • Small Table capacity while working on Y-axis


The attractive price of this fantastic CNC machine might confuse you because you get a beginner-level machine at such a price. But this SD110 model of the Next wave shark is an ideal CNC machine for more significant projects.

The laser feature makes it more popular and a favorite CNC option for many woodworkers. If you are looking for a perfect woodworking tool for your projects, your search should be ended here.

The laser engraver module is included, which you can easily install to enjoy its feature. The laser is to give you a convenient way to engrave your materials, especially with high-end details.

This machine is excellent for photographic detailing and unique engraving. Being capable of doing things like a full-sized CNC machine, this pretty compact thing makes it easier for you to handle smaller to more significant objects.

You can carry out the making of ornamental boxes, plaques, carving, and much more.

The increased accuracy rate is what attracts the buyer a lot. Want to know how accurate it is? You can even engrave a complex circuit board with the help of this Next wave SD110 shark CNC machine.

One more helpful fact about it is that you don't need to place your computer in the workshop environment because the USB will handle the software.

It doesn't matter whether you work as a passionate hobbyist or a professional; once you start working with this woodworking tool, you will be delighted.

Moreover, the machine comes fully assembled, so you don't have to worry about installing and building. There are no hassles of setting every part; you can begin using it anytime.

5. Next Wave SD100 Shark CNC Machine

  • Table dimensions: 12—18 inches
  • Weight: 37.5 pounds
  • Machine dimensions: 24—32—19 inches
  • Batteries: not required
  • XYZ travel: 12—13—3 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

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What we Like!
  • Black finished looking
  • Includes VCarve desktop design software, 3D sampler pack, ready to control essential software
  • Variety of clamping positions with t-slots on the table
  • It comes with a trade-in program
  • Capable of high-quality 3D wood carving
  • Lightweight and compact designs
Things to Consider!
  • The software is not so helpful


New to the CNC field? When you have a great option of buying the Next wave SD100 shark CNC machine for your beginner level, no worries. It is one of the most suitable and top-notch choices when it comes to CNC machines.

For your starter package, nothing is more helpful than this amazing CNC machine at such an affordable cost. You will indulge in an exceptional quality wood carving from a lightweight and compact device, which is quite surprising.

The machine can work with wood, soft metals, plastic, and other hard surfaces, just like other full-sized CNC machines. During the woodworking operations, you will need to control and design the project.

For this, you will need software, which is included in this pretty thing. You will get VCarve desktop design software and ready to control essential software not to face any difficulty while operating the machine.

The trade-in program makes you feel assured about your decision. You will never regret your purchase because you can quickly refurbish and donate the SD100 CNC machine to a school technical shop worldwide whenever you decide to upgrade.

6. Next Wave HD500 CNC Shark Machine

Next Wave HD500 CNC Shark Machine

  • Table dimensions: 16—36 inches
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Machine dimensions: 45—25—14 inches
  • Batteries: not required
  • XYZ travel: 13—24—7 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

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What we Like!
  • Interlocking slotted table design
  • Aluminum construction
  • Customizable clamping
  • Professional 3D cutting capability
  • Built to work on massive projects
  • Capable of handling large routers
Things to Consider!
  • Assembling the machine can be challenging for many


The size of the machine is not so compact, but the purpose is to handle massive projects so that your professional work goes well. The well-performing machine comes with 3D cutting functionality for added enhancements and convenience.

You can now design and carve amazing beauties according to your choices. Designing even detailed workpieces is fun with this CNC machine.

The latest VCarve desktop design software is to make your work more professional and ideal. The control system has a colored pendant with a touch screen to create your usage much more manageable.

Not only this, but the ready-to-control software allows you to handle the operations in a better and convenient way.

With the help of this heavy-duty aluminum machine, you can now create any designs and engrave them exceptionally on any material, including wood, soft metals, plastic, polymer, etc.

At such an affordable price range, you won't find any other CNC machine better than this.

Buying Guide for the Best CNC Machine

To make sure you are buying the most appropriate and suitable CNC machine for your needs, you have to read the following buying guide. We have mentioned the critical factors that affect the performance of your CNC machine so that you get the best one.

Know your needs

The most significant determining factor is the bundle of your needs the projects you plan to decide what CNC machine you should buy.

Before making a purchase, you must know the type of projects you will be completing with the CNC machine. The projects will tell you what machine size is suitable for you.

Every device is different in terms of size, features, performance, etc. Also, the materials you are going to use will affect the performance. Once you get to know what you want, it will be much easier to buy the right one.

Look for the latest software.

This CNC machine comes with the software. You have to check what type of software is included. If you are a beginner, essential software will work well for you.

But if you are working on a pro-level, it is better to get a machine with the latest software. This will help you operate the device according to the project.

Vector art 3D and VCarve desktop software know how to handle everything about your CNC machine. But not every machine is capable of utilizing such software types. So, check before you buy, or else you will end up getting a device that is useless for you.

Machine limit

If you have smaller projects but the machine limit is too high, it has no use for you. Whereas getting a machine with a reasonable limit will help you work like a professional.

More significant projects require higher working and handling limits. The device will handle all your required applications with the correct limit.

You may need a router to run a machine or even a USB to eliminate computer storage from the dusty room. Therefore, looking for all the features and possibilities is a must before buying a machine.

Machine parts

The motors, drives, spindles, bits, weight, table size, table design, vacuum, dust collection, etc., matter when you plan to buy a suitable CNC machine. You have to check all these factors and then match them with your needs to know whether you are purchasing a compatible device or not.

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Next wave automation CNC shark HD520 machine, among other CNC machine options. You will have a chance to enjoy a lot of benefits and features with this vast machine.

You can only get the required results with a suitable and appropriate CNC machine; otherwise, you will have mishaps. So, be careful and wisely choose your CNC machine because it is a considerable investment.

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People Also Asked

Here are a few questions that people also asked about Next Wave Automation CNC Shark HD520;

What weight is suitable for massive projects?

The weight of the machine doesn't directly affect the project. The more weight your device has, the higher the performance level you will experience. Therefore, if you have giant projects to handle, a bulky machine will do well.

Why do we need a USB port?

When you have a smaller workshop or don't want to place your computer in a dusty environment, it is better to use a USB. The USB port will allow the USB drive to collect the data and transfer it to create the required design.

Is a cheaper router good to buy?

It is not always about the price range. You have to check the quality, durability, and requirements to choose the best CNC machine. You can also get a machine at lower rates, matching your needs. So, buy what you want, keeping the budget and your needs in mind.

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