Best Small Shop VAC for Dust Collection

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Massive sawdust, wood shavings, milling debris, is a cumbersome task to manage in your small shop effectively.

Thanks to innovative technology today, we can deal with these debates through a small shop VAC dust collector.

This is portable equipment, so it is equally good for cleaning your house also. These are powerful cleaners of industrial grade, you can say.

I will drive you through all the technical detail required to help you choose a better one within budget.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Makita XCV10ZX 18V X2 LXT® Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless...
Makita XCV10ZX 18V X2 LXT® Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless...
Powerful BL Brushless motor generates 64 CFM of suction power and 44" Of water Lift; Aws capable with auto-start wireless transmitter (part No. 198901-5) sold separately
SaleBest Value
Vacmaster Pro 8 gallon Certified Hepa Filtration Wet/Dry Vac
Vacmaster Pro 8 gallon Certified Hepa Filtration Wet/Dry Vac
8 Gallon* Crush Proof Polypropylene Tank.Voltage:120 volts_of_alternating_current; Certified HEPA System (99. 97% efficient on . 3 microns)
Vacmaster Professional - Professional Wet/Dry , 5 Gallon,...
Vacmaster Professional - Professional Wet/Dry , 5 Gallon,...
5 Gallon Polypropylene Tank; 5. 5 Peak HP High Efficiency Motor; Integrated Hose Storage; 18' Cord with Cord Storage

7 Best Small Shop VAC for Dust Collection Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Small Shop VAC for Dust Collection in 2022;

1. Professional Vacmaster  Wet/Dry VAC | Beast Series

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This 5-gallon capacity Vacmaster for dust collection comes in black color. This small shop vac is a great choice because it comes with high-tech performance, allowing you to tackle your most challenging cleaning projects.

The best part about this vac is that you can easily convert it into a blower. It features an 18′ cord along with cord storage. Use it now at your job site, shops, or within the garage.

The combination of power cord storage with accessory and onboard hose allows you to eliminate the unneeded hassle. Plus, it minimizes the storage space your face will occupy.

You’ll love this vac because it comes with a 25 ft. cleaning reaches having a 7′ hose with an 18′ power cord allowing you to reach further without any need of unplugging your unit.

Now quickly have complete control over power using the huge sealed on/ off switch, which comes with eight accessories to meet your tasks.

You get a kink-resistant premium hose with a utility nozzle, car nozzle, service tool, an extension wand with a fine dust cartridge filter, noise diffuser, and wet foam filter.

Enjoy using this vac that comes with a high water lift motor offering enough suction power. The portable power of this vac allows you to tackle all your jobs efficiently.

That’s not all! This vac comes with a rugged polypropylene tank which makes it resistant to impact or corrosion. The 18-foot cord allows extended cleaning with a blowing effect reaching around 25 feet.

What we Like!
  • It has a five years warranty
  • All necessary applications are included
  • Corrosion/ impact-resistant tanks.
Things to Consider!
  • Best for small shop not heavy duty jobs

2. Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Collection System

Best VAC for Small Shops

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This dust vac comes with an auto filter clean. It is a corded electric vac in blue color that allows automatic filter cleaning for users.

Enjoy cleaning with this filter that gets cleaned every fifteen seconds to maintain maximum suctioning power with L-BOXX integration, allowing instant mobile workstation.

Moreover, it comes with power tool activation allowing you to switch between on and off using these power tools. Not only this, you get a power broker dial for optimal usage at times of power without suffering from blown circuits.

That’s not all! The wet vacuuming water level sensor results in the automatic shutdown of the vac at times of water reaching maximum height for protection to the motor.

Crystalline silica is commonly released when cutting, grinding, and finishing, which can be dangerous for users leading to silicosis. So to prevent such diseases, you can make use of this vac which is quite powerful.

Overall, Bosch is a great brand that offers buyers the Bosch Pro-guard solutions to get rid of dust.

The speed clean bits in this tool are code approved with OSHA standards. Such shop vacs are engineered in such a way that they remove the maximum amount of dust.

Choose this ideal dust extractor which is a perfect combination of high suction power and airflow.

What we Like!
  • Comes with automatic filter cleaning.
  • Features maximum suction power.
  • It comes with a HEPA filter.
Things to Consider!
  • Does not feature a long cord length.

3. Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Dust Collector

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This is our next shop vac on the list, which comes with 6.5HP having 2-½” hose in black color.

What you’ll love about this vac is that it comes with top-notch performance suction power with perfect airflow, allowing the perfect tackling job against the most challenging job sites.

You can keep your shop, garage, and all your project sites clean with maximum suction power. The water lift capacity of this vac is around 64 inches with 150 CFM and 400 air watts.

What’s more! This vac comes with power cord organization and accessory with integrated hose offering space-saving features with hassle-free and convenient storage.

Moreover, it comes with a kink-resistant hose, crevice tool and utility nozzle, floor nozzle, extension ward, foam filter, a fine dust cartridge filter with air, and noise diffuser.

Enjoy 27 feet of cleaning distance with the 20-foot power cord and 7-foot hose without even unplugging your vac. The large capacity of around 16 gallons with quick emptying of liquid drain makes it a perfect choice for converting your vac into a blower.

Enjoy cleaning with a high-performance motor having enough suction power with integrated onboard storage having hoses and accessories.

Moreover, this vac comes with a flat-top design allowing you to keep all your tools handy at times of working.

Not only this, but the Vacmaster vac also features an extra-large drain port allowing quick emptying with ease. The rugged polypropylene tank featured in this vac is impact and corrosion-resistant.

Enjoy extended life even in dusty environments because of the sizable dust-sealed switch.

Fall in love with the exceptional flat head design that allows you to store tools conveniently on top without the hassle and minimal space. That’s not all! The heavy-duty 360 degrees swivel casters help you improve mobility over most surfaces.

What we Like!
  • Comes with a five years warranty.
  • Comes with enough tank capacity.
  • Features flat head design.
Things to Consider!
  • Suction power is weak.

4. Makita X2 LXT Portable Dust Collector

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The following product is by Makita, which is cordless and brushless with ½ gallon capacity. Plus, it comes with a HEPA filter having a dry dust extractor with AWS capability and tools only.

What you’ll love about this powerful, brushless vac is that it generates around 64 CFM of suctioning power and comes with 44” of water lift, what’s more!

This vac can operate continuously for about one hour on standard settings while 33 to 35 minutes.

This vac makes use of dual lithium batteries allowing it to work efficiently on two stages having HEPA filters that capture sound 99.97% of all particulates with 0.3 microns having extended life of primary filters.

The best part! This corded electric vac comes with an auto-start wireless system that utilizes Bluetooth technology having wireless power on and off buttons for communication between dust extractor and tool.

The AWS-capable auto-start wireless transmitter is sold separately.

What’s more! This brushless vac comes with three tool adapters having a hose connection with most dust extraction attachments. The powerful BL motor comes with 64 CFM of suction power having 44” of water lift.

The best part! This ac comes with an easy to replace and convenient disposable filter dust bag. Plus, the padded shoulder straps with waist belt allow complete adjustments offering improved comfort and fit to users.

Enjoy controlling the vac with push-button adjustments for high and standard selections. Indulge in 3x faster charging with 50% extra run time and 50% longer life span with efficient power management.

Overall, this vac is ideal for cleaning up crews plus works well for all construction applications. Moreover, it comes with a three years limited warranty.

What we Like!
  • Highly portable.
  • Serves as a powerful cleanup solution.
  • Cordless with a powerful motor.
Things to Consider!
  • The batteries are sold separately.

5. Vacmaster Pro Dust Collector for Small Shop

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This vac by Vacmaster comes with a HEPA filter having a power source by corded electric in black color. The 8 gallons crushproof propylene tank featured in this vac comes with a 2 stage industrial motor having a hose size of around 10 feet x 1 ½ inches.

The cord length featured in this vac is about 30 ft.

You’ll love this vac because it comes with four stages of HEP filtration that allow 99.9% of efficiency. This certified HEPA vac features an ultra-quiet motor having a microfiber pre-filter with a high-efficiency fine dust filter bag featuring a closure flap.

Plus, it also comes with an exhaust filter, all for HEPA compliance.

