Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring

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Choose the best professional soldering iron for automotive wiring

Do you know a professional soldering iron can make wiring tasks 50% easier?

From fusing wires to working on jewels, every labor needs a soldering iron in their toolboxes.

Soldering irons have indeed become a sensation since their mass production…but the variety could be confusing sometimes.

Which brand is perfect? What type of soldering iron would be perfect for you?

Options do give us liberty, but they can be overwhelming too.

In this post, I will be discussing not only my favorite but everyone’s favorite soldering irons for automotive wiring. We love the third one!


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Weller D550PK 260-Watt/200W Professional Soldering Gun Kit...
Weller D550PK 260-Watt/200W Professional Soldering Gun Kit...
Complete with plastic carrying case and "Soldering Tips" booklet; Replacement tip 7250W or 7250N

8 Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring Reviews

Hence, we have compiled a list of genuinely Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring. We have picked the highest-rated Best Soldering Iron on Amazon and this is what we got!

Here is my list of the Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring in 2022;

1. LDK Soldering Iron for Electronics

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • It has adjustable temperature and quick inner-heated ceramic features.
  • There are five different tip shapes for different purposes.
  • Normally, soldering iron needs a soldering station – but, this one does not need one!
  • Cord length is 145 centimeters..long and cool.
  • It offers a 90-days money-back guarantee.


Automotive wiring is not an easy job! One mistake can ruin the whole system. In such situations, you need a soldering iron that gives you 100% control.

A pencil head style, 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature LDK Soldering Iron can take care of intricate details quickly. It has the feature to heat the inner ceramic in less than 2 minutes.

If you refrained from getting a soldering iron because of a soldering station, well…this soldering iron can work perfectly without any station. Just plug and it is ready!

Now, let’s talk about the temperature controls. The tiny knob on the rod allows you to control temperature while using the soldering iron. The temperature controls are not only convenient but have a range of 200°C to 450°C. You can easily select the desired temperature and work on it without any interruptions.

Is that all? No! If you have a large workshop and you need the freedom to move. Well, this soldering iron has 145 cm long wire to allow you all the mobility in the world.

It is durable too! Stainless steel is the sole manufacturer of this soldering iron.

Stainless steel is generally known for its durability – hence, this awesome soldering iron lasts longer than any other in the town.

Lastly, the money-back guarantee is something to die for. It tells you about the sincerity of the seller. If you find this product is not made for you, you can return it anytime!

So, if you are a beginner…and you want an easy-to-use product at an economical price – choose this one! This quintessential soldering iron is made for you!

Automotive wiring is the REAL purpose of this soldering iron, one can also use it for different purposes too. It has 5 different pieces of iron tip for other small fixings of guitars, mobile phones, PC hardware, or watches. These interchangeable tips allow versatility!

You can find it on Amazon having the most reviews and 66% FIVE STAR REVIEWS. So, what are you waiting for?

What we Like!
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is light in weight!
  • Pencil style head makes it convenient to work.
  • It can perform well with 110V.
Things to Consider!
  • Temperature controls have some loopholes.

2. Newacalox Soldering Iron for Wires

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • It is a 6-in-1 soldering iron kit with unique features.
  • It operates at 60W 110V making it stable for low-voltage areas.
  • You can easily operate this soldering gun with one hand.
  • Inner-heated ceramic with temperature range 200°C to 450°C.
  • It heats quickly within 3 minutes precisely!
  • It comes with a 30-days return guarantee.


While working with small parts of an automobile, you need not only a soldering iron, but a tweezer, a tiny screwdriver, sometimes a desoldering pump (if you are clearing circuit boards in the car’s stereo or video display), and at last a soldering wire.

Do not tell me you have been buying these parts separately!

And, if you were, well you would not need that anymore! This Newacalox soldering iron is a 6-in-1 kit containing all the necessary stuff.

The working voltage of this soldering iron is 110V and takes only 60W for power. It weighs around 15.5 ounces being one of the lightest soldering irons in the market.

