Best Track Saw for the Money

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Track saws are more powerful and sturdy than circular or traditional saws.

They have challenging usages due to their handles and guide rails.

The plain edgy track allows you to cut straightly on wood panels, sheets, doors, soft boards, and sometimes fiberboards.

A track saw has more challenging usages due to its handles and guide rails.

I know that choosing a track saw from so many options can be overwhelming but we also know how important it is that you find exactly what you need.

I have reviewed the top-rated one available, have a look.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Triton TTS1400 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Track Saw 1400W
Triton TTS1400 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Track Saw 1400W
Easily accessible shaft lock for fast blade-change; Soft-grip handles for comfort & control and a Plunge lock for safety
SaleBest Value
Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2' Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with...
Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2" Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with...
Large cutting capacity (2-3/16" at 90° and 1-9/16" at 45°). Power Type- Corded; Bevel capability (-1 to 48°) with positive stops at 22.5° and 45°
BOSCH Tools Track Saw - GKT13-225L 6-1/2 In. Precison Saw...
BOSCH Tools Track Saw - GKT13-225L 6-1/2 In. Precison Saw...
Plunge mechanism – allows for precise plunge cuts with accurate depth of cut; Overload protection – protect the motor from overheating

8 Best Track Saws Reviews

On this page, we have specially collected the top 8 tracks saws of this year. Through you may complete all types of your difficult cutting tasks in a short time. Each saw is our personally used hope you’ll admire; don’t worry about the price. After all, how can we insist you buy a worthy product but never compromise on the quality?

For your knowledge and satisfaction, we have conducted some frequently asked questions by the people. The buying guide is also included in this review article, which will help you choose the right product for your need.

1. SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw | Top Pick

  • The nonstop cutting depth limiter
  • Anti-kickback safety
  • Dust port for vacuum shop
  • Low profile blade guard for close cuts
  • Weighing 11 lbs

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What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to carry
  • Affordable machine
Things to Consider!
  • Gets hot often


The Shop Fox manufacturing brand designs our very first machine. In this machine, you will have all the desiring features you need in a track saw.

This machine is the best portable option for exact cutting sheets without any help of a panel saw, or table saw.

D4363 Accessory Pack and D4362 Shop Fox Guide Rail are compatible with this machine (both are not included in the box.) their combination is best for middle panels to plunge cuts, edging door bottoms, diving full sheets of plywood.

There is no need for a guide rail because; it will give accurate cuttings with proper safety equal to a traditional saw or circular saw.

In this machine, you are going to have a 120-volt motor that can produce 5500 RPM approximately.

Its blade rim speed is about 9070 feet per minute, which will meet are your cutting requirements.

If you want to work with cleanness, then don’t worry! Its dust collection system or a shop vacuum is available that will never disappoint you.

The SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw has a compact design that people prefer for small to medium straight cutting saws.

2. DEWALT DWS520CK Track Saw

  • Zero clearance track saw
  • Dual-edged tracks
  • 1300W motor
  • Continuous Anti-Kickback mechanism

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What we Like!
  • Recommended for everyone
  • Best for hard tasks
  • Well designed
  • Advanced features
Things to Consider!
  • Not affordable for some people


Dewalt manufacturing brand is ruling over the markets, especially when you come in the saw category. Here we have picked the most advanced and reliable track saw by Dewalt named DWS520CK Track saw.

In this saw, you are going to be amazed by having its useful features. This saw contains an equal plunge through which you can keep your balance for constant and smooth cutting.

It offers you complete reliability in the shape of its hand position that operators use while cutting operations.

It has a 48-tooth blade that offers you fine lines and the best finish with a tiny breakout in materials.

The rail adjustment you have on this track saw is permitting you to adjust the saw on the rails with exactness.

For operator safety, this saw has an anti-kickback system that stops the saw when you move backward no more risk of climbing out of work material while making plunge cuts.

Different speed levels offer you the correct speed for different materials, which means now you can choose it for your profession.

The equipping Padded and Stone Guard beneath lining over a rubber pad makes this track saw noise-free.

Even under a heavy load, its full-wave electronic system sustains continuous speed. For 90% duct removal, this track saw has a dust guard means no cut with cleanness.

However, now you are allowed to cut and trim within 55 millimeters deep with this machine. The majority of people rely on this machine for cutting/trimming common doors.

This machine has everything for you in the box, for instance, 48-Tooth Ultra-Fine finishing Blade and Blade Wrench.

3. Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

  • Guide rail precision
  • System efficiency
  • Micro-adjustable depth controls
  • Zero-tearout cutting

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What we Like!
  • Great Versatility
  • Complete portability
  • Well designed
  • Affordable
Things to Consider!
  • Moderately heavy


If you have never used Festool machines, then why don’t you try this? Festool presents an admirable track saw with bulky features named Festool TS 75Cut Track Saw.

In this track saw, you are going to be amazed by having the power of this saw. There is no more place of any ordinary track saw which can touch the accuracy and the quality of this saw.

The TS 75Cut Track saw cutting different materials with a thickness of 2 to 4 inches approximately. It will actually leave a fine edge, which will be free of splinter and burn.

