Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete

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I have been working in the construction industry for years. I see a sledgehammer is quite an underrated tool.

Concrete work needs a durable and reliable sledgehammer. Sledgehammers are easily available in the market with aggressive designs.

A steelhead is attached to the handle of a quality sledgehammer; a good handle also helps to enhance its quality.

The sledgehammer, if chosen wisely, makes your stone-breaking process and demolition job much easier.

I will discuss all the required details so that you find it easy to choose the Best Sledgehammer for breaking concrete, stones, and your house demolition job.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Hooyman 8lb Sledge Hammer with Heavy Duty Construction,...
Hooyman 8lb Sledge Hammer with Heavy Duty Construction,...
DIMENSIONS: 35.25 inches L x 6.25 inches W x 2.25 inches D and weighs 8 lbs; SPECS: 1045 high strength steel with an HRC of 45-60
Best Value
Fiskars PRO 750640-1001 IsoCore Sledge Hammer, 36', 16 lb
Fiskars PRO 750640-1001 IsoCore Sledge Hammer, 36", 16 lb
Forged, heat-treated steel is finished with a rust-resistant coating; Full lifetime

7 Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete in 2022;

1. Wilton B.A.S.H 36″ Sledge Hammer

Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete

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The Wilton B.A.S.H 36″ Sledge Hammer is proved to be the best and ideal tool for breaking concrete, heavy-duty demolition jobs, and other construction purposes.

It comes with a 36-inch long handle that enables you to get a full range of motion swing to apply as much force as you can.

The tool has a steel core that is sturdy, unbreakable and is meant for heavy use. It also comes with a safety plate that holds the high-quality and strong drop-forged steelhead to its handle.

This safety plate doesn’t let the steelhead detached from the handle, promising your protection while working.

The Wilton Sledgehammer weighs 20lbs, and its handle is designed using rubber to have a non-slip grip during use. The handle has an anti-vibration neck that helps to absorb the impact of every swing.

This tool is ideal because of its incredible design and features that help you do your construction jobs in a very comfortable way.

What We Like!
  • Rubber handle for non-slip grip
  • Ideal tool for concrete and heavy-duty construction
  • Longlasting steelhead
  • Safety plate for user’s protection
  • Unbreakable design
Things to Consider!
  • Some may find it tough to swing a heavyweight sledgehammer
  • A bit pricey but worthy.

2. Truper Sledge Hammer for Concrete

Best Sledgehammers For Breaking Concrete

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Truper 30923 Sledge Hammer is designed to be used for heavy demolition and for breaking concrete. This heavy-duty sledgehammer has the capacity and power to smash almost everything you desire to smash.

It features a strong hickory handle of 36-inch that allows you to swing the tool with full force, ensuring comfortable work.

The tool uses a rubber grip named “poly guard” that makes it shockproof and provides overstrike protection.

This sledgehammer is a heavy tool that weighs up to 20lbs and is made up of keeping high quality and reliability in mind to serve you for years.

What We Like!
  • Heavyweight tool for heavy-duty demolition
  • Rubber grip to prevent shock
  • Ideal for breaking concrete
Things to Consider!
  • Breaking issues with wood made handle
  • Not suitable for beginners

3. Fiskars Pro IsoCore Sledge Hammer

Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete 1

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Fiskars Pro 750640-1oo1 16lbs IsoCore SLedge Hammer uses a Patented IsoCore Shock Control System that protects you from muscle fatigue and joint pain by absorbing shock and vibration that occurs while striking the targeted object.

It is a perfect tool for hard-hitting because of its steel forged head that features a wedged demolition face to enhance the destructive force you are applying to the object and kick out the dust to the sides.

There is also an extra-large driving face for the improvement of striking accuracy.

The sledgehammer’s head won’t slip if you exert maximum power and its handle with good hold helps you swing the tool comfortably and with no risk.

Its incredible features and strong components prove that you can use this sledgehammer for all sorts of construction, including heavy-duty demolitions.

What We Like!
  • Reduces body pain while striking
  • Ideal tool for hard-hitting
  • Comfortable handle for easy motion swing
Things to Consider!
  • It may require ample muscle to swing

4. NEIKO 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete 2

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NEIKO 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer is a lightweight tool for construction use. It is equipped with a heat-hardened strong steelhead. The head has a mirror polish finish that enhances its durability and helps to resist corrosion.

A rubber ribbed handle is attached to the unit for a comfortable and firm grip while working. No matter if your hands are wet, this handle will provide you a non-slip grip and proper control over the sledgehammer while striking. Its quality promising features also include shatterproof fiberglass that helps to reduce vibration during each strike.

It is a sturdy and long-lasting sledgehammer that can be used for small construction projects and concrete-breaking tasks.

What We Like!
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and durable
  • No corrosion
  • Comfortable rubber ribbed handle
  • Shatterproof fiberglass reduces vibration
Things to Consider!
  • Not meant for large scale demolition and construction jobs

5. CRAFTSMAN Concrete Sledge Hammer

Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete 3

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Craftsman sledgehammer is a perfect tool for mid to large-sized projects. It has a bullet nose design that doubles its striking power while applying force on an object to crash or break.

