Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have taken over ordinary ceramic tiles. This is mainly because porcelain tiles are better aesthetically and fashionable. Make sure to find a sticky hanger if you can and avoid ‘Hole’ in a porcelain tile just for the sake of hanging towel, mirror, photo, etc.

Porcelain tiles are regarded as the most solid and tough kinds of tiles. They are made out of sand, minerals, and cement coupled with water.

While operating, make sure to keep the drill machine’s hammer action off at the start, but you can put it on once the glazed layer is done.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Value
Eagle Tool US EM25072 Flex Shank Installer Drill Bit,Carbide...
Eagle Tool US EM25072 Flex Shank Installer Drill Bit,Carbide...
Carbide tip installer bit; Flexible spring steel shank with wire fishing accommodation holes in the head and shank.

Top 7 Porcelain Drill Bits Reviews

A diamond-tipped tile drill bit is an efficient way to drill porcelain tiles because they are structured to boreholes in hard tiles like porcelain. They are effective and can penetrate the tile easily without much havoc.

These are equipped with sharp diamond particles at the tip, making the bit powerful and enhancing accurate and exact penetration.

This porcelain tile drill bit also comes with a carbide that enhances durability and adds to its long life.

As porcelain tile is a non-metallic inorganic substance, it cannot be worked on with twists and other types of metal bits like carbide. Porcelain glaze makes it 10 times harder than ordinary ceramic tiles’ surfaces.

The porcelain tile drill bit is selected accordingly with utmost care because choosing the wrong bit may harm the tile and the bit equally.

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For an easy approach, grab a Diamond tip bit to drill porcelain tile.

Let us see the top-rated list of Drill bits around. Also, we will discuss the best way to drill through porcelain tile is!

1. Multi-Material Best Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile

This drill bit is good when you want to perform multi-materials tasks economically. These bits can deal with heat-treated porcelain tiles glaze and perform well on glass, plastic, and wood effectively.

It has a tough tungsten carbide tip that can drill through most of the tough materials.

These drill bits are ideal for fixing fastener holes in bathroom tiles or for wall mirrors.

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What We Like!
  • Multipurpose drill bit
  • 3-flats shank helps for a cleaner job
  • Heavy duty with tungsten carbide tip
Things to Consider!
  • Brittle because of carbide tip

What’s Our Take…..

If you want an economical solution for your project, this is the best for you as it can drill through tile, glass, ceramics, cinderblock, plastic, wood, etc. QWORK brand is a quality brand worldwide and hence adds reliability.

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2. LittleSmith Drill Bits for Porcelain Work

These are quite innovative drill bits for dealing with hard and delicate materials like porcelain glaze and glass particularly. This drill bit has cemented carbide that is really hard and can easily deal with a hard porcelain glaze.

It is made of HSS and is the ultimate 2 1 countersink drill. The heat treatment quenching is applied that makes it wear-resistant due to ti high hardness.

The geometry of the drill bit is designed at an optimum level of three-point. It makes it fast, accurate, and highly efficient

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What We Like!
  • HSS carbide with high-speed action
  • It can drill through multiple materials.
  • Chip removal efficient due to better design
Things to Consider!
  • A skilled person is required to operate it properly unless the perpendicular position is maintained.

What’s Our Take…..

The handle is anti-skid, which helps for smooth action. These bits are quite suitable for a hand drill with low speed when working on porcelain or glass. These 5 Pcs Multi-Material Drill Bits are more than enough if you have some household jobs only.

3. Eagle Tool EM25072 Flex Shank Installer Drill Bit

Eagle tools have introduced a flex shank that is a flexible steel shank with wire finishing accommodation. It also has a non-slip grip towards the drill machines’ chuck end.

Eagle drill bit is good to go with tile tiles and masonry work like concrete, brick, cement/plasterwork.

The best part is it is 72″ in length and can go to where others become short off.

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What We Like!
  • These are made in the USA.
  • Can handle multiple tasks singe handed
  • Good fit for hard to reach places – 72″ in length
  • Non-slip grip & flexible shank
Things to Consider!
  • A bit Costly but effective for many jobs

What’s Our Take…..

We like these drill bits because you need to have a variety in your toolbox as a professional. However, this is not an everyday drill bit to be used for. We call it an all-rounder drill bit the reason it can be used on multiple materials simultaneously. Like it can cover all household jobs.

4. Multi-Material Drill Bit Set, Eaninno Installer Twist Drill Bits

Encino Installer is a twist bit though its twist action is not required when drilling through porcelain but is quite effective for masonry jobs.

Carbide tooltip can drill through much tough material and is ideal for glass and porcelain, and other ceramic tiles.

You will get 5 different sized drill bits.

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What We Like!
  • You can use it for multiple jobs.
  • Spear pointed tip for easy drilling
  • Black & silver nice aesthetic
Things to Consider!
  • Water cooling & control speed is required.

What’s Our Take…..

Carbide tip and good looking silver and black painted drill bit set is a perfect choice for small projects like drilling in porcelain and other ceramic tiles easily.

