Long Flexible Drill Bit Extension

A Drill Bit Extension Is An All-In-One Solution To Easily Drilling Into Thick Substances
A drill bit extension is a lifesaver when you need to drill through materials that are more than twelve inches thick. A conventional drill bit may reach up to six inches in depth. The long drill bits may even extend to a foot to eighteen inches.

Beyond that, you will, for sure, need a drill bit extension. As drill bit extensions add to the length of a normal bit, one can drill or bore into hard to reach places without any difficulty.

These extensions can thus increase the length of a normal bit by up to 10 times its normal length.

By adding an extender, you can drill from a lot farther distance and also have the ability to drill through much thicker materials.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Flexible Drill Bit Extension Kits, DaKuan Fabulous 6 Pcs...
Flexible Drill Bit Extension Kits, DaKuan Fabulous 6 Pcs...
SAFTY - The tools sets protects your hands while working.; CONNECTORS SIZE - 1/4 inches hexagon (3 PCS) and 1/4 inches square (3PCS)
Best Value
Irwin 88702 6' Extension Bit.
Irwin 88702 6" Extension Bit.
Length: 6"; Shank Size: 1/4
DEWALT Right Angle Attachment, Flex Shaft, Drill Attachment,...
DEWALT Right Angle Attachment, Flex Shaft, Drill Attachment,...
The right angle drill adaptor features Rapid Load(TM) head for easy bit changes; 90 degree head and flexible shaft of the right angle drill attachment reaches tight spaces

Are you looking for a cheap Drill Bits Extension?

We will also see pricing comparisons and packages available.

There are several drill bit extensions available in the market. You can find any, but here we will discuss only the main drill bit extensions.

Why do we need an Extension?

A drill bit extension will allow you access to drilling in much more complex places. These are a “one of a kind” tool that allows a drill bit to accomplish tasks that would be impossible without them. There are actually several advantages to using one of these extensions.

  • They make drilling tasks much easier to accomplish.
  • They can reach far “complex” areas where a conventional drill bit can’t reach.
  • These extenders can make drilling from a distance effortless. This could include drilling into ceilings or through odd-shaped walls.
  • Drill bit extenders are used more frequently with wood drill bits but can be used with any bit.
  • One doesn’t have to strain themselves, stretching and reaching into awkward areas. Unlike the traditional bit, the extended bit helps eliminate the need to hold the drill high above your head when drilling overhead. This will increase user efficiency, resulting in quicker and more speedy work.

Design of Extension

A bit extension is designed to fit any conventional bit, giving an increased length to the bits. The extension can be as long as you need it to be. You can purchase one to match your exact needs. Therefore you can personalize the tool to match your job.

The drill bit extension design allows a normal drill bit to fit perfectly and solidly, helping in better penetration and enhanced efficiency.

The chunk adapter fitting is equipped with a reduced shank easily received or fitted into a normal and conventional drill bit chunk.

The drill adapter fitting has an opening meant to lock the drill bit into an adapter fitting. As to sizes of drill bit extensions, they are available in more than one long size, measuring up to 72″. The normal sizes that are popular are 12″, 15″, 20″, 25″, 28″, and others. These extenders allow the bit to drill holes in almost any area with ease.

A drill bit extension is solidly structured with appropriate sharp shafts, shanks, edges, and a tip made of sharp metal and steel alloys to ensure it is tough and durable. Some of the best quality extensions on the market today include the DeWalt drill bit extension and the Irwin drill bit extension. There are other good quality drill bit extensions as well.

Flexi Drill Bit Extension

Flexi Drill Bit Extension Is An Efficient Bit Extension Long Enough To Bore Deeper And Wider Holes

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A drill bit extension is one important tool that is used in construction for drilling purposes. An extension is used to increase the conventional bit’s length to drill up to any given range.

The Flexi drill bit extension is an extension produced by Flexi, a world-known brand for the production of power tools like a drill, drill bits, and extensions. Flexi provides its customers with the entire after-sale services needed to develop and retain their customers and market, respectively.

Thus Flexi is recognized as one of the most efficient tools to increase the length of the bit by at least 15 times the normal size. Thus, one can say that the Flexi drill bit extension is an efficient way to drill far and complex areas with ease, coupled with greater power. The extensions produced by this brand are of high quality and resistant to rust and other ailments.

Flexi drill bits extensions are long enough to perform the overhead drilling work with ease. As overhead work requires a user to drill on wall ceilings, roofs, and other higher parts, Flexi’s bit extensions can be used as they are considerably longer than the conventional drill bits.