This machine can make clean and clear edges that glue can be joined without doing any more prep work. You can rely on this machine for cutting solid doors, windows, rough lumber, and many other hosting materials.

If you want to save both of your time and money, this would be a fine option. The TS 75Cut Track saw will sort your problem for match panels by cutting heavy sheets within only one cut.

Without any diplomacy, you can trust this machine, and surely you will never look back again.

4. Bosch GKT13-225L Tools Track Saw | Budget Track Saw

  • Swiveling hose port
  • Efficient dust extraction
  • Overload protection
  • Single bevel pivot point
  • Plunge mechanism

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What we Like!
  • Efficient and Easy Operation
  • Heavy Duty
  • Highly recommended for professionals
  • Durability tested
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive


If you are sincere with your profession, then how can you compromise on the quality of work?

If you are looking forward to the best quality track saw with advanced features, then we must suggest you go with a track saw by Bosch.

Bosch GKT13-225 Track Saw is made with plunge-action that generates precision with great power.

You can prefer this machine for different cuts similar to the table saw cuts on wooden sheets or wood-based materials.

People normally buy and use this track saw for plywood, plastic coated practical boards, soft boards, etc. it has a guidance system that guides the user to cut straightly without making more effort.

You will enjoy this machine’s precision, and accurate adjustable cuts also plunge cuts from start to end.

Both of the track and saw combinations make this tool ideal for many people who often travel from one place to another for work purposes.

The Bosch GKT13-225L is great to alternate for a table saw. It has a sharp blade and adjustable track to do your work with great exactness and ease.

Bosch tracks are sold separately to deliver straight cuts in a short time. This is an engineered made track saw that meets all your desiring requirements. In the Bosch GKT13-225L track saw, you will experience quality mechanisms and continuous electronics that maintain the speed of this saw under load.

Some of its additional features are a swiveling hose port, spindle lock, and lock-off mechanism means everything that you need. All these features can protect this machine against overload.

It carries only a pivot point for both bevel, and non-bevel cuts through it can cut slightly from -1° to +47° degrees.

It has a vacuum cleaner though you get efficient dust removal means cutting with cleanness. In the Bosch GKT13-225L kit, the company offers an L-Box case, blade-change wrench, and a track saw blade.

5. Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw | Cheapest Track Saw

  • Plunge scribe
  • Changeable blade
  • Bevel adjustment
  • 1400 watt powerful motor
  • Fine-tune track fit

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What we Like!
  • Ready to work
  • For of versatility
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Portability complete
Things to Consider!
  • Not found


If anyone is looking forward to a high-quality track with the guaranty of features, why don’t you buy a Triton manufacturing company?

With this machine, you are going to have an amazing experience for straight cutting and trimming.

You may conceptualize that this one is a plunge track saw that you could prefer for your profession by the name. It is highly versatile and equipping mode selection, packed tool, and many other safety features.

This machine has a 1400watt motor with variable levels of speed. At no-load speed, it can generate up to 2000 to 5300 RPM.

Variable speed levels are given for your ease that you can quickly change within blade change, scribe, and free plunge.

The blade changing option is straightforward and safe that gives you more facility and sleek operation always.

The power switch of Triton TTS1400 locks out when you change the blade while the blade can be accessed through the blade guard without removal of the blade cover.

Soft grip handles are enhancing the portability of this machine, and you get great ease of use. It will automatically fit the guide track system to have smoothness for bevel and straight cuttings.

The blade designing of this machine can work for the edges of the workpiece. Triton TTS1400 is highly considered for cutting hardwood floor, door trimming, and many other resemble tasks.

Triton TTS1400 has onboard tool storage means fully customized for users. Don’t forget that the machine takes a soft start and then maintains its constant speed.

This machine’s bevel range is almost 0 to 48 degrees and does not contain tracks in the box.

6. Grizzly T10687 Industrial Track Saw

  • Variable cutting depth
  • Built-in riving knife
  • Compact designing
  • Portable tool
  • Weighing 12 lbs

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to place
  • Easy to install
  • Looks good
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for harder materials
  • Quite heavy


The grizzly industrial store presents a good quality track saw with a couple of advanced features. This one is a famous saw available at a low price.

As compared to the other grizzly machines, this track saw is less expensive but attractive.

This machine is full of portability and durability that no one can ignore. The designers have made this machine with some useful and comfortable buttons for easeful operation.

This machine is best for prolonged use due to its one-handed use designing. People who buy this machine appreciate and enjoying their sleek operation time.

Compared to the other money machines, the grizzly track saw has a powerful motor and advanced mechanism that meets all your cutting and trimming needs.

Its motor can generate up to 5,500 RPM speed, which will be constant while cutting materials. By using this machine, a user can cut deeply over the 2 inches approximately.

This machine is simple to install, so; you will never waste your time before starting your work.

12lbs is the ideal weight for a track to see the machine you can buy and use it. From color combination to the electric port, each feature can make you fascinated.

