The Best Carbide Drill Bits Review

Carbide drill bits are some of the most used drilling tools on the market today. These high-strength carbon steel drill bits can handle just about any job, from wood drilling to putting holes in stainless steel. The bits are made from a special joining of a carbon product with a metal, boron, or silicon. Most carbide drill bits are made from tungsten and carbon, yielding a hard enough drill to drill stainless steel.

Are you looking for cheap Drill bits?

We will also see pricing comparisons and packages available.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

BOSCH IMC500 5-Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set
BOSCH IMC500 5-Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set
Hex shanks – allows use in impactors and hammer drill drivers for added versatility; Sharp ground cutting edges – designed for advanced performance

There are several carbide drill bit sets available in the market. You can find any, but here we will discuss only the technicalities about Carbide drill bits.

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Top Rated Carbide Drill Bits

These we recommend cheap but efficient drill bits.

1. Bosch Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • It can cut from Masonry to Plastic
  • Innovative steep flutes reduce friction
  • Hex shank provides the optimum safety
  • Sharp cutting edges do the job immediately

2. YUERSEAK Tungsten Carbide Tip for Ceramic Tile

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • It can cut through ceramic tiles
  • Tungsten Carbide very hard Tip
  • Beautiful gold look
  • Double threaded U shaped flute design helps to remove chips faster
  • Nonslip shank helps to work safety

3. Premium Material Carbide Tip Masonry Drill Bits

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • Cemented carbide very hard tip
  • You can use water as a coolant
  • Surface treatment with copper coating make these drill bits efficient
  • Innovative U shaped groove make chip removal fast
  • It can be used for sheet metal, wood, masonry, stone cutting, etc.

4. Hawera M45019 | Carbide Drill Bit for Concrete

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • SDS Max shank and use for heavy duty
  • You can cut massive concete and stone
  • Centering tip start work very fast
  • 4 Cutters of Tungston Carbide tip can cut through with ease

5. Century Drill & Tool | Masonry Drill Bit, 1-1/8″ x 18″

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • It is claimed 20 times faster than others at masonry jobs
  • Overall length is 18″ & 16″ is working length
  • Can efficiently cut through reinforced concrete
  • Innovative 4 cutter tip design
  • A real monster

Carbide Drill Bits are Made of?

Carbide drill bits are also made of Silicon Carbide. This metal alloy is so hard that it rivals diamond.

Why so Significant?

Machine shops are inundated with these ultra-hard drill bits and are used in their machine tools to manufacture many sheets of steel, aluminum, and brass products. The sheet metal worker, steel manufacturing plant or even the household handyman uses these specialized drill bits.

Are these Expensive?

Carbide drill bits were expensive to manufacture at first due to a lack of forging technology today. This left the drill bits out of the general market and was only manufactured for specialized construction efforts. High-rise building construction, metal machining, and aircraft building were some of the carbide drill bits’ limitations.

Now the manufacture of high-strength carbide drill bits has been finally put to science. Mass production technology has brought carbide steel on the market, and carbide drill bits are made by the thousands every day.

This drives the price down and leaves these bits to nearly any application, from wood drilling to stainless steel construction.

Carbide drill bits are also used in masonry. Drilling a hole into granite is as easy as slicing butter when using a hammer drill and a carbide drill bit. The hammer drill’s action makes for a constant pressure flow, which would easily damage a bit of plain steel.

Cutting into hardwoods can be done with a carbide-tipped bit to prevent scorching of the medium, and precision drilling is the key to a successful build.

Buying guide for Carbide Bits

Purchasing the right carbide drill bit does not have to choose brands but a choice of trust. You would not want to go with a brand you never heard of or for a price that seems a bit too good to be true.

It may say carbide on the package, but may only be high-carbon steel instead, which can be brittle under pressure.

Most hardware stores carry carbide-tipped or carbide manufactured drill bits. Look at the label for not only a brand name but a type of bit.

Also, a carbide-tipped drill bit has a steel shank but a tip that should look darker or blacker than the rest of the bit. Carbide bits can also be a yellowish color, with a black tip.

The drill bit tip’s blackness indicates it is made from carbide metal and can be relied upon to make a hole.

Several companies manufacture Carbide-tipped and carbide manufactured drill bits. Still, the most popular brands would be Bosch, Milwaukee Tool, DeWalt, Irwin, and newer companies like Advantage Drill, Inc. of Florida.

Regardless of what you purchase, the need for quality, and what you want to pay for is your decision, so choose wisely.

Wrapping it Up

Carbide bits are an alternative to some applications. This is some ease to DIY guys. You need to know the nature of your job, budget & time and then you can decide which one is best for you.

FAQ’s about Carbide Drill Bits

What is a carbide drill bit used for?

Carbide drill bits are used in maximum drilling operations than any other types of drill bits. The reason is these can give you optimum efficiency when used with proper care. You can use carbide drill bits for Masonry, Plastic, stone, metal, tiles, what not!

How much is a carbide drill bit?

It can range from a few bucks to 100$ odd. It all depends on your needs. If you are looking for a house small job, you can get it for even 1$. The main point is how many holes you want is directly proportional to the price.

Which is harder, tungsten carbide or cobalt?

The tungsten carbide is way harder than cobalt. It is a rival to diamonds. The tungsten carbide drill bits are brittle, but cobalt drill bits are tough ones. Hence you can choose any according to your needs. Use harder ones only if required.

What is the carbide tip tool?

The most commonly used are tungsten carbide and titanium carbide. This carbide helps to get an extra life of drill bits as it can resist abrasion.

How hard is tungsten carbide?

Vey hard and is rated 9 on the Mohs scale, and only the diamond tops the Mohs chart with 10. You can say the tungsten carbide is 2-3 times harder than titanium and cobalt chrome.


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