Flexi uses technology while crafting their extensions out that keeps the extensions lightweight and handy. Lightweight extensions eliminate the drilling strain, making drilling overhead a lot easier without stretching arms or climbing any stairs.

These extensions are made to cover up long ranges and effectively reach the otherwise impossible areas to reach with normal drill bits. They are structured to fit every drilling need, i.e., overhead or otherwise, and are equipped with chunks, shafts, shanks, sharp edges, and a solid muscular tip.

All in all, the Flexi drill bit extension is an all-in-one solution for drilling a wide variety of flat, diagonal, round, and other sorts of holes in complex areas that are otherwise not reachable with normal drill bits.

  • As a brand, Flexi has been engaged in the production of power tools for a very long time, i.e., 3 to 4 decades, ensuring that they are using better quality materials and skilled engineering techniques in production and processing. The Flexi drill bit extension is equipped with features; some are:
  • They have a chunk adapter and drill adapter fittings available on either side of the extension, which eases the extension fit in the drill bit and the drill, respectively, coupled with solid synchronization.
  • The Flexi drill bit extension is made of high-quality materials that consist of high-speed steel, metal and steel alloys, carbon and cobalt coat (if necessary), and a stronger tip; these features almost double the speed and the impact of drilling.
  • They have a solid flexible shaft that can reach and bore various small and large holes into complex areas.
  • They are available in many large sizes that add to the bit’s length and enhance the extension’s accuracy and power. The sizes may range from 6″ to 60″, which has a far-reaching impact and can drill any area irrespective of its depth or height.

DeWalt Drill Bit Extension

Bore The Unreachable And Complex Areas With Efficiency Using DeWalt Drill Bit Extension

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A drill bit extension is that add-on tool or equipment fitted on the drill bit for attaining an increased length of the bit, which results in better drilling and ensures smoother and accurate boring in complex places far from the reach of the normal conventional drill bit.

DeWalt is the major producer of all the construction related power tools like drills, bits, saws, and others. Out of these power tools produced by DeWalt, one of the popular tools is the DeWalt drill bit extension.

It is a pipe-like cylindrical object made out of metal and steel alloys coupled with cobalt and carbon coat, which fits the bit to increase its size by almost 10 times, which eases the drilling work.

DeWalt is always known for better quality and utmost efficiency, and the DeWalt drill bit extension is no exception. DeWalt’s amazing extension is made out of fine metal and alloys extracted from the core and highly graded to retain their toughness.

DeWalt has one of the best research and development wings that are continuously engaged in working towards different ways to develop their products.

The DeWalt drill bit extension is also one product from DeWalt that is modified for the better from time to time to ensure its users greater efficiency and productivity.

The drill bit extensions are made out of high-quality steel and metal alloys, and the tip is crafted out of industrial diamond particles, which is the toughest thing used to drill the hardest of things.

All in all, the DeWalt drill bit extension not only provides increased bit lengths but is also made of fine and sharp products like cobalt, carbon coat, industrial diamonds, and steel alloys, enhancing its drilling power and efficiency.

The DeWalt drill bit extension is also made of HSS, i.e., high-speed steel, which helps the extension perform and drill with greater efficiency and at high speed, respectively.

This high-speed steel usage improves efficiency and enhances the extensions’ life, making them durable and resistant to rust. To sum it up, a bit extension by DeWalt is a combination of power, efficiency, accuracy, resistance, coupled with far-reaching impact.

One can bet on the drill bit extensions produced by DeWalt because; it is one of the most experienced producers of these power tools for almost 3.5 decades, and it is a world-renowned brand.

The extensions are equipped with fitting holes that can easily fit drills and bits into them. It consists of a chunk drill bit adapter fitting and a drill adapter fitting, which helps drills and bits easily fit the extension without much havoc.

The chunk adapter fitting is provided with a small shank that can be easily received into the drill bits chunk, and the drill adapter fitting is equipped with appropriate holes that fit and locks the extension into the drill.

The DeWalt drill bit extension is available in sizes that range from 10″ to 60″, making it much easier to drill deep holes into places where a conventional bit could not reach.

Irwin Drill Bit Extension

Irwin Drill Bit Extension – An All-In-One Solution To Reach And Drill Highly Complex Areas From Irwin

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The Irwin drill bit extension is an extension made by the world-renowned power tools manufacturer, i.e., Irwin. Irwin is an efficient manufacturer of drills, drill bits, and drill bit extensions.

Irwin’s drill bit extension is a tool or a bit attached to the normal bit to increase the bit by a considerable margin. Irwin efficiently produces extensions that are 15 times longer and increases the drill bits’ length to drill far and complex deep places where normal bits without extension cannot reach.

