Best Pex Crimp Tool For Tight Spaces

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In comparison with copper and PVC, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping is more affordable and convenient.

PEX piping can be utilized in tight spaces, whether you’re building or remodeling. Connections need to withstand pressure and wear. They can’t be brittle or weak.

Installing a pex pipe requires a pex crimp tool. A pex type pipe can be sealed tightly with this tool.

Using a pex tool is more beneficial than other crimp tools since it seals the whole crimp band, not just the tab.


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7 Best Pex Crimp Tool For Tight Spaces Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Pex Crimp Tool For Tight Spaces in 2022;

1. LOKMAN PEX Clamp Tool Cinch Crimp Tool

LOKMAN PEX Clamp Tool Cinch Crimp Tool

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Installers can easily reach hard-to-reach areas during the installation of PEX pipes by using the LOKMAN PEX Clamp Tool.

Crimping isn’t always difficult in tight places. This tool’s head is designed to meet those challenges with its compact design.

Changing the head ring size easily allows crimping pipes of various sizes from 5/8″ to 1″.

This tool’s jaws can be calibrated for a perfect fit for each ring size aside from adjusting head rings.

Steel is pressure-treated for a longer lifespan in the construction of this crimping tool. The ergonomic, sure-grip handle lets you grasp the crimping ring securely and comfortably while also improving leverage.

Added to the quality of the tool is everything you need to make it work. Durable, versatile, and reliable, it is easy to operate and a good investment.

This tool provides excellent value at a fair price and ranks among the best PEX crimping tools in our review.

What We Like!
  • Fits in tight spaces well
  • A wide range of pipe and fitting sizes are included, with optimal calibration for each pipe and fitting size.
  • With its ergonomic grip and lightweight design, it is easy to handle
  • A compartmentalized case holds all the tools you will need to use this tool
Things to Consider!
  • To make a reliable seal, you need to squeeze in two directions at the same time.
  • It is inferior to the cutter included in the kit

2. IWISS Combo PEX Pipe Crimping Tool

IWISS Combo PEX Pipe Crimping Tool

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With some tools, the crimping force can be an issue during heavy-duty plumbing jobs. It covers these challenges using the IWISS Combo PEX Tool Kit.

The crimping force can be adjusted, and the device is durable and versatile. Among the crimping tools we reviewed, this one is the best heavy-duty PEX crimping tool.

Crimping tools are constructed from steel.

Featuring a compound hinge, this tool provides easy access to hard-to-reach places. You will be able to secure connections with this method.

With this tool, you can choose between different pipe and connection sizes. Crimp rings for 1/2″ & 3/4″ Pex are included in the package. When you switch from one job to another, you can use these rings.

In addition, they have been made of durable steel. You can adjust the amount of force you put on various crimping instances, making this tool stand out from its rivals.

When you’re working on a heavy-duty plumbing project, it’s an ergonomic and easy-to-use option. A crimping tool provides its users with so much power that it is hard to turn away from.

When you need a heavy-duty crimping tool, this one does a lot of the work for you, making it a great choice.

What We Like!
  • Tool steel is of the highest quality and durability
  • A lower cutting force can be applied by adjusting the crimping force
  • Provides the flexibility of working with a wide range of pipe sizes
  • A carrying case makes it easier to find the items when you need them
Things to Consider!
  • To reach into tight spaces and repair light-duty plumbing fixtures, use this heavy and bulky tool.
  • The quality of the hinge screws is questionable

3. EFIELD Pex Pipe Combo Crimping Tool

EFIELD Pex Pipe Combo Crimping Tool

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This tool is worth recommending because of its lower price, quality, and value. It is one of the best PEX crimping tools on the market.

The build quality, accuracy, and ergonomics of the device make it a highly desirable purchase.

The size and shape of the head make it suitable for confined areas. To ensure the highest level of accuracy over time, it is properly set up and calibrated.

Crimping tools with ratcheting functions are unique features not found on all of them. This tool contains a ratchet function. Repeating the same task several times with minimal strain requires less force with this method.

