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Your jewelry designs will last longer, and you can finish the ends of your beading wires with them. Using these pliers, you can close crimps and securely fix wire beads.

If you want a professional result, you should use crimping tools rather than flat-nose pliers. You will be able to curl your crimp beads with this. Thus, the wearer of your jewelry piece won’t experience sharp edges or irritation.

In the course of making jewelry, I have tried several crimping pliers. However, not all of the products are excellent! How do you determine which crimping tools are most suitable for your needs?

To achieve the right crimp, you need the right tool. Even though it seems simple, it’s harder than you would think. When choosing the right one, you must take into account several factors.

Micro pliers should be used when crimping 1-by-1 mm tubes. Using regular pliers will handle 2×2 and 2×3 mm tubes. You will need extra-large pliers to use 3-by-3, 3-by-4, or 3-by-5 mm crimp tubes.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Xuron - 494 Four in One Crimping Pliers
Xuron - 494 Four in One Crimping Pliers
Made in USA; Includes an ergonomic design, non-slip Xuro-Rubber grips; Lifetime warranty; fit three different size crimp tubes (1, 2 & 3 mm)
Best Value
Beadalon Bead Crimper Tool for Jewelry Making - Use Pliers...
Beadalon Bead Crimper Tool for Jewelry Making - Use Pliers...
SIZE: Use Standard Crimper Tool size with Crimp Beads #1, #2 or Crimp Tubes #2, #3.
Beaditive Bead Crimping Plier for 2mm & 3mm Beads and Tubes...
Beaditive Bead Crimping Plier for 2mm & 3mm Beads and Tubes...
High precision grooves guarantee a perfect crimp every time; Ergonomic handle design, with a very smooth finish

7 Best Jewelry Crimping Tools Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Jewelry Crimping Tools in 2022;

1. Beaditive Bead Crimping Plier for Beads and Tubes

Beaditive Bead Crimping Plier for Beads and Tubes

See at Amazon!

Among the well-rated and priced jewelry pliers available on Amazon, these Beaditive bead crimping pliers are one of Amazon’s Choices! To permanently fasten your beads or tubes into place, crimp them into place using these crimpers.

They create small, round crimps with smooth edges, unlike other tools. These methods do not cause noticeable crimps when compared to traditional flattening.

You can use it every time you want a perfect crimp, thanks to its high-precision grooves. With an ergonomic handle that features a smooth finish, this pair of pliers is also comfortable to use.

I am sure you will love these beaditive pliers, especially if you are beginning to bead. Despite their low price, they have excellent quality. But you should use these pliers cautiously when working on 3mm as these might break.

What We Like!
  • You can easily hold them and secure your jewelry with a few quick squeezes.
  • High precision grooves guarantee perfect crimping
  • The design of the handle is ergonomic, and the finish is very smooth
Things to Consider!
  • It might break the 3mm if not used cautiously. Be careful because the rope or elastic might also break when the crimp beads break.

2. Xuron – 494 Four in One Crimping Plier

Xuron - 494 Four in One Crimping Plier

See at Amazon!

My first review of these would have been harsh if I had written it after their arrival. I recommend giving them a chance! I have not seen such a firm crimp with any other crimping pliers I have used.

This plier won’t slip and hold the crimps tightly.  They make a firm crimp every time. When I first encountered them, I hated them!

The crimp tube was difficult to see because there were three rounding sections. Because they are close together, I found it very frustrating for a while. It is my habit to bead in poor lighting quite often.

My life became much easier when I became familiar with it.

Even though you may be frustrated the first couple of times you use this plier, the quality of the crimp makes up for it.

Xuron’s crimping beads are made in the USA and are the best! You can use it to crimp or fold crimp tubes of 1, 2, and 3 mm precisely. Multiple folding stations allow for a secure and eye-catching result.

These pliers have several other great features in addition to their four-in-one capability! You can use its tip as a chain nose plier as well. In addition to soft rubber grips, the tool’s handles also feature a spring that makes opening it easy.

These crimping pliers are not only useful for crimping tubes, but they also work for other things. Your crimp beads will work great with them too! Not only can they serve as ends for wires, but they can also be used for all sorts of embellishments.

Lightweight and easy to use, these Xuron crimping pliers are a great choice. As well as being convenient for handling small findings and wires, they also make the job easier. If you use this tool to pinch or grease, you will have no difficulties.

First, you might scoff at multipurpose tools, but these pliers are worth a shot! Compared with other tools, they produce much firmer crimps, and the crimps will not slip out as easily. Even though they aren’t cheap, they are absolutely worth it!

