Best Folding Saw for Backpacking Reviews

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A sharp blade in your pant’s pocket will surely help you in your outdoor camping programs or even trim your garden trees.

A folding saw is a helpful tool because you may cut all types of branches and other things smoothly.

You can use this folding saw to cut wood, plastic, metal, bone, and many more materials with ease.

It is also lightweight so it won’t add any extra weight to the load on your backpack when going out for an adventure trip.

This product has been made from high-quality material which makes it durable and long lasting as well! So if you are planning to buy one then this product should definitely be considered by you!


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

SaleBest Value
Silky KATANABOY Professional 650mm Folding Saw XL Teeth...
Silky KATANABOY Professional 650mm Folding Saw XL Teeth...
This beefy two-handed folding saw is Silky's answer to the "man-powered chain saw"; 25.6" (650mm) blade with XL teeth (3.4 teeth per inch) Sturdy, nylon shoulder bag included
Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw 5 Foot with Lock Back Blade,...
Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw 5 Foot with Lock Back Blade,...
DIMENSIONS: Extends to 5 feet and collapses to 12 inches, and weighs 2.3 lbs

10 Best Folding Saw for Camping Reviews

Here is the list of the best battery operated lawn mowers as per our recommendations;

1. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw | Hunting & Camping

  • Lock back blade
  • I-beam aluminum construction
  • Constructed from high carbon SK5 steel
  • Locking extension system
  • Lining designs

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Ideal for all tasks
  • Choice of professionals
  • Affordable for all
Things to Consider!
  • Gives ordinary results for heavy branches


Here is our second suggested tool for blending by the hooyeman store called Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw.

This folding saw is a well-designed tool that can actually work impressively after being 5 feet in size, whether it will collapse into 12 inches again.

The Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw has a compact design with complete portability. Once you complete your work, then you again lock its blade back in a 1-bean aluminum body.

This folding saw is a hand-powered pole saw that actually made for all types of situations.

It has a high-quality blade made from carbon sk5 steel mixed with 4 edgy teeth that meet all your desires.

Moreover, the blade design is Megabits XP, which neither is always ready for tough cutting tasks nor worries if your wooden piece is dry or wet.

The Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw can remain with you if you use it with complete care and instruction. By having a sharp blade, the company adjusts this blade with an advanced locking extension.

You may adjust its length as per your work, such as trimming, cutting, or sawing. No problem if you carry this saw on your backpack or fix it in your back.

It will not give you any harm. As per the users, this folding saw is a versatile folding saw that gives complete reliability to its users.

The black color makes it more attractive for men.

2. Samurai Kiwami Multi-Purpose Straight Folding Saw

  • Two-handed folding
  • Made from Premium Proprietary Japanese steel
  • The ideal blend of tooth hardness
  • Comes with a nylon shoulder bag

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What we Like!
  • Looks elegant
  • Durability confirmed
  • Unbeatable cutting
Things to Consider!
  • Too sharp though not recommended for rough use


Our top pick in this review is made by a silky store named Samurai kiwami. This is a stylish and highly advanced saw that comes in a folding design.

It is genuinely built with Premium Proprietary Japanese steel, perfectly blending with its really cool tooth hardness!

Samurai kiwami has admirable blade flexibility, though you may complete your work shortly. This folding saw is a beefy and two-handed saw made for both personal and professional use.

The size of its blade is about 25.6″ (650mm) with extra-large teeth. In each inch, it contains 4 teeth. This is one of our most recommended and used folding saws in our topmost picked product.

Samurai kiwami folding saw is the best option for building trails, making ATVs, and other outdoor needs. It is only 2 lbs heavy that you can easily rely on this saw for your heavy-duty works.

It will give excellent results in making firewood for cooking hamburgers or limbs on it. The blade quality is taper-ground type introduced by Katanaboys pack.

The blade is well-merged in a non-slip rubberized grip handle.

The samurai kiwami comes in a durable nylon shoulder bag that makes this folding saw safer to carry.

3. EZ Kut Kamikaze Max Saw Curved Blade

  • SK-4 Japanese carbon hardened steel
  • Hard chrome Impulse hardened teeth
  • Real rubber grip
  • Availability of Sheath

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What we Like!
  • SK-4 Japanese carbon hardened steel
  • Hard chrome Impulse hardened teeth
  • Real rubber grip
  • Availability of Sheath
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for hardest surfaces


EZ Kut Company has recently introduced an amazing folding saw with extreme rigidity named Kamikaze Max Saw. This folding saw is built with superior strength and ultimate lightning.

The Kamikaze has a curved blade that is quite different from other blades.

It is mainly crafted with a Japanese SK-4 steel blade enriched with carbon. Further, all its impulse toughed teeth are 3 times durable than ordinary straight teeth.

This is the main reason for which Kamikaze Max Saw works in versatility.

The hard chrome finishing of this saw keeps all rust away and doesn’t allow the sap to build up, although it can work gently for stronger stuff and for a longer time.

It has a simple polyimide and lightweight handle with a rubber grip that permits high efficiency and superior ergonomics. It offers a sheath with a metal clip that will be very easeful and convenient to attach.

The entire length of Kamikaze Max Saw’s blade is about 19 inches within the boat blade’s one-inch depth. Simply it has great capability and portability for your simple cutting tasks.

This folding saw’s total weight is about 6.4 oz, which will not irritate you when you hang this in your loop. The red and black colored saw is highly sustainable, and you may easily keep this saw clean with a wet cloth.

