Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure

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Water pressure is the main issue, especially for the elevations. Normally we have water pressure ranging between 30 to 45 PSI.

In the same way, the house at lower elevations will get a higher water pressure due to gravitational force.

Automatically controlled sprinklers can deal with this issue easily. You can adjust as per your requirement.

I have discussed all the required technical details and you can go through buying guide to choose according to your needs.


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7 Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure in 2022;

1. Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads for Low Pressure

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Maintaining a garden is quite troublesome, especially when your home is elevated at water low pressure. As the home at higher elevation has low water pressure.

Relax your mind by ensuring that your garden is water throughout with reliable Rain Bird 5000 Plus Series Pressure Regulator Sprinkler Heads. This model is best suited for medium to large-size garden areas. It sprinkles the evenly distributed water at 25 to 50 feet.

The highlight of this model is its evenly distributed and uniform water spray. The Irrifix specially engineered it to deliver green consistent water spray.

You’ll surely love the spray pattern and the working style of sprinkler heads.

The rain curtain technology will not lead to misting and evaporation and deliver the right amount of water to the right place a perfect way to save your money and water.

Another exciting feature of this sprinkler head is close-in watering to allow the healthy turf to grow around a perfect device to avoid seed washout and prevent dry spots.

The pressure regulator controls the pressure up to 25 to 75psi for exceptional nozzle performance. It eliminates the pressure vibration throughout the nozzle changes.

The bundle includes a pack of 6 sprinkler heads, 6 rain curtain nozzles, a rotor tool screwdriver, and others.

What we Like!
  • PRS Pressure Regulation
  • Built-in flow shut-off Rotor
  • Pressure Regulator
Things to Consider!
  • No color variations

2. Dramm 15075 Spinning Sprinkler Heads

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Over the last 75 years of manufacturing excellent watering tools, Dramm has gained a great market demand and reputation for its quality build and performance.

The best part about this brand is that it follows professional manufacturing procedures and quality material. Greenhouse owners and nursery growers will love the convenience of this tool to produce green lands.

Every brand does not offer color variations. Dramm 15075 sprinklers are available in six amazing colors, including Berry, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow.

It creates a beautiful and unique pattern spray covering a large area more than 38 feet in diameter. The highlight of this model is that it can work at a low pressure of 20 psi.

This is the reason that this model works with well systems where water pressure is quite low.

The stationery base is reliable and stable to place at the center of the garden. Storing and placing this model is also very easy. Just mold the hook and place where you want.

The spray pattern has fine water droplets that make your soil soak all around. Watering plants was never so easy and clean.

This is one of the best sprinkler heads for low water pressure, made up of aluminum and zinc. So, you can trust its durability for years.

What we Like!
  • Superiors materials brass, zinc, and aluminum
  • Water at low water pressure upto 20 psi
  • Even and fine water droplets
Things to Consider!
  • Fragile head of the sprinkler

3. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler Heads

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Orbit is one of the well-renowned brands for watering products in the US. If you’re looking for a green lush garden, then invest in orbit products. You can find green hose timers, Hose sprinklers, nozzles, and wands.

Let’s have a look at one of its top-rated and reliable models known as Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler. This powerful motor serves up to an area of 80 feet in diameter.

You can adjust the product from full to partial circle.

The attraction doesn’t end here; it is easy to install and replace the gear drive sprinklers. It is best suited for a secondary catering system.

It performs exceptionally for both low and high water pressures.

It works perfectly for both ¾ inches and ¾ inches pipe connections a perfect option for watering systems.

You can adjust the sprinkler impact area from 25 to 45 feet with the help of the diffuser pin. Screw the pin in and out of the water stream.

You can adjust the spray pattern from 20 to 360 degrees. The inlet procedure from both sides and the bottom makes it simple to install.

Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler is a durable and secondary water condition.

What we Like!
  • Adjustable Distance and diffuser pin
  • Easy to adjust the pattern
  • Compatible with all brands
Things to Consider!
  • Handle with care

4. Pattern Turret Garden Lawn Sprinkler Heads

See at Amazon!

2wayz presents top-notch quality watering products such as sprinklers, connectors, hose splitter, and ball bearing. 2wayz 8 Pattern Turret Garden Lawn Sprinkler is one of the best-selling products by this brand.

It was important to include this product in our best sprinkler heads for the low water pressure list due to its easy turn on and off, durability, and touch design.

The 2wayz sprinkler works just like a small drone flying over the garden and watering the dry patches. Yeah! The performance is remarkable as a one-size-fits-all sprinkler.