But, that’s not all. It has some features that stand out.

The switch indicator makes controlling this soldering iron even easier…along with a quick heating inner ceramic technology to heat itself in 1-3 minutes.

And don’t you dare let anyone tell you that using a soldering iron with one hand is only a professional’s job…because it is not!

You can now use the soldering iron with one hand even if you are a beginner because of its awesome technology. So, no more burns!

It has the most important accessories in the kit. A 1-mm soldering wire made from both lead and tin is easy to handle and provides a shiny soldering surface. The alloy-steel screwdriver blades are heat treated to give the finest performance expected from screwdrivers.

From an amateur to a professional everyone loves this soldering iron. With more than 2500 ratings on, it is one of the highest-rated soldering irons on the platform. People love it… if you think it is The one for you get it now!

What we Like!
  • It is a complete kit…so you won’t have to buy extra accessories to carry on the operation.
  • It includes a desoldering pump and soldering wires.
  • An inexpensive soldering gun!
  • Perfect for DIYs, automotive wiring, electric boards soldering, and other stuff.
Things to Consider!
  • Be careful…high temperatures can be dangerous.

3. Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Premium quality soldering kit with diagonal wire cutter, soldering iron with sponge used widely for automotive wiring.
  • Heat-resistant caps with 5 different soldering tips are perfect for automotive wiring.
  • 23-in-1 kit with accessories including desoldering pump, tweezers, soldering iron stand and holder, and other minor accessories.
  • It provides a 30-days money-back guarantee and lifetime consumer support.
  • Four ventilation holes in the steel pipe to prevent overheating.


Are you also one of those who look for 100 accessories along with the key product?

If yes, this product is PERFECT for you!

This Plusivo soldering iron kit has 22 additional accessories excluding the soldering iron itself. Out of all accessories, we have ONE that stands out: MICRO FLUSH CUTTER! They make the job easier tenfold. We’ll discuss it later!

Also, you would never have to feel tired holding the soldering iron rod in your hand…because this kit contains a SOLDERING IRON STAND AND HOLDER. It does not require any assembling – it is ready-to-use. A treat, no?

Fixing automotive wiring requires pro-handling as it is a very delicate task. With this Plusivo soldering iron kit, you get everything you need in one bag. From tweezers, mini wire stripper, mini PCB, pen-shaped screwdriver (believe me, it is the perfect accessory), to 2 insulating tapes (black and red), and heatshrink tubes, there is nothing you would not need.

Along with all the necessary stuff also comes some safety accessories.

The first safety accessory is the soldering iron spring holder. It has a sponge below the holder to absorb all the excess solder from the iron rod.

The second safety accessory is a heat-resistant cap and heat-resistant anti-skid handle which helps in quick storage and safe users from burns respectively.

Now, about the micro flush cutter…

Soldering iron requires focus, patience, and the correct accessories.

The kit contains a micro flush cutter which weighs only 50 grams. It can cut a soft copper wire of 1.0mm. It is perfect if you are working on automotive wiring or fixing your vehicle’s music board.  

Overall, it is a treat for professionals and a learning tool for new workers. You can get this product from Amazon, it already has more than 6000 ratings on Amazon…most of them are positive.

What we Like!
  • A complete kit with a downloadable ebook makes soldering iron easier.
  • It is durable and competent.
  • The accessories are perfect for automotive wiring, DIYs, electronic wiring, and whatnot!
  • With the PU bag, you can organize all the accessories in one place.
Things to Consider!
  • Temperature controls are not very smooth!

4. Handskit Soldering Iron

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • It is a 60W 110V soldering iron with an on/off switch.
  • It is covered by insulating silica that controls temperature effectively.
  • It has heat dissipation efficiency and heats quickly technology.
  • It is made from heat-resistant material and the screwdriver design doesn’t drop the iron head easily.
  • Inner ceramic technology ensures quick heating.