What We Like!
  • Made in the United States
  • The ergonomic design and non-slip Xuro-Rubber grip make it a comfortable tool.
  • A lifetime warranty is offered.
  • The three size crimp tubes (1, 2, and 3 mm) can be fitted
  • Packed in retail blister packs
  • There is no difference between the cost of a cheap tool and this one, but it is better quality and will not wear out as quickly.
Things to Consider!
  • There are none! On Amazon, all of the reviews are five stars!

3. FLYING K Jewelry Crimping Tools Set

FLYING K Jewelry Criping Tools Set

See at Amazon!

A jewelry-making toolkit from Flying K is another Amazon’s Choice product at an attractive price. These tools will come in handy when working with details, especially when making fine jewelry.

Included in this set are:

  • A pair of pliers for crimping and flush-cutters
  • Pliers with flat noses
  • Pliers with chain-noses
  • Pliers with a round nose
  • Finally, there are tweezers for beading, a bead shovel, and a beading awl.

Beginner or experienced jeweler, working with this tool will be equally rewarding. A jewelry-making tool kit like this will be a great investment for you! In a nifty pouch, all the tools are visible and ready for use.

Your jewelry-making projects will benefit from these tools. Even jewelry pieces can be repaired with it! There is also an instructional page included with the toolkit, so finding the tool you need should not be a problem.

What We Like!
  • Various pliers are included
  • When needed, the tools are easily accessible because the elastic holds them in place.
  • Each tool’s function is described in words and pictures on the colorful instruction page.
Things to Consider!
  • The first few times you return the tools to the case might be tiresome.

4. Vouiu Jewelry Tools Bead Crimp Pliers

Vouiu Jewelry Tools Bead Crimp Pliers

See at Amazon!

Make your jewelry beading projects even more spectacular with this Vouiu crimping plier! There are thousands of jewelry-making pliers available on Amazon. These pliers are among Amazon’s best choices. Wire-crafting projects such as jewelry-making, beading can be completed with it.

Users will appreciate their comfortable grip handles that offer anti-slip functionality. Using this tool should not present any problems. The only drawback is that there is no return spring on the handles of these pliers so that it may be somewhat difficult.

What We Like!
  • Anti-slip grip handles for a maximum comfort
  • This product is very durable and affordable.
Things to Consider!
  • For those with large hands, this is not suitable



See at Amazon!

Designed for crimping small beads, these Beadalon pliers combine ease of use with a firm grip. The product gives you the comfort you need to work with wires and small findings compared to other tools.

The tube and beads look stunning and professional when made with this crimping tool.

When you work with this jewelry crimping tool, you might be more successful with your projects. The tubes and beads will remain beautiful while securely crimped.

It’s worth the investment as you get perfect crimps every time.

In addition to being smaller, you may find them to be more compact than other crimping tools. The standard, however, is solid, and the quality is excellent!

These are durable and don’t break easily. As opposed to being a flat and aggressive piece of metal, crimp tubes look secure and professional.

What We Like!
  • Simple to set up and use
  • The grip is strong
  • Each time, perfect crimps!
  • The price is reasonable considering how good these are.
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for 4mm crimp beads

6. PandaHall Elite Steel Jewelry Making Tools

PandaHall Elite Steel Jewelry Making Tools

See at Amazon!

You won’t find a better crimping tool on Amazon than these Pandahall pliers! Using it to make jewelry is a perfect choice. Crimp your beads with this tool to tightly secure them.

These crimpers produce neat, rounded, and even crimps, so you will notice that they are superior to those you have previously used. The beads and tubes size 2 to 5mm can be crimped with this tool.

In addition to crimping beading wires, the tool can also crimp illusion cords.

The rounded jaws of this plier will not leave flat spots or marks like they do with chain-nose and flat-nose pliers. These crimping pliers are ideal if you need to make crimp beads, crimp covers, or round beaded ends.

Also, this tool can be used for folding end caps and pinching clasps without damaging anything.

What We Like!
  • A comfortable handle that can be used for a long time
  • Closes crimped covers without damaging them
Things to Consider!
  • Despite being a little small, the crimp teeth do the job.

7. The Bead Buddy One Squeeze Crimp Tool

The Bead Buddy One Squeeze Crimp Tool

See at Amazon!

The only way to crimp easily is with quality crimping tools! You can simplify the crimping process with these Bead Buddy 1 step crimping pliers. Placing the beads or tubes and gently squeezing is all that is required. Things are easier since nothing needs to be twisted or turned.