This sprinkler has the ¾ hose input size and a quick turing shoulder to attach it without trouble.

This model has a strong and stable base to sprinkle water regardless of the force you insert on it.

The worth buying feature of this model is its advance 8 settings that let you choose the settings that best define your lawn size. In Fact, a perfect sprinkler head from small to large garden. Better say, unlimited covered area.

The company is confident about the performance, durability, and functionality of its product. That’s why it covers the unlimited money-back guarantee.

The 2wayz ensures that its customers must avail a leak-free, simple, and time-saving experience.

What we Like!
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Stable and fun
  • Unlimited covered area
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for small gardens due to advanced modes.

5. Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact Sprinkler Heads

Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure

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Rain Bird launched fully equipped and advanced irrigation products since1933. This brand has gained a reputation worldwide due to its 4,000 water-saving products supplied in about 130 countries.

Rain Bird hits the market with improved sprinkler heads models now and then. Let’s have a look at another model by this brand known as RainBird P5R Plastic Impact Sprinkler.

The P5R offers great adjustability from 0 to 360-degree angle /pattern. The company entitled it as a #1 selling plastic sprinklers. Basically, the company designs great polymer impact sprinklers that the customers appreciate.

To continue with its LG-3 Mini-Paw and AG-5 Maxi Paw impact sprinkler, the rainbird P5R  plastic impact sprinkler is a professional-grade sprinkler for your large yards.

The body of Rain Bird P5R is made up of stainless steel and polymer. So, it’s going to last for years. The arm of the sprinkler head is heavy-duty to increase water throw slowly.

The model is equipped with a diffuser screw to break water uniformly in small water droplets.

The covered area of this model is about 25 feet to 41 feet. Its exceptional design is a durable and sturdy sprinkler. The stainless steel sprinkler performs for years.

The straight-through flow design brings out high performance and is perfect for water irrigation systems.

What we Like!
  • Trusted brand name
  • 20 to 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable distance
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive to buy

6. Gesentur Autimatic Rotating Lawn Sprinkler Heads

See at Amazon!

Gesentur is a top-rated and professional seller along with quality assurance. Gesentur Lawn Sprinkler, Automatic 360 Rotating Garden Sprinklers is a market-leading model.

The model has a closed interface to close it when you are done watering, An adjustable spray direction to better control the movements throughout the garden.

The 3 arms rotary nozzle lets you better define its direction and angle. The best part about this sprinkler is its multi-angle nozzles to strike the dry spots.

The model is compatible with a water pipe of 11.5 to 12.5mm as well as ¾ inches female bread connector. Connect the water pipe to the connector. For connecting ¾ inches pipe, could you take off the parts and then connect it? You can connect multiple sprinklers to irrigate the agricultural lands.

The design of this model is exclusive due to its 3 arms with nozzles that tend to spray at a distance of 4 to 10m in diameter. It will not bring issues like falling apart or breaking.

The Connector has a brass thread hose that is leakproof and sturdy.

The body of this model is made from a top-notch plastic and rust-proof polymer that is durable. It is a stable water sprinkler with 3 arms throwing dense and uniform water droplets spray.

The pack includes a butterfly rotary sprinkler, black nipple, leak-proof hose connector, and an instruction manual.

What we Like!
  • Upgraded brass connector
  • Long spray distance and wide coverage
  • Different sprinkling modes
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic made sprinkler

7. GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler for Lawn

See at Amazon!

The highlight of this model is its exceptionally different look and feel. The ZoomMaxx is made up of top-notch quality plastic. A highly durable product!

The customer feedback reports indicate that it is one of the best performing sprinkler heads, yet people are not interested in a plastic-made sprinkler.

Whereas metal-made sprinkler heads are durable and sturdy, at the same time more susceptible to rust or corrosion.

If you handle this model with care, then it is going to last for years. The spray distance of the GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler is upto 10 to 60 feet which is surprisingly great.

The large stable base keeps the gear on-place. Thus stable support provides a better sprinkle of water to your lawn. The limitation of this model is upto 2300 feet. This model incorporates 16 rubber-made nozzles along with impressive oscillating spray.

The company is confident about the parts and equipment quality; therefore, it comes with a 2-year warranty to claim damage or defect to any parts or model.

Grab the GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler to avail of its adjustable settings. All the controls, including Waterflow, width, length, is adjustable within the range of 10 to 40 feet.