As soon as you press on the clamp, it will begin ratcheting. The clamp is ratcheted until it is fully sealed before being released. The calibration feature of this device makes it more accurate over time.

Despite being enhanced with high-quality features, it is reasonably priced.

What We Like!
  • Longevity and dependability are enhanced by tool-steel construction.
  • Almost all of its operations are effortless because of its ratcheting mechanism.
  • As the tool wears and is used, you can calibrate it to maximize its performance.
Things to Consider!
  • The ratcheting function generally needs to be calibrated regularly to function properly.

4. EFIELD Full Size Pex Crimping Tool


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Additionally, it is among the most effective PEX crimp tools on the market. Steel gives it an extremely durable body since it is robust, reliable, and strong.

Portable and extremely small, this tool can be used by anyone. A case comes with the tool so that you can carry it around easily.

Due to the changeable jaws, it is a good tool for crimp rings that are 3/8inch, 1/2inch, 5/8inch, 3/4inch, and 1″. It is not necessary to use a different tool each time you work with a different size of crimp ring.

Moreover, crimp rings can be removed with a tool included in the kit. When fixing leaks or logging a mistake, this tool comes in handy. In addition to the go gauge, you will also find this tool kit an essential tool.

It is no wonder that this is one of the best PEX crimping tools because of all these handy accessories and the comfortable handle.

We like the durability, versatility, and ease of use of this tool.  To ensure that it will continue to function well in the future, this crimping tool is constructed with tempered tool steel throughout the head, hinge, and handles.

This hinge also allows you to work all day long without too much fatigue.

What We Like!
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Long-lasting grips that are comfortable to hold.
  • Crimp rings of different sizes can be clamped with these clamps.
Things to Consider!
  • Among the items on our list, this one is the most expensive.

5. KOTTO Pex Crimping Clamp Cinch Tool

KOTTO Pex Crimping Clamp Cinch Tool

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Shark pex tools cost more than three times as much as this tool. KOTTO PEX Crimping Tool sets the bar high when it comes to quality and efficiency.

Those who work with the two main PEX pipe sizes will appreciate this tool’s durability, quality of construction, ergonomics, and ease of use. KOTTO Tool does not let you change the head ring size.

No need to worry about losing and searching for parts. This can be used with any crimping ring size, whether it is 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, or 1″.

A great way to squeeze the ring is to leverage its compound hinges. An ergonomically designed handle is made from solid steel with tempered edges.

So that you can squeeze your hands without them moving, as a tool, this one doesn’t appear to be technologically advanced. In addition, this crimping tool is highly efficient and is the most reliable.

The two most common pipe sizes will be among the easiest and most reliable to use if this affordable tool is used regularly. It will be able to function properly for a very long time.

What We Like!
  • Easily portable comes in a nice case that keeps everything in one place, so it doesn’t get lost if you don’t use it often.
  • The cutter included is handy. I like how smooth it is. My cuts were pristine, and I did not put much effort into them.
  • Simple to use, without having to worry about losing or looking for additional parts
  • The compound hinges provide you with plenty of leverage to make a solid seal.
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price.
Things to Consider!
  • I had to work harder to crimp with my new crimper

6. EFIELD Bag/PEX Cinch Clamp Crimping Tool

EFIELD Full Size Pex Crimping Tool

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Crimping Pex with this tool is easier and quicker, as it comes with 10 pieces of high-quality Pex crimping hardware. By using this kit, you can easily snip wires and terminals.

Right-handers and left-handers can both use this tool. User-friendly and ergonomic, it’s ideal for the workplace. Rubber handles aid in reducing the feeling of fatigue in the hands.

It is easy to switch sizes thanks to the interchangeable jaws, which accommodate pipes of different sizes. The interchangeable jaws make it easy to switch sizes to accommodate pipes across a wide variety of sizes.

Designed to last, this tool is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Because of its small size, it is good for getting into small spaces.

As time passes, the tool remains flexible. Factory calibration ensures maximum precision out of the box. Adjustments are not necessary. Stainless steel clamps can be crimped using this versatile tool.

Compatible with all clamps of any brand and any size. With the bonus features, it’s a great value for the price, especially if you work with stainless steel bands.