Automotive wiring requires focus, delicacy, and a genuinely good product. We will solve the last problem. We have been looking for a product ideal for beginners, but not useless for professionals…and we thought this one fits the description.

Handskit soldering iron with an on/off system is a dream for solderers. How does a switch make any difference? It promises safe welding…also it does not burn the surroundings.

Another beauty of this Handskit soldering iron kit is it contains everything… everything. Let’s have a look at what does a kit contains:

  • 110V 60W soldering iron
  • 5 pieces solder tip
  • A desoldering pump (usually used for circuit boards)
  • A tin wire tube
  • One soldering iron stand
  • One tweezer
  • One sponge
  • One PU carrying bag

This is a complete kit apt for beginners to start the job. If you are a beginner, you wouldn’t want anything else.

Apart from its accessories, it has remarkable features too. Handskit soldering iron has an adjustable temperature range from 200°C to 450°C. As a soldering iron needs careful assistance, you can always keep the temperature low, to begin with.

We have thoroughly discussed the interior but what about the exterior?

The structure of this soldering iron is impressive. It has ventilation holes to dissipate heat along with a comfortable anti-skid handle. For additional safety, this soldering iron has a heat-resistant black thread head.

Well, it is safe to say that the exterior of this soldering iron is also impressive.

These are some of the features to prevent any short circuits due to overheating. But, what about the switchboard? Well, no worries…Handskit soldering iron has got that covered too.

The outer cover of the wire is made from heavy-duty plastic while the inner wire is made from copper. As we all know copper has a high melting point, so it is a haven for you. But that’s not all, the plug has a safe heat-resistant cap to make sure you are completely safe while performing the job!

The biggest problem of soldering iron is the out-of-control temperature range which can be disastrous. Handskit has solved the problem with its superb engineering. It is a product worth trying.

What we Like!
  • Perfect for all types of automotive, electronic, computer repair, and DIY work.
  • It is specifically designed for beginners.
  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It is an ideal kit for small uses.
  • It is super affordable.
Things to Consider!
  • Tips are not great.
  • It has a heat control knob on the back, so it might disrupt the performance.

5. LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Kit

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 13 accessories including a butane soldering kit.
  • The soldering iron is electronic, self-igniting, and has a flame-locking button.
  • The working temperature is from 2400°F to 1100°F.
  • It has an adjustable flame range from ½ inch to 2 ½ inches.
  • It has a refillable, 100% metal fuel tank.
  • The tank has been pre-tested for leakage.
  • The butane tank allows 75 minutes of uninterrupted service.


Did you know soldering is possible without electricity? It is not only possible but fun too!

Yes! We have a butane-powered soldering iron for automotive wiring.

If you are a traveler or someone who spends most of the time commuting, you need to have this tiny kit with you.

It is small, convenient, and ergonomic. How is it convenient?

So, wires can be annoying at times. If you are looking for something which allows you to have 100% focus on the job, you know that Lexivon Butane Soldering is here for your ease. It is cordless and easy to use!

Now about some other great qualities. This soldering iron can reach up to 2400°F with flame adjustments from ½ inch to 2 ½ inches. This feature allows more control to the solderer. What most people struggle with an electric soldering iron is the start-up feature. With this butane soldering iron, you can instantly ignite and start the job right away.

Now, you must be thinking how durable is this soldering iron?

This soldering iron is made from 100% metal. It is extremely durable and can endure higher temperatures better than any other soldering iron. But, what fascinates us is it contains a large leakproof tank to make sure you perform your job without any worry.

The best part of Lexivon Butane Soldering iron is their customer service! 

They are helpful and they rectify their mistakes. If you are looking for a cool soldering iron that performs, get your hands on this one! You will never regret it.

What we Like!
  • It is 100% portable and easy to use.
  • It has an instant ignition feature to save time and effort.
  • It is completely safe and secure.
  • 6 soldering iron tips for different purposes.
Things to Consider!
  • It runs from butane, keeps yourself safe from flame hazards.