7. Makita SP6000J1 Guide Rail | Track Saw for Circular Saw

  • No adjustment required while bevel cutting
  • Able to cut close to the wall
  • Precision straight cutting
  • Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade
  • Stackable Tool Case
  • Rubberized grip

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Great accuracy
  • Complete kit
  • Best for professionals
  • Highly recommended
Things to Consider!
  • None


If you look forward to everything in a track, saw, then Makita has something for you. The Makita SP6000J1 machine you are going to review has both features of plunge cuts and guide rail.

The combination of both features is making this saw best for accurate cuts along with minimal tear-out.

This saw is equipping a 12 AMP motor for massive cutting capacity with lightweight magnesium components.

It has an automatic speed control mechanism that will keep you secure over the limit and give you safe operating time.

People would like to set this track saw for their workshops, and they cut different materials. Due to its precision setting, you can prefer this track saw for both your indoor and outdoor job sites.

It comes with a -1 to 48° cutting capability with variable stops. Straight cutting and trimming are the main features of this machine.

The blade can tear the material on a similar cutting line. No worries if you make bevel or straight cuts.

It gives you a smooth start and soft operation timing that will never make you disturb curvy sheets even.

The SP6000J1 Guide Rail circular saw is built with a torque limiter, helping you prevent the motor from sudden brunt.

If you desire a lot of productivity in the shortest time, then buy this machine now.

8. Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw | Editor’s Choice

  • Guide rail precision
  • Micro-adjustable depth controls
  • Riving knife
  • Zero-tearout cutting
  • Easy installment

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • High efficiency
  • Portability confirmed
  • East to use
  • Advanced features
Things to Consider!
  • None


Our last product is another product of the same brand Festool. Due to the quality and advanced mechanism, it gives us the most amazing results.

TS 55 REQ Track Saw by Festool has each and everything compulsory for a track saw.

By using this track saw, users are achieving their goals for starting cutting and trimming. It is best for making splinter-free cuts on soft to semi-hard materials.

The TS 55 REQ Track Saw is built with a (splinter) spring-loaded reviving knife that can keep your cuts open, and you get sleek and sophisticated operation without pinching the blade.

Genuinely it reduces the risk of having a kickback chance that can harm the user.

If you are a beginner or in a hurry with this machine, you can change your saw blade with ease. As it comes with a changeable blade facility, now you can change the machine’s blade in a short time.

As equal to the other standard track saws, Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw gives you safe blade changing time due to its lock switch and arbor-current system for bolt removal.

It weighs 19lbs, which may irritate you in starting days, but you will surely be fine later.

REQ styled TS 55 REQ saw by Festool comes with white, black, and green combination, which will never make you bored for life long.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Track Saws

Now we will outlook some of the considerable points that should be deliberated before shopping for a track saw. Keep in mind that all over briefed machines are collected by keeping these things ahead.

Variety of speed levels

Normally heavy-duty track saws come with a variable speed module as a trigger. It actually permits you to customize the line that you are going to cut. Most speed levels mean more versatility in your saw.

Normally high levels of speed are good for cutting hardwood and similar materials even at a lower speed. Slow to a track saw’s fast speed will allow you to have delicate cuts at your own wish.

Without this feature, people will never experience good and will have limited types of cuts to accomplish.

Power of track saw

Too much or too little power, whatever! Both will not be sufficient for a user. Although your track saw should be versatile. A heavy-duty motor can amaze you by cutting harder surfaces accurately; whether lower-powered gives you a chance, you cut on your own desire.

At low power, you may trim or design sleekly for semi-hard surfaces. Sometimes hardwood overloads the motor and increases the risk of breaking, so your track saw must have both of the features.

It all depends on the user. Which type of work is he going to do, easy or difficult? A versatile saw will give him both chances of doing work, and the saw’s restriction will not bound the user.

Guide Rail Length

This is the last and most important point of our guide. The length of the guide rail absolutely affects the work that you are going to do. If your saw has longer guide rails, then you will be able to cut widely.

In the market, some guide rail extensions are available then you can use for your need. Your machine doesn’t need to be compatible with the market guide rails; however, try to purchase a track saw with a long guide rail.


In the range of saws, a track is one of the most compulsory tools for artisans. A track saw is a cutting machine that is used for making straight cutting and trimming. To make you help here, we have explained the top 8 track saws of the year to make your tasks easy.

Each of our saws is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Given saws are highly advanced and able to give you company for many years. These saws are best for daily use and based on some considerable points by professionals.

If you have reviewed all and are still confused, you may take a slight look at the buying guide and frequently ask questions about this content.

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FAQ’s about Best Track Saws

Here are a few questions that people ask about track saw;

What is the best track saw for my use?

An ideal track should meet your cutting requirements. Always keep affordability, compatibility, and durability on your prior. If a saw gives you sufficient results in a short time means it is the best. Additionally, a saw that gives you smooth working time without any hassle means you have the right machine. To specify, you may check our given list.

What are the best care tips for your track saw?

Change your blade when needed; an operation with a dull blade will need more power, and your track gets hot. Avoid working on low power and keep your machine away from water and other greasy substances. For more clarity, please read a manual that came with your machine.

Is a track saw worth it?

A short answer is yes! If someone is struggling and wants to achieve clear cuts, they have to use the track saw. Always pick a dedicated model. For further detail, read our given buyer guide.

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