These pliers are capable of crimping a wide array of materials. This handy tool is great for crimping your round beads, tubes, and crimp covers. If you need to crimp small materials, then these pliers might be the best choice. If you keep it small, you will get the best results.

What We Like!
  • Offers One-Step Crimp method
  • This tool simplifies crimping
  • This does not require twisting or turning
  • Approximately six inches long and three inches wide
Things to Consider!
  • It tends to stick.

How to Use the Crimp Tool – Basic Jewelry Tool Instructions

In the beginning, you may need to practice using crimping pliers if you are unfamiliar with them. Nevertheless, you and your jewelry’s wearers will be rewarded for your efforts. Here is a basic guide you could use to learn how to use crimping pliers:

  1. Add a crimp bead to your stringing material.
  2. Leave a small tail at the end of your wire so it can be looped back into your crimp bead.
  3. Insert the crimp bead into your crimping tool’s second hole. The hole has an oval shape and a dip in the center. You’ll know that the crimp bead has curled when your pliers are closed around it.
  4. You will need to position your crimp bead in the first oval smooth hole of your crimping pliers. It would help if you compressed the crimp bead with the crimping pliers until it is round.
  5. To complete the process, trim off all excess thread once you’ve secured your crimp bead.

Ensure that the tail end of your wire does not scratch the wearer of your jewelry. Ideally, the beads closest to your crimp bead should be slightly larger than the rest.

When you finish, make sure the loop of your beading wire is big enough. Round-nosed pliers should be inserted into the loop on one side. The crimp bead should be threaded into the wire.

Best Jewelry Crimping Tool Buyer’s Guide

Many factors must be taken into account before making a purchase. Many of these factors depend heavily on personal preference. Some general features are expected to be found in a good Jewelry crimping tool.

With this guide, we strive to provide the most information possible about those features.


Choose a tool made of high-quality steel. A tool’s durability should always be considered when it is used. Most importantly, the pricier tools will remain functioning in the long run.

Plus, their reliability is better. A less durable tool can help you save some money. Using it could cause many headaches, and you may have to replace it sooner than expected. Rather than buying inferior tools repeatedly, the best tool should be purchased only once.


There’s a good chance you’ll encounter more variants than you expected. A jewelry crimping tool should be able to accommodate tubes and beads of different sizes.

Throughout the duration of a project, it is rare to use a single tube size. Jewelry crimping tools are flexible enough to adapt quickly and easily to different sizes, which is one of their advantages.


Ensure that your crimping tool is calibrated properly so that you can perform optimally on different sizes. Crimping tools that can be modified have issues, as they work well on some sizes while not working well on others.

When you change the size of your crimper, make sure you can calibrate it easily.


Choose a tool that feels comfortable in your hand. In the course of your jewelry-making endeavors, you’ll likely need to use the crimping tool several times. A little extra investment in easy-to-hold, easy-to-grip, and anti-strain tools will prevent blisters, stress, and strain over time.


By using a lightweight tool, the unnecessary strain will be reduced. We mustn’t compromise the durability of the product. Heavyweight is generally stronger than lightweight, while lightweight is typically weaker.

If you want your investment to be profitable, choose a tool that meets both requirements.

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People Also Asked

Jewelry makers who are just beginning their careers may have many questions in their minds about choosing the right tool. Following is a list of the top questions we receive. The answers we have provided are as simple as possible.

What is the Best Jewelry Crimping Tools?

Here is my list of the Best Jewelry Crimping Tools in 2022;

  1. Beaditive Bead Crimping Plier for Bead
  2. Xuron – 494 Four in One Crimping Plier
  3. FLYING K Jewelry Crimping Tools Set
  4. Vouiu Jewelry Tools Bead Crimp Pliers
  5. BEADALON JTCRIMP Bead Crimp Tool
  6. PandaHall Elite Steel Jewelry Making Tools
  7. The Bead Buddy One Squeeze Crimp Tool

If I do not have a crimping tool, how can I crimp?

A pair of regular pliers will do. The crease where the parts of the terminal meet can look nicer if you use a small nail or screwdriver. With the nail in place, you can crimp them.

What are Crimp pliers?

Closing crimp tubes and beads smoothly and without causing any disruptions is accomplished with crimping pliers. The purpose of crimps is to hold wire or string ends securely so that clasps can be attached or hold the design from unraveling.

In a crimping tool, what is the purpose of the holes?

These holes can identify screw size, and non-hardened screws can be cut with these holes.

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