6. Weller Professional Soldering Gun Kit

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • The Weller professional soldering gun has two flashlights at the top.
  • The pistol-shaped soldering iron has two triggers of 200 watts and 260 watts.
  • It takes 6 seconds to heat up.
  • It has a heavy-gauge tin-plated copper tip.
  • The kit contains six items: soldering iron gun, 2-wire cord, lead-free solder coil, cutting and smoothing tips.


Weller soldering iron gun is the best-seller product on the largest E-commerce website. So, what are you getting into? And Weller D550PK is undoubtedly up to the company’s mark. It is a pistol-shaped gun with a silver burner. Yes, it is an electric corded gun! So, if you are looking for a soldering iron for automotive wiring, DIY, or any small/medium job – trust Weller!

What according to us are the best features of this soldering iron gun?

This soldering gun transitions smoothly from 200 watts to 260 watts by pressing the trigger a single time. The gun shape makes holding and working with this gun easier and tireless.

Another notable feature of this gun is the 6-seconds heating feature! 

It shows how quick this gun is. Since the temperature is increasing rapidly, you need to handle it more carefully. But, what is more impressive?

Yes, it has back-to-back impressive features. This time it is the copper tip…that too not an ordinary one. It is a heavy-gauge tin-plated copper tip.

So, what are the benefits of copper tip-in soldering iron guns? The copper tip is perfect for transferring heat from the tip whereas the tin coating will make sure it is durable.

Weller never disappoints their consumers. With this soldering iron, you’ll be getting a few additional products:

  • Three tips
  • A flux brush
  • A coil of lead-free solders.

All these accessories along with the 200W/260W soldering iron gun are a treat!

If you decide to get this kit, you will get a complete package to make your work easier and more fun. The two flashlights at the tip of the gun are also a notable feature, never forget that Weller manufactured this gun for your ease only.

What you should always consider before buying any electronic tool is a warranty. Weller offers a limited lifetime warranty to provide security for its customers. It is an investment worth making!

What we Like!
  • It allows more control with its headlights.
  • It is quick and efficient.
  • It is a durable product.
  • The watt transitions of this soldering gun are almost magical.
  • Weller offers a limited lifetime warranty.
Things to Consider!
  • Instant heating needs more careful hands.

7. Hattomen Soldering Iron Kit

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • This kit contains a plier-style soldering iron that works on 220V and 60W power.
  • The kit also contains some important accessories such as a soldering iron holder, steel desoldering pump, PU bag, and plastic and aluminum alloy carry bag.
  • This soldering iron has a temperature range of 200°C to 400°C.
  • Eight soldering iron tips allow liberty.
  • It has an on/off switch too!


Hattomen soldering iron is a very decent product! It is perfect to start your journey and learn better about soldering iron. We had mentioned this product due to its smart plier design!

It comes with an easy off/on switch button which gives you COMPLETE control. The rod is manufactured with a superior quality rapid heating core.

If temperature control is your problem, it won’t be anymore! This soldering iron contains heat dissipation holes to keep the temperature in control. A tiny temperature adjuster allows you to manage temperature straight away. You can set the temperature between 200°C to 400°C!

Did we mention that it has 8 different types of soldering iron tips? 

This is just another plus point of buying this soldering iron kit! You can perform different jobs with one soldering iron now.

If you are looking for something safer, it has a non-slip silicone handle that is thicker enough to insulate the heat.

The additional plastic cover and copper wirings are cherries on the top! Copper wirings are known for their durability, thus, we can say that it is great engineering on display here. The copper wires will help in maintaining the temperature while you perform your task!

It is a complete kit with all the necessary accessories. The best accessory is the handle. It contains a sponge to soak any liquid dripping from the tip. This handle plays a vital role in keeping the surroundings safe and tidy.

If you are looking for something to start from, this is surely the one soldering iron you are searching for.  You can get in touch with their customer service to seek help 24/7.

