Best Reciprocating Saw for Cutting Trees Reviews

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Reciprocating saws are a must-have for any handyman or woman looking to make quick and clean cuts.

They’re powerful tools that can cut through any material, even stone!

That said these tools work excellently with an alternating push or pull action – they typically come with different blades and designs so as to handle multiple cutting situations at once!

To find the best one for you, however, there are too many variables to deliberate and too many kinds in the market.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

10 Best Reciprocating Saw for Cutting Trees Reviews

Reciprocating saw blades come in various shapes and sizes so they can be used on different materials – metal blade is great if you need something with more power that will cut quicker than the standard woodcutting blade; diamond tipped blades offer many advantages including less heat generation as well as durability which ensures cutting efficiency over time without wearing out quickly

1. Poeter Cordless Reciprocating Saw | Our Top Pick

  • Type: cordless
  • Batteries: 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • LED Flashlight: Available
  • Impact driver machine: 1/4″ inches
  • Drill driver: 1/2″ inches

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What we Like!
  • Well made
  • Works well
  • Durable
  • Multipurpose kit
Things to Consider!
  • None


If you are looking for a complete tool kit with a cordless saw, then a porter cable store made cordless saw is the best machine to choose from. Actually, this tool kit is including a reciprocating saw made for professionals.

In this tool kit, you’ll have a drill driver with ½” saw length, though you may make an accurate whole on hard surfaces. A superpower impact driver is also included in this tool kit to gently open and close the toughest screws.

Along with an advanced drill machine and driver, the Porter cable gives you an extraordinary, and well-made reciprocating tiger saw.

It genuinely solves all your problems in a short time. The company allows you to cut different hard surfaces with this saw, including metal, wood, fiberglass, and many others.

It evenly offers an LED flashlight that helps a lot in darker places. This is the most impacting feature of this tool as you can cut even in the caves.

Porter-Cable tiger is a cordless reciprocating saw that contains 2 lithium-ion batteries direct compacting with the mechanism.

2. Metabo HPT Reciprocating Saw for Wood

  • Type: CR13VST Reciprocating Saw
  • Motor: Powerful 11-amp
  • Stroke length: 1-1/8″
  • Orbital function: available
  • Blade: blade

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What we Like!
  • Durability confirmed
  • Looks awesome
  • Available on amazon
Things to Consider!
  • Quite heavy


Metabo HTB represents an advanced and super cool Reciprocating Saw with cutting edge features. Certainly, the CR13VST is made with a powerful 11-Amp motor that assures complete optimization.

This machine knows how to maintain the balance between power and weight. The motor given by the company is the fastest that can deliver about 2800 strokes in each minute.

The speed of this motor is a variable that a user can easily control through a trigger.

Trigger controlling the speed of this motor gives exact cutting in different varieties of materials. Further, it has a rafter hook for users’ convenience; moreover, the hook is highly portable when it comes to the ladder or scaffolding.

You may buy and use this reciprocating saw for the toughest cutting tasks. Each of its strokes is about 1-1/8″ long, which gives you great ease in cutting hard materials with complete accuracy.

Obviously, Metabo HPT saw is an electric saw that comes with a tangle-free cord. It is an ideal tool for all professional cutters. You may create different DIY models for your home decorating with the help of this saw.

The ergonomic design and orbital function of this saw are absolutely making it a considerable tool for everyone. The total weight of this machine is about 7.9lbs means no more tiredness in working.

The reversible blade by Metabo HTP is substantial for light tree trimming and many other related tasks.

3. Dewalt Electric Reciprocating Saw

  • Motor: 13 amp
  • Action: orbital
  • Stroke length: 1-1/8-inch
  • Blade: Stainless steel
  • Shoe: Adjustable
  • Speed variability confirmed

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What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Advanced features
  • Light weight
  • Works great
Things to Consider!
  • It can be a bit hot for prolong use


Dewalt machinery is taking great value in the fields of technology. It is why we have included a Dewalt reciprocating saw in our today’s list. This saw has an orbital action through which you may cut hard surfaces in a short time.

This heavy-duty saw comes with an adjustable shoe without a key through; you may adjust the cut’s depth and increase the blade life.

A 13AMP powerful blade made for heavy-duty tasks, whether a keyless sharp blade gives you easy cutting.

The blade of this Dewalt reciprocating saw is categorically simple to change and easy to use. It is capable of making 700 strokes in just one minute. The saw length is about 1-1/8 inches that give you fast cutting.

The variable levels of speed dial and anti-slip grip handle are especially given in this reciprocating saw to provide you ease. The total weight of this saw is about 18 pounds, and the length is 18 inches approximately. People mainly buy and use this advanced saw for industrial work.

