Best Push Mower for Thick Grass

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A push lawn mower is the best option for use in small to medium-sized lawns. They’re affordable, lightweight, and straightforward to use.

As the name suggests, you have to push it forward as it isn’t self-propelled manually. This does require a bit of effort, but it also turns the mowing task into a healthy exercise.

They can be powered by either gas, electricity, batteries, or a traditional reel mower. So let’s look at the best ones among these types currently available in the market.

Make sure to get sharp and tough lawnmower blades to deal with thick grass, and then a bit powerful mower can do the rest.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

POWERWORKS XB 40V 21' Brushless Cordless Push Mower, 4Ah...
POWERWORKS XB 40V 21" Brushless Cordless Push Mower, 4Ah...
40V 4Ah Battery (High Capacity) and Charger Included; Durable steel 21 in. cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently
Best Value
GreenWorks 2992402VT Mower Blade, Black
GreenWorks 2992402VT Mower Blade, Black
17-Inch mower blade compatible with GreenWorks 17-inch mowers; Compatible With Greenworks 17 Inch Mower ASINS B01N22ZDEK;B01NATTBVH;B086K59Q79
Best Value
Greenworks 40V 17 inch Cordless Lawn Mower,Tool Only,...
Greenworks 40V 17 inch Cordless Lawn Mower,Tool Only,...
Uses our Efficient 40V Lithium Battery System; 17'' deck is versatile and light weight.; 2-in-1 feature offers rear bagging and mulching capability for multiple use
Greenworks 40V 19-Inch Cordless (3-In-1) Push Lawn Mower,...
Greenworks 40V 19-Inch Cordless (3-In-1) Push Lawn Mower,...
Compatible Only with G-MAX 40V Battery Models 29462 and 29472

10 Best Push Mower for Thick Grass Reviews

Without further ado, let’s dig into the best rated push lawn mowers as per our ranking;

1. Powerworks Brushless Cordless Push Mower for Thick Grass

  • Power: 40V 4Ah Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cutting width: 21″
  • Cutting heights: 7 positions (1.375″ to 3.75″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching, bagging, and side discharge
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 71.2 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Powerful battery mower with a wide cutting deck
  • Long-lasting charging levels
  • Operates with low noise levels
Things to Consider!
  • May bog down in thick grass
  • The build is not too sturdy


The Powerworks XB LMF414 is a cordless push mower that features a powerful brushless motor. This gives the motor better torque during operating and makes it easy to run in tough conditions due to its handling power.

It has a comfortable handle with a covering of soft foam that takes away any fatigue during pushing.

The mower is powered by 40V 4Ah Lithium-ion batteries that are high-capacity batteries with a quick recharging rate. They are compatible with 20 other different products in the 20V/40V category that the company features.

This means that they are interchangeable, saving you additional costs from buying new ones for different products.

The cutting deck is made from durable steel and is 21 inches in width. This reduces the mowing time because of the surface area that this deck covers. It also offers a variety of cutting options like mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

With this mower, mulching is super easy as the blades already have sharp edges and can deliver multiple clean cuts while the grass clippings are in circulation. It also creates a good mulch and can save you from buying fertilizer from the shop.

With the bagging function, you would store grass clippings in this easily detachable bag. Then, these clippings have to be disposed of later on properly.

There is a 2-year warranty period on the product, subject to certain terms and conditions you can find on its website.

2. Sun Joe Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

  • Power: Two 4Ah (48V) Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cutting width: 17″
  • Cutting heights: 6 positions (1″ to 3″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching and bagging
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 34 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Easy-gliding wheels
  • Lightweight and makes low noise while operating
  • Affordably priced
Things to Consider!
  • May turn itself off while encountering thick grass
  • Battery runtime of 25-30 minutes


The Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM is a compact battery-operated lawnmower made for small and medium-sized residential yards.

It is powered by two 4Ah Lithium-ion batteries of 24V each (48 total), which can be used for great cutting performance. The downside is that it runs for 25 to 30 minutes on a full charge, and recharging them back takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes.