What we Like!
  • It is easy to handle.
  • It is even easier to use!
  • It is potentially weightless.
  • 24-hours customer care to seek instant help!
  • It is perfect for beginners!
Things to Consider!
  • Quick heating can be dangerous, therefore, always select a suitable temperature.

8. Weller Universal Soldering Gun Kit

See at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • It is a dual heating soldering iron that works on 120V.
  • It has three LED bulbs for better performance.
  • It has speedy 6-seconds heating for quick work.
  • It weighs only 1.8lbs!
  • The temperature can rise to 900°F!
  • Three different types of tips for different purposes.


Weller is the best brand when it comes to soldering irons! This is yet another Weller which we would like to vouch for!

It is a gun with six seconds of heating time and LED lights.

You must have been thinking that many soldering irons have LED lights. Well, the soldering iron is perfect for not only soldering but cutting and smoothing as well.

The soldering iron kit contains a soldering gun tip, a cutting tape, a smoothing tip, and a hex wrench! All these products are combined to create a phenomenal experience for you!

So, what is the unique selling point of the soldering iron? 

The Weller 9400PKS has two triggers.

If you pull the trigger once the gun works at 140 watts and if you pull it all the way the gun delivers 100 watts!

This is a very rare feature that is mostly available in soldering iron guns.

We have talked about the functionality of this soldering iron. Let’s discuss what makes the soldering iron completely superior i.e. design!

This iron soldering gun is solid inside and soft outside. This soft surface helps in firm gripping! Their ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and provides balance to the user!

Only the design is impressive but the assortment of heavy-duty soldering tips is also notable. This gun is perfect for soldering cutting and smoothing applications.

This is a full-fledged iron gun with all the important features. If you are also looking for a heavy-duty soldering iron, this one gives 7 years of warranty along with loads of features. You would never regret buying this.

What we Like!
  • It has an ergonomic shape!
  • Weller gives 7 years of warranty for this kit.
  • It is a perfect product for beginners and professionals!
  • It is easy to use and versatile.
  • It gives more control with its temperature knob and LED lights.
Things to Consider!
  • Heating could be inconsistent when low voltage.


Buying any accessory is not an easy task. You must look for the apt features, prices, and functionality of a product. If you are a naive solderer or you are just looking for a soldering iron for small home tasks, you might face issues while selecting one.

To your ease, we have mentioned the most important features of soldering iron. Before we move forward, let’s discuss the types of soldering iron available in the market.


The world of soldering iron is divided into three main types:

  1. Temperature controlled soldering iron
  2. Soldering iron workstation
  3. Air-cooled soldering iron

Temperature-controlled Iron

Temperature-controlled irons are rocking the world. This is a genius engineering example. A tiny thermostat is placed inside the soldering iron with a temperature gauge on the rod. You can easily control the temperature with the knob and the thermostat would control the temperature.

Many people are opting for a temperature-controlled iron because it gives them liberty. The controllable temperature also lowers the risk of burning and short circuits. We must say that installing a thermostat in a soldering iron is a boss move.

The only catch of soldering irons is that they are slightly more expensive than normal soldering irons. However, we endorse the idea of a manageable temperature soldering iron and it is worth the money.

Air-cooled Iron

This type of soldering iron does not have any thermostat to manage or control temperature. As the name suggests, air plays a vital role in managing the temperature of these soldering irons.

They are easily available everywhere and are one of the most inexpensive of all soldering irons. Once a temperature reaches the peak and the work is done, the solderer switches off the iron and lets the air reduce the temperature. If you are a beginner, this type of soldering iron might not be perfect for you.

They are usually slow…but if you have patience, you can have a look at them.

Soldering Iron Workstation

Well, if you think that both air-cooled or temperature-controllable soldering irons are not for you…we have one suggestion.

Although they are hugely expensive, they are a hot take because they function exceptionally well. The Soldering Iron workstation comes with a device to monitor the temperature along with a soldering iron and its handle.

These types of soldering irons are ideal for professionals who have bulk jobs. It allows perfection and ease of use.