The components included in this package include 20inches of locking steel wands with a power tool adapter. Moreover, it features HEPA cartridge filters having 10ft x 1 ½ inches with a crushproof industrial hose.

The HEPA material exhaust filter with steel elbow having an airflow adjuster with a reusable foam sleeve filter. The highly efficient fine dust collection bag with a round brush having a horsehair with a crevice tool, microfiber pre-filter, and floor nozzle.

Lastly, this vac also comes with a one-year warranty.

What we Like!
  • Easy to handle.
  • Comes with great power.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
Things to Consider!
  • The vacuum is not that stable.

6. DEWALT DXV16PA Small Shop Dust Collector

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This product by Dewalt is a corded electric one having a yellow color. What makes this vac a great choice is that it comes with a 16-gallon tank capacity, what’s more!

This vac comes with three disposable filter bags having a silencing muffler for reducing noise. Moreover, it comes with a convenient hose adapter that is easily attached to the tank drain.

Plus, it comes with a car nozzle which is perfect for cleaning tight corners within the car. The sturdy design makes it an excellent choice for pick-up applications.

The best part about this vac is that it comes with a 6.5 peak horsepower motor perfect for good suctioning, offering cleanup jobs. Besides that, this vac comes with ultra-durable rubber-made casters over the large and front-rear wheels, making it easy for users to enjoy easy maneuverability.

This vac also comes with a 20′ cord having cord wrap, allowing you to reach all corners for cleanup. That’s not all! This vac also comes with a built-in storage bag which allows convenient placement over the backside keeping all accessories clean and organized.

The built-in blower port in this vac is quite powerful for blowing sawdust and all debris from the workshops.

The built-in storage bag with this vac allows convenient placement over the backside keeping all accessories adequately organized.

This vac’s high power, capacity, and durability make it an ultimate choice for huge job applications. This arrives with a cartridge filter for dry debris, wet materials, and small ones.

Lastly, this vac also comes with a built-in tank drain which allows easy removal of liquids.

What we Like!
  • Ultra-durable.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Extra-long cord length.
Things to Consider!
  • Wheels seem cheap and small.

7. Shop-Vac 5989300 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

See at Amazon!


This crowded electric bagged vac comes in black color. The unique feature about this vac is that you can use it on a multi-surface.

What you’ll love about this dry/ wet vacuum is that it’s pretty powerful and highly portable, having a 5-gallon tank capacity in stainless steel. Moreover, it comes with a 4.5 peak horsepower motor.

Enjoy easy maneuverability while using this vac which comes with carrying handles allowing easy portability.

Besides that, this vac comes with 1.25” diameter accessories having a 7-foot hose with three extension wands, a crevice tool, floor nozzle, gulper nozzle, cartridge filter, filter bag, and foam sleeve.

No more hassle about removing dirt as this vac is cordless and comes with a rechargeable feature with automotive systems. The attachments, air movers, and other accessories in this vac get you all covered.

Overall, ShopVac is a brand that offers users a long line of vacuums with several accessories. They make sure to provide users with top-notch quality and innovative products. Lastly, it also comes with a three years warranty.

What we Like!
  • Highly powerful and portable.
  • Cordless and rechargeable.
  • Tough and sturdy.
Things to Consider!
  • Poor design.

Buying Guide for Small Shop Dust Collection

With the list of seven best small shop vacs for dust collection in the market, you definitely need to know all about the features you should look for while investing in one.

We definitely understand that it’s a daunting task, but getting hands-on an excellent product having premium features is one of the best things to do. Have a look at the features that you should consider while buying small shop vac;


The size and the tank capacity are essential factors that you should consider while shopping for the best vac. If you seek a vac that cleans the backyard or patio, get your hands on an industrial-sized model.

However, if you are seeking a model that works well for cleaning all areas of your home like a garage, tight corners, and more, then you need a vac that comes with a capacity of around 8-14 gallons.

Moreover, if you seek vacs that are perfect for performing heavy-duty tasks, choose the ones that come with tanks having 14 gallon capacity for cleaning commercial areas or large houses.


Suctioning is the ideal thing for vac, which works well for vacuuming the dirt, wet, and debris within the collection tanks. The power and suctioning capacity are considered pivotal points for vacuuming.