5. Multi-Material Glass and Tile Hole Saw Drill Bit

This drill bit set is also has a carbide tip head that works well when dealing with a hard surface like glass, porcelain glaze, ceramics, etc. This kit includes multiple sized 5 pieces of bits.

It consists of a U-type slot for productive drilling and chip/dust removal.

These drills are easy to fix in a drill machine and ejection after the job.

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What We Like!
  • Easy to plug & unplug in a drill machine
  • Faster drilling because of double slot design
  • Tip design reduces walking.
Things to Consider!
  • Extra cooling is required, not that heavy duty

What’s Our Take…..

A premium look and quality give you extra reliability when drilling porcelain tiles. These carbide drills can be used for many other jobs efficiently. If you are low on budget, then we really recommend grabbing that kit without any second thought.

6. Material Drill Bit Set for Tile, Glass & Masonry

These are Industrial quality router bits and have a micro-grain carbide blade that makes them really tough and durable. Heavy-Duty stuff this is.

Tungsten carbide tip is tough (only less than diamond) can cut through most of the hardest surfaces. These bits can go longer.

Due to cutting efficiency and spiral function to remove dust, these can be 50% more productive than ordinary carbide drill bits for porcelain tiles drilling.

Strong tungsten carbide tips can easily drill through various hard materials like tiles, masonry, glass, plastic, wood, etc.

These can easily be installed on hand drills and electric drills with ease.

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What We Like!
  • Reliable & less breakout due to cutting ability
  • Slice smoothly into a job & produce a clean, splinter-free hole
  • Golden color & transparent plastic box
Things to Consider!
  • Costlier than the carbide drill bit

What’s Our Take…..

A premium golden look and a tough tungsten carbide tip give a high-speed action and are good for longer projects, or you can hold and be useful in the future. The team is very professional and offers a money-back guarantee.

7. Best Diamond Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile

Diamond is the hardest material on earth. That is the reason these bits can cut through any surface no matter how much hardness is there. This can be cut through Granite, Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles, delicate Glass, Marble stone, slate, and almost all types of stones used in building finishes.

These hole saws are longer than most competitors in the market until the customized one. You can drill through harder as well as thicker materials as these are quite heavy-duty stuff.

These have a common sized shank size is 3/8 & it can be fixed at cordless drills, corded electric, upright, and rotary tools.

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What We Like!
  • Can cut through any finishing material
  • Highest efficiency and clean Hole
  • Premium & heavy duty
Things to Consider!
  • Costly but long-lasting

What’s Our Take…..

We put these bits in the first position because they belong to a responsible brand and can cut through all materials used in finishing and required drill through. A premium neat and clean process without any mess you will observe. We highly recommend grabbing it and chill.

Take-Home Point

The porcelain tile drill bit is selected accordingly with utmost care because choosing the wrong bit may harm the tile and the bit equally. A diamond-tipped bit is a prominent bit to bore holes into these tougher tiles because they come with a speed regulator that lets the users adjust the speed.

An important concern while drilling porcelain is that it should be drilled at a minimal speed that should not exceed 200 to 300 revolutions per minute; higher rpm may cause the tile to crack and shatter. A diamond tile bit is tipped with diamond particles, which easily penetrates the hard silica coat iced over the tiles.

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Video Guide for Tile Drilling

FAQ’s and Answers

What is a Porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles are inorganic material. That is made of sand, minerals coupled with water and then undergo a heat treatment cycle. This gives a strong glaze at the top of the tiles. These tiles are much costlier than ordinary ceramic tiles.

Which is the difference between ceramic tiles & porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles are an upgraded version of ceramic tiles trending nowadays, though. A hard glaze is made at the top face of the tiles, making it very fashionable.

What is the best drill bit for porcelain tile??

A diamond tip drill bit is the best to deal with porcelain tiles.

Can we use a twist bit drill for porcelain?

No, the twist technique is best for metals.

Can you drill a hole in porcelain?

Yes, but it is normally advised not to do so. Rather, use any sticky hanger.

Can you use a hammer drill on porcelain tile?

Once you are through a porcelain glaze, you can use an ordinary drill bit with hammer action.

How can you tell porcelain from ceramic?

Flip the tile up and down. If you see a shiny surface on one face and not both faces, it is a glazed one porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are glazed on one face as it is costlier and of no use to use glazing on the side going to fix.

What is the best drill bit for Porcelain Tile?

In short, a diamond-tipped drill bit can cut through a heat-treated hard porcelain tile layer easily. You can also use a carbide-tipped drill bit if you are looking for a cheaper one. Make sure the tip angle should be 135 degrees so that there is no ‘walking.’

What is the use of a hole saw for porcelain tile?

A hole saw can make a neat and clean-cut for a drainage pipe, wiring pipe.

Can we cut through drywall with a porcelain drill bit?

Drywall is not that hard material, so there is no need to use this diamond coated drill bit to be cut through quite easily. Read more here, Drywall Drill Bits.

Can we use porcelain drill bits as for the Glass drill bit?

Yes, like a diamond coated hole saw can also cut through the glass as a diamond is a harder material than any glass. You can read more Glass Drill Bits


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