This mower has a 670-watt brushless motor that can deliver powerful performance similar to some heavy-duty gas-powered mowers.

The cutting deck is 17 inches in width and is equipped with durable steel blades to deliver a clean cut. You can easily adjust the cutting heights from 1 inch to 3 inches at 6 different height positions using a manual adjustment lever located on top of the cutting deck.

You can use the mower to mulch or bag grass clippings. With mulching, you can avail of the benefits of a homemade fertilizer for your lawn and, in the process, save some bucks.

It has an 11-gallon grass bag that is designed to store grass clippings. You would dispose of them properly in a landfill, but it does save your lawn from turning into a messy place.

The wheels featured in the mower are easily glid on all types of terrain. You would have no issues in pushing the mower forward with these wheels.

It also has trodden on it for grip on wet surfaces and rough terrain.

There is a warranty period of 2 years on the product given by the company. For more information regarding this, you can call their customer support center or visit their website.

3. Powerworks 60V 17″ Brushless Lawn Mower for Thick Grass

  • Power: 40V 4Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Cutting width: 17″
  • Cutting heights: 6 positions (1.25″ to 3.375″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching and Bagging
  • Warranty: 4 years product, 2 years battery
  • Weight: 51.4 pounds

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What we Like!
  • The company gives long warranty periods
  • Easy folding handle for compact storage
  • Rust-resistant exterior
Things to Consider!
  • Cutting weeds and tall grass may be tricky
  • Grass bag stability issues


The Powerworks XB LMF318 is a battery-powered push lawn mower that can conquer all your mowing tasks with ease. It runs on a single 40V Lithium-ion battery of 4Ah that helps to deliver exceptional power.

This battery can be used with over 20 different products in the 20V/40V category within the Powerworks family.

The cutting deck is 17″ wide, which makes it suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. It is lightweight and can be used in rough weather conditions due to its rust resistance.

This mower offers only mulching and bagging capabilities so that you would lose out on the discharge option’s benefits.

For changing cutting heights, move the height adjustment lever in one of the 6 available slots and choose your desired setting. The range for cutting heights is between 1.25 inches to 3.375 inches.

Use this to make stripes and turn your lawn into a beautiful and attractive place for your friends and loved ones.

The handle can be folded easily, which makes it easier to store the mower in your shed. It also has an ergonomic design with a cushioned grip that reduces fatigue.

The rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter, while the one at the front is 7 inches in size. They also have trodden on them, which makes the mower easily maneuverable.

We’ve also seen some users reported that the grass bag doesn’t stay in place. Several customers also experienced some difficulties cutting tall grass and weeds, despite using it perfectly dry and leveled lawn.

The company gives a 4-year limited warranty on the product, which is considered twice that of other push lawnmowers in the market.

There is also a 2-year warranty period on the battery if the battery dies or doesn’t charge well. Other terms and conditions relevant to the warranty can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

4. WORX WG751 Best Rated Push Lawn Mowers

  • Power: 40V 5Ah Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cutting width: 20″
  • Cutting heights: 7 positions (1.5″ to 3.5″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching, Bagging, and side discharge
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 53.6 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Vertical storage and compact in size
  • Sturdy steel cutting deck enhances mulching
  • Powerful and easy to operate
Things to Consider!
  • Battery level drops quickly
  • Difficult to mow wet grass


The WORX WG751 is a lightweight battery-powered lawn mower that works best on medium-sized lawns. This mower can be used with other 20V and 40V compatible WORX products that you can purchase online.

The mower is powered by two 5Ah Lithium-ion batteries of 20V each (40V total) that can be used for rough use on all types of terrain.

You can also expand the power by replacing these batteries with more powerful ones.

The cutting deck has a diameter of 20″ and is made from quality steel. This large diameter allows you to mow lawns quickly as it would require fewer passes over the lawn.