4. Bosch Bare-Tool Pocket Reciprocating Saw

  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Power source: battery type
  • Machine weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Voltages required: 12 only
  • Warranty: 3 years

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What we Like!
  • Affordable for all
  • Recommended for variable cutting tasks
  • Durability tested
Things to Consider!
  • Light in weight may irritate some workers


The BOSCH designed an incredible and affordable reciprocating saw that gives you complete satisfaction in terms of cutting. It gives you great reliability and complete protection.

The overload and lower load indicator is the most amazing feature of this PS60BN saw.

Further, the high/low-temperature mechanism with an under-voltage guard system makes this reciprocating saw more reliable for daily use.

The company has made this saw with variable speed levels though you may complete your tasks based on your own speed and time.

The variable speed trigger is quite soft and easy to use through. You may set the speed of this saw as per your own wish as it is an electric corded reciprocating saw with a fast and motor brake that brings the right cuts along with the user’s protection.

The portability of the BOSCH pocket reciprocating saw is fantastic. That has Exact-Fit L-BOXX, which is special in a reciprocating saw. It is capable of giving you easy transpiration and maximum storage.

Both of these advantages make this saw ideal for cutting service providers.

You’ll be happy once you buy and use this extraordinary saw due to its less vibration that delivers smooth operation.

From the versatility to color designing of this BOSCH pocket reciprocating saw, each of them is absolutely recommended for all.

Undoubtedly this is an efficient machine that can cut different surfaces, even conduits, and copper.

5. SKILSAW Electric Saw to Cut Tree Branches

  • Power source: electric
  • Item weight: 9lbs
  • Portable saw
  • Color: red

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What we Like!
  • Affordable saw
  • Well made
  • Looks elegant
  • Suggested for all small to medium cutting tasks
Things to Consider!
  • Quite heavy for some people


Silk saw manufacturing company represents an efficient and super convenient reciprocating saw named SILKSAW 13 AMP reciprocating saw.

This incredible machine featured with buzzkill technology through the user may have an unmatched vibration overthrow that gives more than 35% better service.

Now you’ll have a comfortable cutting task with this machine by having great control over your cuts that will not disappoint you anyway.

This silk saw machine is an electric corded reciprocating saw, so it offers a 13 AMP motor that quickly scraps even through the hardest materials.

The most admirable feature of this saw is its multi-speed control trigger through which you may cut with your desiring speed. It has a unique and sleek body design that helps your concentration and does not allow any debris.

The silk saw 13AMP reciprocating saw is absolutely ideal for rough cutting tasks such as remodeling and demolition.

Wooden pieces, structural steel, heavy-duty pipes, and cast iron are matching materials that may have accurate cuts by this machine. The Professional relies on this machine for tubing and cutting.

Simply if you are looking for a quiet and advanced machine, this is the only machine to trust. The vibration suppression is up to 35% that leads to the extraordinary quality and buzzkill technology.

6. WORX WX550L Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw

  • Power source: battery powered
  • Item weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Mode: orbital
  • Speed: variable
  • 2 in 1: reciprocating saw and jigsaw

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What we Like!
  • Light in weight
  • Compact designing
  • Affordable machine
Things to Consider!
  • None


Suppose you want to have a saw and a jigsaw in one body, then WORX WX550L. This amazing tool can give you great results with 2 in 1 action reciprocating saw and jigsaw.

The Worx wx500L comes with a push-button head that changes this saw into a reciprocating saw within seconds. The orbital cutting is the most adventurous feature of this machine that gives you an ordinary feeling than a traditional saw.

It is highly considered for the toughest materials than forth-stroke saws. You’ll get a quicker operation without any tiredness. Moreover, this machine shares a compatible battery with 20 to 40v that you may easily use for outdoor and indoor work.

The WORX WX550L reciprocating saw plus jigsaw is a portable and lightweight tool. Now, you may maneuver and can make different cuts through this machine. Normally people suggest this saw to avoid fatigue due to its user-friendly design.

The integrated blower keeps all the debris and dust away from the surface while using it. Additionally, the blower leads to better visibility for making cuts, and also it gives you a pleasant atmosphere.

Works blade is pretty good and easy to change that will available at any hardware store. The machine permits at-shank and strand size reciprocating saw blades to use.

You may deliberate this amazing tool for different materials like tile, plastic, tree, fiberglass, PVC pipe, copper, aluminum, thin steel, roots, and many other reassembling materials.

In the box, you’ll have a 1.5Ah 20V Battery, a 20V Axis blade, and a 0.4A Charger means everything that can amaze you.

