Best Hex Shank Drill Bit Sets Technical Review

The Hex Shank Drill Bit Set has Brought About a Big Change in Drilling.

When the Lithium-Ion 18v cordless drills were introduced, that was a huge step forward for cordless drills. A big change in drill bits was introducing the hex shank drill bit set in like manner. This shank design gives you an advantage over the rounded base because it makes it much easier to bit & drill lock, preventing slipping. These quick connections allow instant changing of bits as well as other cordless drill accessories like drivers.

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We will also see a technical approach, pricing comparisons, and packages available.

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There are Hex shank drill bits available in the market. You can find any, but here we will discuss only the technicalities about Carbide drill bits.

Types of Drill Bit Shank

These main types of Drillbit Shank;

  • Straight Shank
  • Tappered
  • Hex Shank
  • SDS shank
  • Triangle shank
  • Square shank
  • Reduced Shank
  • Threaded shank

The Hex Shank

The hex shank drill bit set is available in several different types. With a 120-piece Master Drill and Driver set, it includes a quick-connector, hex-shank twist bits, spade bits, masonry drill bits, pilot-hole bits, numerous drivers as well as other accessories.

A few manufacturers offer their cabinetmaker bits with self-centering bits, tapered drill bits as well as countersinks.

The new SpeedFit 2-in-1 connector can load all hex shank accessories. It is a speedy and easy one to use.

The titanium coating on the hex shank drill bit set can reduce friction and increased drilling speeds in metal. You can also get this popular assortment of drilling and driving accessories in a tough and compact case.

Sizes of Hex Shank

A typical hex shank drill bit set consists of titanium hex shank drill bits, which come in various sizes such as 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, 1/8″, and 3/16″.

Additionally, there are assorted 1 inch and 2-inch hex shank inserts driving bits. Also included are nut setters of 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″. It is always recommended to wear safety glasses while using this drill bit set or any time you use your drill to protect your eyes.

The 18-inch Fluted hex shank heavy-duty auger bit is required mostly in construction. These are precision machined to provide smooth and wobble-free boring.

These have a wide and large throat that is doing an efficient chip clearance for long or deep holes. The hardened cutting edges will also require less re-sharpening. Auger bits are not designed to cut holes that are accurately sized. As a result, you will always have an oversize clearance hole.

You will come to realize the longer you work with your drill that you really can’t have too many drill bits. It would help if you had them for numerous around-the-home, shop, as well as contractor chores.

Bits are needed for drilling just about any material, such as wood, various metals, concrete, tile, stone, and even glass.

Helix and Flute Angle

The helix and flute angle drill bits are also important and can be purchased in a hex shank drill bit set. These days there’s a lot of variety to choose from, depending on the job requirement.

The new Helix design has an aggressive flute structure that is engineered to remove material faster. The 135-degree split point is meant to eliminate walking, which makes the bit much more efficient.

A Quick penetration means less energy on the part of the drill that one is drilling the bit and the user who is operating it. This helps the battery life of a cordless drill and reduces fatigue failure on the user’s part.

Why Hex Shape Extension

Today almost universal modification of handheld electric drills has taken place. Hence the chuck is tightened by hand instead of using a key. But invariably, with a short period of usage, the drill bit quickly comes loose. This can be remedied in case you use a hex base on the bit.

This has today become common on various sized screwdriver bits. The average drill bits set come with a cylindrical base, but it is highly prone to slippage.

In case drill sets having hex bases are not available, you may even purchase a hex base separately. The standard bit could be inserted into this and permanently fastened using solder or any other kind of epoxy glue.

In case a standard-sized hex socket is used instead of a chuck, all the drills can have the same sized hex base. This can be magnetized to allow for easy insertion and removal with no gripping mechanism required on the drill bits set.

Another option is a simple cross-sectional shape of the drill bit shank. This would prevent revolution as a square, or hexagonal shape is sufficient without incorporating a set screw’s fussiness. Once the socket’s magnetization in the drill is done, it will keep the bit in place and make it easy to insert and remove.

A threaded shank would make the drill held so firmly after the rigor of drilling that you would require a wrench or pliers to remove it. This is basically an additional complication that is both unnecessary as well as clumsy.

Safety Factor

One of the reasons that round drill bits set are made is because of the safety factor. This way, the drill bit becomes more prone to slip when stuck instead of just breaking.

If the bit gets stuck and breaks at high speed, it could result in flying shrapnel, leading to some serious damage. In the case of drill bits snapping, the resulting failure would never result in shrapnel but merely a broken drill end, which can be removed with a pair of pliers.

The drill bits set with hex bases are commonly available today, along with the quick-change type chucks. But the only issue is that these hex-based drill bits are not available in combination with magnetic hex drill chuck sockets.

This is because the quick-change chucks are friction grasp based on round drills though they could be used with the hex-based bits too. The fact is that a magnetic hex chuck and hex-based bits are available today but have a limited number of drill bit sizes.

Wrapping it Up

In case you are drilling and find the drill spinning, you are using the wrong tool. You need to use the correct drill bits set. Move up to a drill that is using a key chuck. Beyond that, you will need to use a core drill.

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