Using this mower, you would have three cutting options to choose from; mulching, side discharge, and bagging. With mulching, you can create an organic fertilizer by using the mulch as compost.

The mower can also be equipped with superior mulching blades to slice those grass clippings into finer bits.

The side discharge option is quick and easy to use. This option is a popular one because of its speed cutting and more fuel efficiency. You can also use the bagging option if you want to keep things clean in your yard.

The bag can store up to 1.4 bushels of grass and is easily detachable.

Because of its compact design and foldable handles, you can store the mower vertically to save valuable floor space. The mower is black and orange in color and weighs 53.6 pounds.

The cutting heights can be adjusted at 7 different locking points ranging from 1.5″ to 3.5″. To do this, slide the single adjustment lever at the appropriate slot to cut at that height. These different grass lengths can be used for striping your lawn.

The manufacturer has offered a 3-year limited warranty on the product. To find further details regarding warranties, you can visit the company’s website.

5. Greenworks Cordless Best Rated Push Lawn Mower

  • Power: 40V Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cutting width: 17″
  • Cutting heights: 5 positions (1.25″ to 3.375″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching, rear discharge, bagging
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Low noise and runs smoothly
  • Folding handle provides the compact storage
Things to Consider!
  • Battery and charger are not included
  • Replacement of the mower blade is costly


The 40V lithium-ion batteries are capable of delivering a commanding power for its entire runtime of 60 minutes. This also gives the mower enough ability to operate on all types of terrain and inclined surfaces.

There is a battery level indicator on the battery itself; just press the button on it, and you’ll see the series of lights to show the remaining charge. This mower has 10″ rear wheels and 8″ front ones designed to work in rough terrain. The wheels also have treads that offer more grip.

It has a 17″ cutting width and has 5 different height positions (ranging between 1.25″ and 4″) that can be adjusted using a single lever located left side.

The MO40B01 has 3 cutting options that include mulching, side discharge, bagging. The grass is cut more finely with the mulching option, which can then be used as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

If you select the bagging option, the waste collected in the bag can then be used later as compost. You can also opt for the side discharge option to get fast mowing speeds and a high-quality cut.

This package only includes the mower but not the battery and charger. Those have to be bought separately, so keep this in mind when making your purchase.

6. Sun Joe 5 Height Positions Quad-Wheel Manual Mower

  • Cutting width: 18″
  • Adjustable cutting heights: 5 positions (1.1″ to 3.2″)
  • Number of blades: 5
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 39.9 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Durable steel blades
  • Quad wheel design
  • Easy to push and lightweight
Things to Consider!
  • May not work well on tall grass
  • Struggles in making sharp turns


The Sun Joe MJ1800M is a lightweight reel mower that has been designed for use in small yards. It helps to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the curb appeal of your lawn.

The cutting deck of the mower is 18″ wide and is made to deliver exceptional cutting performance. It consists of 5 blades made from alloy steel that cut with precision.

These blades are also heat-treated, which increases their durability even further.

The cutting heights are adjustable to 5 different positions that range from 1.1 inches to 3.2 inches. The deck can cut most of the bentgrass, which includes Bermuda and Zoysia.

The mower can be quickly assembled with ease and can work for long periods without any major difficulties. It can run on all types of terrains due to its quad-wheel design.

These wheels also have treads, which gives them the ability to operate on wet surfaces. The front wheels are 10 inches big, while the rear ones are 6 inches in diameter, making the rear ones there for support only.

This quad-wheel design helps in maneuvering the mower with more ease.

There is a shield on the handle, which helps to increase the push force. The mower is also pretty lightweight (39.9 pounds), making it more convenient to store and lift.

There is a warranty of 2 years offered by the company on the product. You can also contact their customer support if you require any further assistance. The other terms and conditions are mentioned on their website.