This sledgehammer weighs up to 10 pounds but is a dependable tool for several construction projects.

It has a strong fiberglass handle filled with particles that reduces vibration while striking. It also features a shock-absorbing collar that allows you to work comfortably and with no risk.

The shatterproof handle is durable and designed to face tough jobs. Whether you are going to break concrete, wood, or cinderblock, the craftsman sledgehammer won’t let you down in all such and situations.

What We Like!
  • Versatile tool
  • Shock-absorbing collar
  • Bullet nose deign to twice the striking power
  • FIberglass shatterproof handle
Things to Consider!
  • The length of the handle is not long enough

6. Hooyman Sledge Hammer for Concrete

Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete 4

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Make you land management task, yard works, farming, and many other outdoor and heavy-duty tasks very easy with the preferable tool named “Hooyman Sledgehammer.”

Yes, this sledgehammer is designed to deal with almost all tough jobs, and it is full of great power and strength.

The Hooyman sledgehammer is equipped with a durable and strong head that is made using 1045 high-strength steel. It features a comfortable, durable signature green No-Slip H-GRIP handle that provides you an easy and good grip on each swing.

A handle peg hole is also given so that you can easily store this ergonomic construction tool in your workshop or sheds.

This one of the best sledgehammers weighs just 8 pounds and is designed to last long in any situation. More sizes and weights are also available to help you choose the perfect tool for you.

What We Like!
  • Longlasting heavy-duty design
  • 1045 high strength steelhead
  • Easy storage
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Sturdy and durable
Things to Consider!
  • Some users found it heavier than as mentioned

7. Stanley Sledge Hammer for Heavy Duty

Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete 5

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Stanley Sledge Hammer is designed to perform small to medium demolition work. It features a non-sparking soft striking face that makes an ideal sledgehammer to do the precise work.

It has a reinforced steel handle with a comfortable grip. The handle is durable and covered with urethane that helps to reduce noise pollution when working.

The Stanley features a dead-blow function in this unit that helps to eliminate bounce-back while striking. The head part of the sledgehammer is flat, so it is easy to store because it can be tilted against the wall.

It weighs 11-1/2 pounds and has 36 inches in length. The long length of the handle will provide a perfect impact on each strike.

What We Like!
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Non-sparking soft face
  • Perfect length for an effective swing
  • Eliminates bounce back
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty construction

Buying Guide For Best Sledgehammer

There are different sledgehammers with different weights, sizes, and characteristics available in the market and online.

I have given the list of the 7 best sledgehammers, but as you can see, these best tools also have some limitations and comparisons regarding performance and structure.

It depends on you that what you require from your sledgehammer to do? But some important things really need to be noticed while buying the best sledgehammer for breaking concrete or any other light and heavy-duty demolition work.


Most sledgehammers come with two faces, some with a flat face and some with a wedge face. If you are looking for a sledgehammer that provides a solid blow, go for a sledgehammer with a flat face. Still, a wedge face is preferable because having this face with your unit, you can apply more force, and you can use it for multiple projects.


The handle should be durable and combined with a comfortable non-slip grip so that you can swing the sledgehammer easily. If you are working in a tight space, consider a sledgehammer with a short handle, but if your working area is wide,e then it would be better to get a sledgehammer with a long handle, but it requires ample swing-room.


It also depends on your work; if you have a work of once a month or year, go for an inexpensive sledgehammer with a wood handle, and it will get the job done. But if you need a sledgehammer capable of working for many years, consider a tool made of sturdy and durable materials.


The lightweight sledgehammers are designed for light to medium-sized projects, but you should consider a heavier sledgehammer for heavy-duty demolition and construction.

Final Thoughts

Our Guide for best sledgehammers for breaking concrete is given above with complete details so that you can easily choose the suitable and best sledgehammer for your concrete breaking tasks, all small to heavy-duty projects, and demolition works.

Again we would clear that it depends on your requirements that which sledgehammer is best for your projects. Our recommended best sledgehammer for breaking concrete is Wilton B.A.S.H 36″ Sledge Hammer.

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FAQ’s about SledgHammer for Concrete

Here are a few questions answered that you may need to know before buying a good sledgehammer to deal with concrete;

Which size of a sledgehammer is best for breaking concrete?

Here is my list of the Best Sledgehammer For Breaking Concrete in 2022;

  1. Wilton B.A.S.H 36″ Sledge Hammer
  2. Truper Sledge Hammer for Concrete
  3. Fiskars PRO IsoCore Sledge Hammer
  4. NEIKO Fiberglass Sledge Hammer
  5. CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer
  6. Hooyman Sledge Hammer for Concrete
  7. Stanley Sledge Hammer for Heavy Duty

If the concrete slabs are 4 inches thick or less, then the sledgehammer is preferable. Otherwise, use a demolition hammer.

What size of the sledgehammer is best?

The sledgehammers that weigh from 8 to 12 pounds are best for most purposes.

What is the heaviest sledgehammer?

The Wilton B.A.S.H Unbreakable  Handle Sledgehammer is the heaviest sledgehammer.

What is the best sledgehammer for breaking concrete?

Wilton B.A.S.H 36″ Sledge Hammer is the best sledgehammer for breaking concrete.

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