7. BLACK & DECKER Best Electric Saw for Cutting Trees

  • Blade type: changeable
  • Pivoting shoe: available
  • Speed: variable
  • Drill and drive features included

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What we Like!
  • An affordable gift
  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to carry
Things to Consider!
  • No more color choices in the machine


Black + decker introduces an advanced and super cool reciprocating saw named BDCR20B. This machine is the most favorite of professionals due to its quality people buy and use for simple to medium cutting tasks.

It offers a tool-free blade change that’ll give you easy operation. Further, it has a pivoting shoe for your ease and reliability. Its driver and drill machine features are most admirable and wary of using.

The pivoting shoe comes with 11 positions, and 3/8 inches long clutch is an ideal measurement for artisans.

From the durability to the color, each feature of this machine is most wondering what can make you fascinating. The battery type is lithium with 2 variable speed settings means better versatility with great portability.

8. Milwaukee Hackzall Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

  • Power source: battery
  • Item weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Motor: brushless
  • Especial feature: Redlink plus intelligence
  • Pivoting shoe: available

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What we Like!
  • Affordable tool
  • Well made
  • Looks good
  • Durability tested
Things to Consider!
  • Sometimes


Milwaukee represents a reciprocating saw that cuts 50% faster with a one-handed durable handle. This is the most competitive and fantastic reciprocating saw that gives you a noise-free operation.

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight saw, the Milwaukee machine is a better option. It can work peacefully in tight spaces with maximum cutting speed. It is available on Amazon at a reasonable price.

Now, you don’t have to be worried about the tangling cord at all. This Milwaukee reciprocating saw is now enough to optimize your performance.

Don’t worry about the overload now because its power protection system works great and balances the overload battery and its charger.

Further, its power state brushless motor works excellently and makes 7 to 8 inches long strokes. It is a competitor machine that comes with a superior control system and faster speed.

Due to its lightweight, brushless motor and faster speed, you’ll have a fatigue-free operation with this machine. Milwaukee18 red lithium battery is providing more working time and great working ease.

Weep holes and rubber seals deliver complete protection against all dirt and debris, which means no more tension for cleanness during work.

9. VonHaus 5 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V~/60Hz
  • Power: 5A/600W
  • No Load Speed: 0~3500s/min
  • Cutting Capacity: 115mm

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What we Like!
  • Versatile and Easy to Use
  • 5A Compact Reciprocating Saw
  • Trigger Switch
  • Lock the Speed
Things to Consider!
  • Not recommended for toughest cutting tasks


The Vonhaus manufacturing company makes our second last advanced cutting tool. With this tool, you’ll have the fascinating features of traditional saws.

It is made with a compact designing and a small blade that works great for intricate spaces such as shrubs and treetops. This reciprocating saw is considerable for different cutting materials, including aluminum, copper, plastic, pipes, bras, and many others.

The Vonhaus compact reciprocating saw has a 5 amp motor that gives you a relaxing working time. In this machine, the company offering a durable die-cast gearbox made of aluminum, which is ergonomically pointed above the mound.

With this gearbox, a user will easily grip the machine and complete its cutting task quickly.

It is only 9.9 lbs weigh, which is quite wondering for professional cutters, but it might irritate beginners. The Vonhaus comes with an 8X quality wood cutting mechanism with metal-made blades, through which the user will have quiet and accuracy in the cutting.

The blade quality is good, and after some time, you may change the blade and continue your work, though.

The Vonhaus saw provides ½” long stroke with its 5AMP motor, which is considerable for small to medium cutting tasks.

Whether you want to have a fast either slow operation, it will give you a unique trigger switch to adjust your cutting speed.

As this is an electric tool, the cord size is about 16 feet, allowing you to use this reciprocating saw in outer areas.

10. GALAX PRO Reciprocating Saws Cordless (Editor’s Pick)

  • Power source: battery type
  • Speed type: variable
  • Blade: changeable
  • Special feature: lock button

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What we Like!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Well made
  • Durable tool
  • Available at amazon
Things to Consider!
  • None


Last but not least, one tool by our editor’s choice is none other than an incredible tool by GlaxPro. You’ll have a 20V battery that offers 0 to 3000 speed for great performance in this tool. This machine can cut variably through different materials like wood, pipe, and many more.

The battery comes with a fast charger that can charge your battery within a few hours. There is no more tension for the overload due to its battery indicator. It will indicate the charge level.

The GlaxPro saw has a speed trigger that allows you to set variable speed (from 0 to 3000SPM.). Whether you have PVC, fiberglass, masonry, or any other metal, it will definitely cut smoothly.