What We Like!
  • I really like how much value you get for your money.
  • For less than five bucks, you can get 10 three-quarter-inch and 20 half-inch clamps.
  • It cuts the outdoor plastic pipe of 1 1/4″ very evenly, thanks to its sharpness.
Things to Consider!
  • Handles are short, according to some people.
  • Videos demonstrating how it works aren’t available online.

7. iCrimp Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool

iCrimp Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool

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The Pex connectors made with this tool are available between 3/8 inch and 1 inch. It contains 20 stainless steel crimp pieces for making a wide variety of connections between PEX pipes.

These clamps are available in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to one inch. Most pex crimp connections can be made with one all-in-one tool because it does most of the job.

Steel is used for making this tool, which has a high level of quality. Consequently, it will be extremely durable so that it will last for a very long time. This tool has a cinch and removes function that makes it easy to utilize.

The jaws can be easily changed without any hassle. Among the many features of this tool is the addition of the Pex pipe cutter.

With this universal pex crimping tool, you can crimp all types of stainless-steel clamps. The tool must be used to work with all sizes from 3/8 inch through 1 inch.

Additionally, it comes with a pex pipe cutter and clamp removal tool so you can easily remove old clamps. Considering its price, it offers a good value and can withstand frequent use.

What We Like!
  • One tool is necessary to crimp most clamp sizes, and I really like this feature.
  • Operation and holding onto this tool are simple.
  • Jaws can easily be changed to obtain the right size.
  • Crimpers are good for securing band ends tightly.
Things to Consider!
  • Copper clamps should not be used with this product.

Best PEX Crimping Tool Buyer’s Guide

When making a purchasing decision, several factors must be considered. Personal preference plays a large role in many of these considerations.

A good PEX crimping tool should include a few general features. Our goal in this guide is to give you as much information as possible about those features.


To choose the right PEX crimping tool, you must keep your workload in mind before discussing the manual crimping tools in this guide.

Obviously, if you install PEX pipes in a large, commercial environment, an automatic or pneumatic crimping tool might be more useful, as it can handle a substantially higher volume of connections.

The manual tools discussed in this guide will be sufficient for those who work on a small scale or with a low volume of connections.

Important Features

Crimping tools for PEX include several features that can be compared. You can be sure you’re getting the greatest value from these features.


Make sure the tool you choose is made of high-quality steel. It is always important to keep durability in mind when using any tool. Over the long term, the more expensive tools are the ones that will continue to function. In addition, they are more reliable.

You can save a little money by using a less durable tool. The problem is that it could cause you many headaches when used or could need to be replaced sooner.

If you want the best tool, you should purchase it only once rather than purchase inferior tools several times.


Don’t underestimate the probability of encountering more variations than you expected. Different sizes of pipe and connection should be accommodated by your PEX crimping tool.

It is rare to use one particular size of piping throughout the whole scope of the project. One advantage of crimping tools is their flexibility in adapting to piping sizes and connections quickly and easily.


For optimal performance from one size to another, ensure that you have a properly calibrated crimping tool. Some modifiable crimping tools have an issue in that they work well on some sizes while leaving a little bit to be desired on others.

Your crimper is more valuable if it can be calibrated easily as you change sizes.


Ensure you have a comfortable tool in your hands. Your crimping tool may have to be used repeatedly during plumbing projects.

When it comes to preventing blisters, stress, and strain during an extended period of use, tools that are easy to grip, hold, and use are worth the little extra investment.


It is possible to ensure a more secure seal by ratcheting. The level of compression can be greater when you have greater control. A higher quality PEX crimping tool with ratcheting will be worth the extra money.

We will later discuss cinch-type crimpers, which are especially useful in this case.


A lightweight tool will reduce unnecessary strain. The challenge is to make sure that the durability of the product is not compromised.

It’s the heavier weight, which tends to be stronger, and the lighter weight tends to be weaker. To get the most out of your investment, choose a crimping tool that satisfies both requirements.

Cinch vs. Crimp

A PEX connection is held together by two types of rings: crimp rings and cinch rings. It is important to remember that each category has its advantages and disadvantages. Take a moment to consider each briefly.