Other specifications of a soldering iron

After the types of the soldering iron, every buyer should consider these specifications to bring the best product home.

Power Consumption

It is one of the most notable factors of a soldering iron. Many brands display power consumption and wattage to showcase the quality of a soldering iron.

Mostly, air-cooled soldering irons are 40W. As we have mentioned all the controlled-temperature soldering iron, we must also inform you that they are perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

A controlled temperature soldering iron usually works on 60W and 110V which is superb.

Also, why should you take care of power consumption? 

Soldering iron with good power consumption would determine the speed of heating and cooling. It is not related to the temperature but the amount of time a soldering iron takes to heat or cool.

Note: the ideal power consumption range is 20-60 Watts. 

Size of Soldering Iron

Size would not matter if you could work with a 55 lbs soldering iron for 4 to 5 hours.

Certainly, the size of the soldering iron matters…a lot!

Before choosing the correct size of soldering iron, ask yourself, “what should be the purpose of the soldering iron?”

If you are choosing a soldering iron for small projects you can choose a medium to small-sized soldering iron.

And if you are using a soldering iron for a heavy-duty job what will work best for you is a soldering iron workstation.

Easy Temperature Controls

Working with a soldering iron is all about managing temperature aptly. As we have already discussed the two types of soldering iron i.e. air-cooled soldering iron and temperature-controlled soldering iron.

Certainly temperature-controlled soldering iron is the easier one. With just one click you can navigate from 200°C to 450°C.

Also, the temperature-controlled soldering iron contains dissipated holes to manage the heat transfer. If you are a naive solderer, you must always go for the temperature-controlled soldering iron.

It is smart, easy, and modern. 

Tips and All

While choosing a soldering iron you must always keep the tips in your head. If the soldering iron has different types of tips and they are replaceable.

Professional shoulders like to transition from a heavy-duty job to a light-duty job in a matter of minutes, therefore, the most considerable factor for them is replaceable tips.


This is an external factor, but before you decide to buy a soldering iron for yourself, decide on a budget.

Always keep a budget in your mind. The more expensive, the better! But, you can also get a decent product at a minimal price.

Never ignore the cost factor.


Finding a soldering iron for automotive wiring is not easy if you have little knowledge. There are different types, factors, and functionalities. We have mentioned some of the best available soldering irons online! All of them are high-quality products with temperature controls. We have managed to mention products with complete kits as they make soldering convenient for everyone.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of power consumption, temperature controls, and the size of the soldering iron. Look for a soldering iron with a kit because accessories are as important as the soldering iron. All of these soldering irons have received great appraisals from their users. Pick the one best for you and kill it at work!

Note: Soldering iron is indeed a dangerous task, thus, always look for products made from metal and contain insulating wires.

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FAQ’s about Soldering Irn for Wiring

Here are a few FAQ’s that are helpful to understand more about this soldering iron;

What is the Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring?

Here is my list of the Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring in 2022;

  • LDK Soldering Iron for Electronics
  • Newacalox Soldering Iron for Wires
  • Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit
  • Handskit Soldering Iron
  • LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Kit
  • Weller Professional Soldering Gun Kit
  • Hattomen Soldering Iron Kit
  • Weller Universal Soldering Gun Kit

What is the ideal plug i.e. two-prong or three-prong?

The functionality and heat-insulating power of a plug matter more than anything. Despite the fact, a three-prong plug would be ideal. However, a two-prong plug also works fine.

Are soldering iron stands important?

Soldering iron functions at 200°C to 450°C! We cannot simply put it on a plastic or iron tabletop. If you want to work in a safe environment, do yourself a favor and buy a soldering iron stand. It is convenient and most importantly, SAFE!

What are the purposes of a soldering iron?

Soldering iron can be used for different purposes such as automotive wiring, electronic wiring, automotive, and computer device repairing.

What is the difference between soldering iron and desoldering iron?

A soldering iron is used to join a solder, whereas, desoldering iron is used for removing the solder. The high temperature comes in handy for this purpose.

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