The lock-on button of this machine is highly advanced. The trigger can press that; it means complete protection for the child. The GlaxPro cordless reciprocating saw comes with an ergonomic design containing a soft rubber handle.

Nevertheless, the handle gives you great portability that will never make you tired while using it. This reciprocating saw is improved by a less vibrated mechanism that gives you noise-free operation.

No tension if the user is left or right-handed; the machine gives you both chances of its usage. It is featured with a tool-less changeable blade now; you can swap out the blade without the help of any extra changing tool.

You’ll have 1 warranty card and 1 user manual instruction book in the box that will guide you well.

Buying Guide for Reciprocating Saw

According to the experts here, we will know some considerable things that you must know before shopping.

Orbital Cutting Action in a Reciprocating Saw

In an orbital cutting action, the reciprocating saw can move up to down and can cut differentially. Additionally, the blade will be able to cut up to down and side to side. This is a high-power cutting action, though you’ll have an aggressive cut each time.

However, if your ordinary saw is not working well, you have to try a reciprocating saw with orbital action at least once. After that, I guaranteed you wouldn’t miss this experience in the future.

Multiple speed levels in Reciprocating Saw

As reciprocating saws are highly recommended for cutting hard materials, it will be good to consider a saw with different speed levels. The main reason behind this point is the material’s hardness, as the steel needs a different stroke than fiberglass or wood. If your saw is versatile, then you can cut many more things as per your own design.

Shoe Adjustability

In a reciprocating saw, the shoe carries a vital role in the operation. It usually refers to a metal guard throughout the blade. If a saw contains an adjustable shoe blade, the user can cut in different styles, even allowing you to have great control with stability while using.

User-friendly Saw

Before buying a reciprocating saw, you have to analyze its blade first. The saw that you are going to buy must come with a replaceable blade. Often saws come with ordinary designs with no longer option for a blade replacement; these types of saws are not recommended for prolonged use.

To get complete ease and satisfaction, you have to go with an advanced saw that gives you blade replacement.

Ideal stroke Length

The most focusable thing before buying a reciprocating saw is the stroke length that it provides. No doubt, longer strokes give fast and accurate cuts compared to shorter strokes; although, short strokes are also important for fall cuts.

Certainly, ordinary saws come with shorter strokes; whether longer strokes are also not negotiable if you want to cut in different ways. Professionals always prefer long to short stroking saw that might come with some high price compared to the traditional reciprocating saws.

Multipurpose | Reciprocating Saw for Drywall & Butchering

You can see if you need a reciprocating saw for trees, bushed, bones, then choose proper blades that are hard enough to deal with.

Wrap Up

Reciprocating means a cutting machine with (push & pull) cutting action. These saws are mainly used for construction work and other cutting tasks. Artisans and carpenters would love to add this tool to their tool kits because a reciprocating saw gives you versatility for cutting and other demolition work.

In this review article, you’ll get great help and a proper idea for choosing a reciprocating saw. We have added both budget and expensive saws with a variety of designs and features to our list. I hope you’ll admire it anyway.

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FAQ’s by People for Reciprocating Saw

For more ease and confirmation, we have included some frequently asked questions by people regarding reciprocating saws. We have tried to answer these questions; we hope that you may confirm your desiring tool through these questions.

What is the best reciprocating saw to buy?

According to the professionals and reciprocating saw users, we have clearly described the 10 most advanced reciprocating saws that come in the best category. These saws are highly recommended for all tough to small cutting works.

  1. Poeter Cordless Reciprocating Saw | Our top Pick
  2. Metabo HPT Reciprocating Saw
  3. DEWALT Reciprocating Saw
  4. Bosch Bare-Tool Pocket Reciprocating Saw
  5. SKILSAW Reciprocating Saw
  6. WORX WX550L Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw
  7. BLACK & DECKER BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw
  8. Milwaukee Hackzall Reciprocating Saw
  9. VonHaus 5 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw
  10. GALAX PRO cordless Reciprocating Saw (Editor’s Pick)

Are reciprocating saws any good?

Obviously, yes, if you want to have the versatility and fast service for your cutting work, then a reciprocating saw should be your partner all the way. If you have an advanced tool, you can enjoy your work otherwise will see many complications.

What is the reciprocating saw used for?

If you are wondering about cutting lock-like materials, then a reciprocating saw can able cut. This is a considerable tool for different cutting purposes; usually, a reciprocating saw comes with short to long strokes and a blade replacement option. If you are looking for an amazing saw that can help you in each of your cutting saw, then you might take a slight look at our given reviews.

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