7. Black & Decker Push Lawn Mower

  • Power: 10-Amp motor
  • Cutting width: 15″
  • Cutting heights: 6 positions (1.1″ to 3.1″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching and bagging
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 29.7 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Compact in size and very lightweight
  • The grass bag is durable and easily detachable
  • Can reach low spaces very easily
Things to Consider!
  • Small cutting deck increases mowing time
  • Can be used for small yards only (3750 square feet)


The BLACK+DECKER EM1500 is a corded electric mower that is extremely lightweight and compact in size. It has been designed for small residential yards up to an area of 3,750 square feet.

This mower is powered by a 10-Amp motor that can be started easily with a button’s push. It features a PowerDrive transmission designed for trimming damp and tall grass by its high-torque cutting system.

The cutting deck is 15″ wide and is light in weight. Its low-rider design allows getting underneath low spaces and other tight corners.

You can adjust the cutting deck’s height within a range of 1.1″ to 3.1″ at 6 different height positions by a single adjustment lever. You can use the mower in wet areas as the exterior of the mower is rust-resistant.

The mower offers a mulching function and the bagging function only. The grass bag is made from durable materials and is easily detachable. The company has stated that they would either attach the plastic or clothed bag depending on the availability.

As discussed earlier, you can use the bagging option to avoid a messy yard with grass clippings and the possibility of loose soil here and there. However, you would have to consider the cost of disposing of these properly at a landfill.

The mulching function saves you from spending your money on an artificial fertilizer when you can make your own organic one with the mulch created. But remember that the mower would take more power when this function is enabled.

You can benefit from the 2-year warranty period given by the company on this product. The warranty period is subject to certain terms and conditions that you can find on the manufacturer’s website.

8. Powerworks 60V 17″ Brushless Lawn Mower

  • Power: 60V 4Ah Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cutting width: 17″
  • Cutting heights: 5 positions (1.25″ to 3.375″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching and rear bag
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 55.9 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Lightweight and rust-resistant exterior
  • Operates quietly and easy to manoeuver
  • Foldable handles for increased comfort and storage
Things to Consider!
  • Cutting thick grass, weeds, and twigs may be difficult
  • No side or rear discharge cutting option


The Powerworks MO60L414PW is a highly efficient battery-powered mower that operates quietly yet powerfully. The brushless motor gives more torque and provides power equivalent to a gas-powered mower. It also operates quietly and is designed to last for a long time.

It is powered by a 60V Lithium-ion battery of 4Ah capable of giving 60 minutes on a full charge. The runtime would depend on the condition of the grass and the cutting option being used.

Talking about cutting options, this mower only offers mulching and bagging capabilities. There is no side discharge function normally used by many professional users around the world for landscaping.

The mulching option does drain battery life quickly and creates a great mulch that can make a natural fertilizer and help return the lawn’s nutrients.

It happens by keeping the grass clippings in circulation while the blades slice them up into finer bits.

The bagging function makes the lawn look tidy as it clears the debris along with the grass clippings, but there is an additional cost of disposing them to a landfill.

A point to consider is that many cities have either banned the disposal or have increased costs for making such disposal.

You can adjust the cutting deck’s height into 5 different positions by using a single adjustment lever. Cutting at varying lengths allows you to create a stripe on your lawn and make it look beautiful and attractive.

These heights can be adjusted within a range of 1.25″ to 3.375″.

Maneuvering the mower becomes easier with the 8″ big rear wheels and its sturdy front wheels 7 inches in diameter.

These wheels are made from plastic, and they have trodden on them for providing additional grip on rough terrain and smooth-rolling.

The manufacturer has given a warranty of 2 years on the product. The other terms and conditions can be found within the warranty document.

9. Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

  • Power: Two 40V Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cutting width: 19″
  • Cutting heights: 7 positions (1.125″ to 3″)
  • Capabilities: Mulching, rear bag, and side discharge
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 53.1 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Made to cut with precision
  • Lightweight makes it easier to handle
  • Push-button start
  • Easy to push on inclined surfaces
Things to Consider!
  • Batteries may not charge if they are warm
  • Mulching drains battery


The Greenworks 25223 is an efficient lawn mower designed to be used in small to medium-sized lawns. Two 40V Lithium-ion batteries power it can run for a good 60 minutes on a full charge. The two batteries are included in the deal, and one is of 4Ah, while the other is of 2Ah.