If you plan to choose the vacuum that comes with top-notch performance suction, select the one that comes with high CFM and horsepower. Some vac models come with a high CFM of around 100 or more, which work well for increased power. However, for lighter applications, you can choose a vac having low CFM.


The motor is another factor that you should consider while buying the vac. Make sure to check the horsepower of the engine. For high-performance vacs, choose models that come with high-power motors.


Vacs are about cleaning small shops and choosing the vac, which comes with versatility offering perfect cleanup for all areas. Moreover, select the vacs which are handy, allow easy storage, and are financial at the same time.


Budget is another crucial factor to consider while buying the best small shop vac for dust collection. Choose the product that comes with high quality and also offers top-notch performance. Never rely on products that are mediocre and cheap.


Airflow (CFM) is the amount of airflow that runs from the nozzle over time. The CFM indicates cubic feet per minute, which takes the amount of airspeed within each foot in each second converting into feet per minute plus factor within the nozzle opening within square feet. The more the CFM, the higher the vac will run for picking up all debris and material.

Suction power/ water lift

It indicates the power of the vac. Water lift is a type of standard test which determines the amount of water lift measured within inches. The higher water lifts the vac has, it will concentrate more on chunks or heavy items.


All shop vacs are not portable, but you definitely need the portability to move them around the job site with huge vacs. Check for handle design, wheels, and more to understand how the models work in maneuverability and transport.

Storage of accessories

Storage of accessories is a significant problem in wet and dry vacs. In most vacs, you end up dropping the accessories like hose or nozzle. So choose the vac that comes with accessory storage allowing you to clean better.

Management of cord

Shopping vacs is all about managing stuff like management of cord. Shop the vacs, which are easy to grab and place cord at times of plugging in.

Cordless and corded

Cordless vacs are designed in such a way that they are highly portable. They come with high CFM and offer water lift capacity. Cordless vacs help in the proper cleanup of job sites. Runtime is better in cordless ones.

Noise Levels

Most workshops are already noisy, which is why most of us need less noisy cleaning tools. However, noisy vacs are powerful, but if you want to avoid noise, choose quiet vacs.

Final Verdict

I hope this complete guide with our list of the seven best small shop vacs for dust collection helps you end up buying the best product. Get rid of all the dust around you from shops, garages, homes, tight corners, and more with the highly versatile product, top-notch in terms of performance, and comes with the finest quality.

Keep in mind such factors that you should look for while buying the best vac and cleaning your surroundings with high suction power.

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FAQ’s about Small Shops VAC

Here are a few questions related to VAC for small shops;

What is the Best Small Shop VAC for Dust Collection?

Here is my list of the Best Small Shop VAC for Dust Collection in 2022;

  1. Professional Vacmaster Wet Dry VAC
  2. Bosch Shop Dust Collection System
  3. Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Dust Collector
  4. Makita X2 LXT Portable Dust Collector
  5. Vacmaster Pro Dust Collector for Small Shop
  6. DEWALT DXV16PA Small Shop Dust Collector
  7. Shop-Vac 5989300 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

What are the wet-dry vacs?

Wet dry shop vacs are the perfect cleanup workhorses that work well for home and Jobsite. They can clean various dry and wet messes from inside your house to the cars, Jobsite, and more, making them a versatile choice. However, such vacs are not that powerful compared to portable dust extractors.

Do you need to shop vac if you have already invested in a vacuum?

Shopping vac is excellent as they are easy to learn and simple. Moreover, they are pretty light and portable, which means you won’t feel exhausted. Shop vacs that come with three functionalities like blower, dry, and wet.

Do you need a filter if you buy a vac?

It is unnecessary, but vacs with filters are handy for picking all dry matter, sawdust, and more. You need a filter for picking up liquids.

Can you use the shop vac for cleaning water?

Yes, because there is a wide range of shop vac systems in the market for cleaning wet and dry matter. They are easy to clean liquid. You need to get rid of the filter for water cleaning.

Can you clean the filters?

It depends; make sure to read the manual instructions carefully. Vacs having foam filters are designed in such a way that you can wash and aerate them.

Is it possible to shop vac without the bags?

Only at times of wet cleaning. However, at times of dry cleaning, you need bags for holding dust and preventing the interior from any damage.

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