Irwin has managed to back its products with efficient engineers, tech support staff, and effective customer support. Thus, Irwin’s drill bit extension is one of the most trusted tools for efficiency with much extended reach.

The Irwin drill bit extension is one such tool produced by world leader Irwin and is engineered to suit every drilling requirement. One of the most important advantages of choosing Irwin’s extension is that they are made with solid and high graded materials like steel and metal alloys, cobalt, carbon coat, and many others as per the things they are meant to drill.

They are equipped with a sharp outer body with a solid tip that has got all the efficiency to penetrate deep and dig wide and long holes coupled with a tendency to mark the exact precision point.

The Irwin drill bit extension is usually sized and structured like a pipe equipped with a chunk adapter fitting and drill adapter fitting that helps the bit extension firmly fit the drill bit and the drill.

The chunk adapter is equipped with a smaller shank that easily fits into the chunk of a conventional drill bit. The drill adapter fitting has an opening that efficiently locks the drill into it, providing the user a solid and tough grip.

Therefore, the Irwin drill bit extension is fully equipped with fittings that fit into every kind of drill and drill bit, resulting in a high compatibility rate.

Irwin has a very well trained staff from engineers to customer support associates that adds to their goodwill and other market values.

The Irwin drill bit extension is an efficient engineered product produced by Irwin that helps the bit attain longer and larger sizes to drill or boreholes that are far more complex and not within reach of a normal drill bit.

They are efficient and crafted out of solid substances rich in cutting and chopping wide varieties of hard and soft substances. The outer body and the tip are designed to fit every complex drilling need like boring ceilings, boring holes in overhead electric and other fittings, etc.

That is not possible with a conventional bit without extension. The Irwin drill bit extension is available in many sizes that can measure from 12″ to 72″; this increases the length of the bit by almost 10 to 15 times, resulting in efficient and powerful drilling.

Moreover, they are equipped with shanks, cutting edges, and a piercing tip that drills accurate holes.

Vermont American Drill Bit Extension

Drill Varied Kinds Of Holes With Utmost Efficiency And Power Using Vermont American Drill Bit Extension

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Drill bit extensions are probably one of the coolest and best tools that add to the bit’s length to drill far easily and complex places that are tougher for the conventional drill bits with normal sizes.

Vermont American drill bit extension is one such tool, produced by the most efficient manufacturer of power tools, that it simplifies the drilling works by almost extending the size of the bit by 15 times the normal; this makes the bit length longer and is capable of drilling deep and unreachable places as well.

Vermont American has always been known for its quality of power tools, and bit extension is no exception.

They back their products with efficient engineers, dedicated product lines, servicemen, and efficient customer care associates to solve the customer’s query 24*7; thus, dealing with Vermont American makes all the difference.

Vermont American drill bit extension is one of the most efficient products produced by this brand because the extensions are structured and flexible to fit every drilling need. It is made of high-quality steel and metal alloys.

These extensions are also are made with a variation, i.e., high-speed steel is used, which adds to the penetration power with accurate drilling and cleaner results.

All in all, the extensions produced by Vermont Americans are equipped with endurance, power, durability, flexibility, and long life, thus making it worth a try.

They are made of high-quality materials, i.e., metal and steel alloys, with the tip specially crafted to drill hard easily and rough surfaces without much havoc.

One, while opting for a Vermont American drill bit extension, rests assured of the quality and capability coupled with greater rich into rigid and complex areas where a normal bit is unable to reach because this brand has been producing extensions and other power tools for more than 4 decades and thus are highly reliable.

Another important feature of the Vermont American drill bit extension is that it is highly compatible and can synchronize with any drill bit and drills like a power drill, hand drills, etc.

Vermont American drill bit extension thus has efficiency, power coupled with the use of sharp cutting materials in their production. The basic size is usually as long as a normal pipe equipped with a chunk-bit adapter and drill adapter that helps the extension fit a bit and a drill.

The chunk adapter consists of a highly compatible shank that can easily fit in bit chunks, resulting in a perfect bond between bit and extension.

The drill adapter fitting has holes on either side that helps lock the drill into the extension. This chunk and drill adapter helps synchronize and the bond between the bit, drill, and extension.

The Vermont American drill bit extension is available in large sizes that range from 6″ to 72″, and they also come with flexible shafts, sharp shanks with flats on them, an adjustable chunk, and a perfect solid body coupled with a sharp tip to drill off deep and wide holes in complex and deep areas.

Wrapping it Up

Drill bit extensions are beneficial. This is some ease to DIY guys. You need to know the nature of your job, budget & time and then you can decide which one is best for you.

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