The turbocharger included in the deal can be used to recharge the batteries in half an hour fully. There is an indicator located right on top of the batteries, which shows the remaining charge level.

The steel cutting deck is 19 inches in width and can cut grass fast and clean. The blades and the deck offer versatile cutting options, including mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

You can easily adjust the cutting deck’s height using the single adjustment lever located on the mower’s right side. This allows users to create stripes on their lawns by cutting grass at different lengths.

The cutting height range is between 1.125″ to 3,” and the lever can be locked at 7 different positions.

The mower has large 10″ rear wheels and 7″ wheels at the front. These are made from quality plastic and can be used on unlevelled surfaces without any risk of slipping. The treads also give extra maneuverability and additional control on rough terrain.

The mower can be used easily on inclined surfaces as the mower can adjust its speed accordingly. Even when the grass is long, or there are too much dirt and debris, the engine takes care of the push.

There is a limited 3-year warranty on the mower and a 2-year limited warranty for the batteries. As reported by some customers, the batteries do have some issues, so be sure to first test them rigorously within the warranty period to be on the safe side.

10. Remington Gas Push Lawn Mower

  • Power: 140CC OHV Engine
  • Cutting width: 21″
  • Cutting heights: 6 positions (1.25″ to 3.75″)
  • Capabilities: Rear discharge, mulching, and bag
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 63.2 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Powerful auto-choke engine
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Maximum user comfort due to comfortable handles
Things to Consider!
  • Instruction manuals are a bit tricky to understand
  • Difficulty in cutting in damp areas


The Remington RM130 is a gas push lawn mower designed for heavy-duty use. It is powered by a 140CC Remington engine that has a fuel tank capacity of 0.75 liters. To start the engine, you have to pull the rope next to the handle as it features a recoil start system.

The cutting deck is 21″ wide and is made in a deep dome shape. It is made from durable steel that is meant to withstand bumps and collisions. This wide deck makes mowing faster on large lawns due to the large surface area it covers.

You can choose from three cutting options; mulching, rear discharge, and bagging. The bagging function involves getting the grass clippings into the rear bag and then emptying it. This involves a disposal cost but cleans the lawn from mess and debris.

The side discharge function gives you speed, fuel efficiency and allows you to mow in all types of conditions. It is considered the number one choice for most landscapers because of these reasons.

The mulching option requires more power from the engine as it cuts the grass clippings while they’re in circulation. This can later be used as a fertilizer for your lawn.

You can also adjust the cutting heights at 6 different locking points within a range of 1.25 into 3.75 by using the dual adjustment levers. The handles are pretty comfortable, which has the capability to absorb vibrations from the mower.

The front wheels are 7″ in diameter, while the back is 8 inches in size. They have zig-zag treading on them, which would help them get a good grip on slippery surfaces.

Buying Guide for Push Lawnmowers

With so many types of push lawnmowers, which one is the best for you? They all vary in cutting heights & widths, weight, dimensions, cutting options, power source, and other key features.

I have listed the best push lawnmowers that you can find online at the moment. You can choose to go to one of these straightaway. But there are some important factors to consider before you make your purchasing decision.

Cutting Width

The time it takes to mow a lawn depends on the cutting width that the mower has. A cutting deck with a wider width has a more coverage area and can reduce your mowing time.

Push mowers can have cutting widths between 14″ and 21″ depending on the mower’s type and model. Generally, reel mowers have smaller widths than those found in battery-operated and corded ones.

It is also seen that the mowers with wider cutting widths tend to be much heavier. This makes it difficult to push them, especially on inclined surfaces and rough terrain.