What we Like!
  • Customizable settings for spray distance
  • 2-year warranty
  • Stable base
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic construction

Factors to Consider While Buying Sprinkler Heads

Before you make your final decision, make sure that you choose the right product as per your needs. To verify it, go through our buying guide that elaborates the key factor to consider while buying the best sprinkler heads for low water pressure.

Coverage Area

The first thing to consider is the coverage area of the sprinkle. This is finalized after measuring your lawn or garden. For example, a nelson traveling sprinkler is not suitable for a small garden. Lawn size should be considered while buying the lawn sprinkle.

Pop-up vs. Shrub Style Sprinklers

The sprinkler style varies from lawn size and design. The shrub-style sprinkler is always positioned above the plants, and this position makes these sprinklers always visible.

On the other hand, the pop-up sprinkle style is installed to remain invisible and comes out of the ground when you activate your sprinkler system.


There are some adjustable settings that you must consider before finalizing the lawn sprinkle. Main settings include the length of the sprinkling water, width, focus area, and amount of water released from the head.

It would help if you considered that either the focus area is near the sprinkle head or far away. If the area is far away, you can increase the intensity level of the water (length of the throw of water).

Lowest Water pressure function

Water pressure function varies from brand to brand and from model to model. Ideal water pressure for a lawn sprinkler ranges from 40 to 45 PSI.

But there are some brands whose lawn sprinklers can work even at 20 PSI, like the Dramm 15075 Color-Storm Spinning Sprinkler. It would help if you finalized the sprinkler that can work at the lowest water pressure.


The material is also important because if the material is of not premium quality, then the sprinkler head may break or clog. The durability of the sprinkler depends on the material used. If you select the sprinkler made from steel, then the chances of clogging and rust are more than sprinkler made from plastic.


Price is considerable for every person. Different models are available with varying prices according to the number of features. Before you start looking for the lawn sprinkler, you need to check your budget so you can save time.

It is a common trend that expensive items have more features and functions to work with. In addition, the quality is also better in the expensive models. But if you know all the factors, you can purchase a better lawn sprinkler at a low price.


The warranty of any sprinkler’s model is also an important factor. Different brands offer warranties from 6 months to 2 years, and the period varies from model to model.

Some models like the Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler offer a limited lifetime warranty in the market.

According to experts and customer’s feedback, one must choose a lawn sprinkler with the longest warranty.

Final Verdict

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the hassle-free sprinkle of water throughout the garden area by investing in the best sprinkler heads for low pressure.

Trust our selection of the top 7 best sprinkler heads with a leak-proof design, rustproof body, simple to use, advanced modes, and uniform spray.

The editor choice is Rain Bird 5000 Plus Series Pressure Regulator Sprinkler Heads due to its advanced functions and smooth functionality. The best part about this model is its evenly distributed spray for the unlimited coverage area.

Bring the convenience of a durable sprinkler head to your garden! Good Luck!

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FAQ’sabout Best Sprinkler Heads

Here are a few questions/ answered about these sprinklers;

What is the Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure?

Here is my list of the Best Sprinkler Heads for Low Water Pressure in 2022;

  1. Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads for Low Pressure
  2. Dramm 15075 Spinning Sprinkler Heads
  3. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler Heads
  4. Pattern Turret Garden Lawn Sprinkler Heads
  5. Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact Sprinkler Heads
  6. Gesentur Automatic Rotating Lawn Sprinkler Heads
  7. GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler for Lawn

What are the types of garden sprinklers?

There are various types of garden sprinklers. The most common of them are as follow:

Rotary Sprinkler

These are the uncommon sprinkles that distribute water in a circular pattern. The covered area varies from model to model.

Impact Sprinkler

The impact sprinkler has two major parts; a rotary head and a nozzle that distribute water.

Oscillating sprinklers

These sprinklers spray water in an oscillating manner for maximum area coverage.

Stationary sprinklers

They are fixed on a place and sprinkle water at a limited coverage area.

Traveling Sprinklers

These sprinklers move from one place to another to irrigate large lands

Is 35 PSI water pressure good to work?

35 PSI is considered a low water pressure as the standard pressure ranges from 40 to 80 PSI.

How can I increase the water pressure in my sprinkler system?

You can install a booster pump to the main irrigation system. Secondly, decrease the number of sprinkler heads you use in your system to increase the water pressure.

What is water pressure needed for sprinklers?

The unit used to measure water pressure is PSI stands for Pounds per square inch. The average water pressure to operate the sprinkler system is around 30 to 50 psi.

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