Typically, a crimping ring works in much the same way as a radiator hose clamp, except that the tightening screw is on the other side. But its function is also similar to that of a zip tie. It’s possible to use the same tool for both crimping rings, so you don’t need to worry about changing your crimping tool.

The stainless steel used typically lasts longer and can be removed and replaced with greater ease when damaged. Additionally, the cinching tool is typically less expensive to purchase. This type of ring is harder to obtain and doesn’t come cheap.


In addition to being cheaper, you are easier to obtain with crimp rings. Especially in areas where crimping tools are difficult to maneuver, such as in tight spaces, they are simple and easy to use.

The main disadvantage of this type of ring is that you must adjust or change your crimping tool to accommodate pipe size variations. It is also slightly more difficult to change a crimped ring. Copper rings are more corrosive than stainless steel, so they are more likely to be zinc rings.

When the user is fully aware of how each option should be used, either one can provide a reliable connection. To determine which crimping tool is most appropriate for each application.


The best crimping tools are essential for achieving solid connections with PEX pipe.  Over the last few decades, the use of rings for crimping PEX pipes has become standard. The current standards will probably prevail for a long time to come. However, cinch ring-type connections are becoming more popular.

Besides being more convenient and requiring fewer alterations to your tool, they are also easier to use. Likewise, replacing compound hinges with racketing is likely to become the next standard.

It allows users to use it easily and without strain. It’s important to find the best quality crimping tool for the job you have ahead of you at a price that fits your budget. With the right PEX crimping tool, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

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FAQs About PEX Crimping Tools

Choosing the right tool is always a challenge for serious buyers. Here are some answers to the most common questions. You’ll be able to make an informed decision when we give you the answers you need.

We’ve compiled some questions and answers about PEX crimping tools.

What is the Best Pex Crimp Tool For Tight Spaces?

Here is my list of the Best Pex Crimp Tool For Tight Spaces in 2022;

  1. LOKMAN PEX Clamp Tool Cinch Crimp Tool
  2. IWISS Combo PEX Pipe Crimping Tool
  3. EFIELD Pex Pipe Combo Crimping Tool
  4. EFIELD Full Size Pex Crimping Tool
  5. KOTTO Pex Crimping Clamp Cinch Tool
  6. EFIELD Bag/PEX Cinch Clamp Crimping Tool
  7. iCrimp Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool

Is PEX the right tool for my plumbing project?

A crimping tool with the proper pipe fit sizes or an automatic cinch style crimping tool is required to seal on a crimp ring or cinch style ring to PEX pipe. Those who are removing improperly sealed cinch rings will need either a screwdriver or a cutter as well as either one of these tools.

How can I guarantee a reliable seal if the tool I’m using is the same brand as the pipe and fittings I’m using?

No. All PEX pipes, fittings, and rings have a standard established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). As long as they are manufactured according to these standards, all pipes, fittings, and tools on your project should provide the seal you require.

In the process, how can I be sure that the ring I am working on is properly crimped?

Crimping tools usually come with a GO/NO-GO gauge. Typically, you’ll find that your crimping kit includes a single gauge with all sizes included.

As soon as the rings are crimped, it would help if you slipped this gauge over them to determine whether they are sufficiently crimped for the particular size of pipe. Crimping rings are adequately crimped if the gauge slips easily over them to create a reliable seal.

How does each tool interact with the various fittings and rings?

Generally, crimp-style fittings bear the marking F877, F1807, or F2159. These fittings are compatible with crimp rings, either Cinch style (F2098) or Crimp style (F1807).

A crimping tool is not required for connecting fittings marked with F1960. Instead, expander PEX tools are required.

Among PEX crimping tools, which is the most effective?

You might start a fight in a coffee shop filled with plumbers by asking this question. When it comes to PEX crimping tools, the most appropriate one should be suitable for your project or workload.

It should be dependable, designed ergonomically, accurate, and easy to use. When choosing a tool, it must be versatile and affordable. To sum it up, the best tool is one that meets all of your project requirements to the best of its ability.

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