Cutting Heights

You can shift the adjustment lever for changing the cutting height settings for getting your desired grass length. Some of them feature a single adjustment lever, while some have dual levers for this.

In some of the mowers that don’t have such a lever, changing cutting heights can be difficult. It involves unscrewing some screws and bolts and then placing them in your preferred slot.

This normally takes around 10 to 15 minutes to do, which is why users go for mowers that feature a height adjustment lever.

In push electrical mowers (battery-operated & corded), the adjustment lever is located near the rear and front wheels or on the deck’s top. With multiple locking points (ranging from 2 to 7), you can select one of them and alter the cutting height ranging from 0.5″ to 4″ depending on the mower.

Push reel mowers have the adjustment lever located at the back end, just behind the reel. As mentioned earlier, those that don’t have one have to be manually adjusted by a wrench.

The height adjustment range is typically between 0.5″ to 4″, which varies from model to model.

You can use these different height lengths to create a stripe on your lawn and increase your lawn’s curb appeal even more.

Cutting Options

Almost all mowers offer one of the three cutting options: mulching, side or rear discharge, and bagging. Each one of the three options serves a different purpose and have their associated benefits and drawbacks.

The mulching function operates by cutting grass clippings once and then keeping them for a good time into circulation under the deck. During this time, the clippings come into contact with the mulching blades multiple times.

This cuts them into finer bits than before, which can then create a superior mulch. This option does require more power from the battery/motor, but it does give you an alternative to artificial fertilizers.

The side or rear discharge can be used for fast cutting times as it tends to cut more cleanly and requires less power from the mower. Most landscapers that work on large lawns use this option because of these very reasons. They can also work in all types of lawn and weather conditions without any issues.

The bagging function is used by those that want to keep their lawn away from the mess. This helps collect debris, weed, twigs, and other materials to be disposed of properly. Many of the push mowers have an easily detachable grass catcher made of either plastic or cloth.

So ensure that your mower has at least two cutting options to avail of their associated benefits. Many mowers in the market feature a 3-in-1 functional mower that features all three options.

Wheel Sizes

Wheels are normally made from durable plastic, and they come in all different styles and sizes. Not having the appropriate wheel design and size can make it difficult to operate push lawn mowers, especially in rough terrain.

The wheels on the front tend to be smaller in electrical & gas-powered push mowers, while this may be the opposite with reel mowers that feature a quad-wheel design.

Generally, the wheels can be within a range of 8 inches to 12 inches in diameter. They may also have different styles of treads that serve differently according to the terrain. But commonly, the deep tread designs found in almost all mowers help to get a grip while working on uneven land and wet surfaces.

Having large wheels for push mowers tends to be more beneficial as it takes away some of the extra effort required. Also, bigger wheels facilitate the user in climbing hilly spots.

Power Source

The power source depends on how much you plan to mow and the conditions you would mow in. Clearly, the electrical push mowers (battery and corded) are more powerful than reel mowers regarding their cutting speed and long usage.

When using battery-powered mowers, you should remember to recharge them before they go dead. They also have limited runtime, and recharging times are long, which causes downtime. Having extra batteries could save you from this.

Cord Length and Gauge

For corded push lawnmowers, find a model that comes with a long enough cord length. You can also buy an extension if the original cord is too short, which normally happens in most cases.

You can measure the nearest electrical socket’s length to the farthest point where you would want to use the mower. This would give the right length for the cord.

It becomes a bit difficult to handle a cord that has a wider diameter. This is generally because tying them around the handlebar is a hassle with wider wires.

As a general rule, it is considered that wider cords are more suitable for small residential lawns, and the thinner cords should be used when planning to mow large lawns and for long distances (e.g., 100 feet or more).


The type of lawn and the terrain quality affects the speed of the mower a lot. If the lawn is wet and damp, it would be extremely tiring to push the mower forward or backward. During the rainy season, the risk of slipping increases. So when extreme caution has to be taken, the speed is affected automatically.

If the lawn is dry and flat, you can push your mowers with ease. The grass clippings would cut cleanly, and there would be fewer jamming issues when mulching them. Also, a leveled surface effectively increases the overall speed of the mower.

The quality and size of wheels also determine the speed at which the mower would move. Big wheels offer more mobility and reduce some of the efforts when you’re pushing them.

Weight and Dimensions

The weight of the mower is significant when working with push lawnmowers. This is particularly because the heavier the mower is, the more difficult it becomes to move it forward. You would get tired of putting that extra effort to push it on steep slopes.

When the mower is lightweight, you can easily lift it and maneuver it more conveniently. Mowing on rough terrain also becomes effortless in comparison to the heavy ones.

The dimensions of the mower play a vital role in storing it in your shed. Well, for this, the design also comes into play, but it’s ultimately the size of the mower that could save your valuable floor space. Also, reaching narrow spots and tight corners are made easier with the right design.

Durability and Warranty

Go for a mower that is made from durable materials and can last for a long time. They are expensive and are used for cutting all types of grass and in varying lawn conditions.

Also, ensure that the mower blades are of high quality and they don’t chip easily. The heat-tempered ones are the best that are made from either alloy or stainless steel. This is because while mowing, you may hit stones and twigs, which tend to damage both the cutting deck and blades. So having durable parts allows you to use the mower for many years to come.

The warranty period of many mowers varies between 1 to 4 years, depending on the brand and the type of mower. Battery-powered mowers tend to have longer warranty periods for the mower and a bit shorter period for batteries.


The price of push lawn mowers is generally way less than riding mowers. The reel mowers in this category are less costly and can be bought between $75 to $180. The electrical and battery-operated mowers are more expensive and have a price tag between $130 and 600, depending on the type and brand of mower.

Final Verdict

These push lawnmowers are lightweight and operate quietly but also give a great cutting performance. They are straightforward and easy to use, as all you have to do push them forward.

The electrical and battery-operated mowers are a bit expensive than reel mowers, but they are way more powerful and quick in cutting performance and speed. But both of these mowers are environmentally friendly and don’t produce toxic fumes as with gas-powered mowers.

The best 10 products have been listed above, along with some factors you should consider before buying a push mower. This list has been made after considering customer feedback, ratings in general, specifications, and unique features that each one of them offers.

We hope that with this review and buying guide, your purchasing decision is made easier. For questions and feedback, feel free to comment below or email us.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

FAQ’s about Push Lawn Mowers

What are the best push lawnmowers for thick grass?

Here is a list as per our recommendations;

  1. Powerworks Brushless Cordless Push Mower
  2. Sun Joe Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
  3. Powerworks 60V 17″ Brushless Lawn Mower
  4. WORX WG751 40V Power Share 5.0 Ah 20″ Lawn Mower
  5. Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
  6. Sun Joe 5 Height Positions Quad-Wheel Manual Mower
  7. Black & Decker Push Lawn Mower
  8. Powerworks 60V 17″ Brushless Lawn Mower
  9. Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
  10. Remington Gas Push Lawn Mower

What is the average life of push mowers?

They can typically make it for a good 9 years on average if taken care of and used in the right lawn conditions. Regular maintenance also affects the mower’s life. As discussed earlier, warranties are between 1 and 4 years, dependent on the mower model and brand.

How hard is it to push a lawnmower?

Well, it depends on the weight of the mower and the conditions you’re operating it in. E.g., if you start mowing after rain or drizzle, pushing the mower on a damp lawn becomes tough even with the best wheels. The cutting speed is also reduced as a result of moist grass getting stuck occasionally in the deck.

In normal circumstances, pushing mowers forward is not so tiring, especially if they’re lightweight. With wheels rotating on a ball-bearing, this becomes even more convenient.

For how long does the blade sharpness last in a push lawnmower?

It depends on the type of push mower you’re using. You may need to sharpen the reel mowers’ blades after every one or two years of consistent use. For electrical and battery-powered mowers, the frequency increases every season or two.

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