4. Samurai Ichiban GC-300 Curved Hand Saw

  • Belt Carrying Case
  • Curved blade
  • Precision teething
  • Pull stroke cutting action
  • Precise Cutting

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What we Like!
  • Looks awesome
  • Highly recommended
  • Well made
  • Gives accurate cutting
Things to Consider!
  • Quite heavy


In the field of technology, obviously, no one can beat Japanese manufacturing. It is why here we have included a Japanese folding saw by the Samurai Japanese brand.

This folding comes with attractive colors and shapes while it is from the range of Ichiban (GC Series).

Undoubtedly this is one of the most selling brands in the market that gives the latest handle technology “precision toothing”.

This feature denotes teeth angle with the length of the blade, and you get accurate cuttings.

Samurai Ichiban folding saw is designed uniquely that you may evenly see in Samurai saws. It actually enhances the cutting recital by its pull stroke cutting action, and it is why this saw is probably efficient.

From the blade design to saw weight and length, its features are user-friendly and not available in other brands. Rather than samurai, GC range has ultimately gained by Ichiban (it means no# 1).

Besides all, you’ll have a belt carrying case with this saw-through. You may carry or hang this on your backpack.

5. Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw for Hunting

  • High carbon steel blade
  • One-handed release
  • Compact folding
  • Locking system
  • Rubber molding

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Reliable saw
  • Portability confirmed
  • Durable tool
  • Affordable
Things to Consider!
  • Could be rusted but rare


Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw is the quality that gives satisfactory results for all cutting tasks.

This folding saw is made with a high-quality carbon steel blade which is the toughest to all hard material. There is no mechanical support in the saw but only one-handed releasing with one single push button.

Kershaw taskmaster saw is secured with a glass-filled nylon handle that gives complete grip and strength while cutting. Additionally, this saw comes with a wear resistance rubber molding in gray color with complete sleekness.

You can’t get the idea about its secure and cool grip until you try. This folding saw is specially made for the toughest tasks that can clear its own style and versatility.

No problem if you don’t even go through camping, but it will clean your entire backyard, and you’ll see no more bushes and extra branches in your backyard.

The compact design of the Kershaw saw makes it admirable to carry everywhere. It is highly recommended that hunting, farming, fishing, and other survival emergencies before purchase don’t forget to see its locking system that gives you safety while closing and opening even in an emergency.

6. Coghlan’s Folding Saw | Best for Precise Jobs

  • Serrated saw blade
  • Built with rugged anodized aluminum
  • Folds down compactly
  • Essential gear
  • Easy cleaning

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What we Like!
  • Easy to use
  • Well made
  • Simple to carry
Things to Consider!
  • None


Coghlan mostly designs the most innovative and solid tool for regular use, and Coghlan’s folding saw is also one the most excellent tool in its manufacturing.

It is made with a 21-inch serrated saw blade by having a quality of rugged anodized aluminum.

The saw is capable of holding extra blades, and it can be easily folded down. It is a total weighing of 16 ounces, which means no more tiredness while working.

The Coghlan’s saw is an affordable tool that can be used for regular use.

You may keep this folding saw for hunting, camping, backcountry trekking, backpacking, and many more. It works ideally for small tasks of cutting woods, meat, and even sometimes soft metals.

From the size, color, and designing each of its features are highly admirable.

7. Agawa Canyon – BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw

  • Anodized 6063 aluminum frame
  • Automatic blade tensioning
  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Effective results
  • Ergonomic designing

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Affordable
  • Durability confirmed
Things to Consider!
  • No suggested for heavy duty


Here is another folding saw that is included in our list with complete versatility. This amazing saw is made by the Aghwa canyon brand considerable for all types of rough and tough cutting tasks.

You can carry a boreal21 folding saw where ever you want to. Most people prefer it for canoeing, backpacking, camping, haunting, off-trailing, and many more places.

You can open and fold it within seconds and with complete ease. It will take you two seconds for the snap position, and then it will saw as per your arm’s effort.

The boreal folding saw comes with an automatic blade tensioning rather than no more loose parts included in the thin tremendous tool.

The boreal folding saw has an extreme cutting level that doesn’t need any touch while opening or closing.

This folding saw’s total weight is only 17oz and 21 inches in length; it means a fully appropriate tool for any outdoor activity.

An anodized aluminum frame, fiberglass nylon handle, stainless steel make this folding saw durable for professional use. It has coated saw blades that give complete rigidity to the blades.

The Boreal folding saw has an ergonomic and effective design within the high clearance of the frame. You may use this frame of larger cuts; surely, it will work well as per the geometrical saw stoke.

8. Silky Ultra Accel Professional| Best Folding Saw for Survival

  • Fixed-blade
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Easy-grip rubberized handle
  • Maximum speed & efficiency

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Light in weight
  • Portable
  • Compact designing
  • Affordable for everyone
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for watery use


The Silky ultra-accel is a tremendous folding saw made for professional use. Such a folding saw that you might easily prefer for all your wood cutting works.

It can cut differentially and make larger branches smaller.

Often people buy and use this Silky ultra-accel for meat cutting. Its lightweight aluminum chassis and curved blade with a rubberized handle give you an easy grip for tough cutting.

The blade size is about 240-mm means no more tension for cutting anything that you want to. Professionals use the Silky ultra-accel for legendary cuttings, similar to its name; this saw cuts smoothly.

This is a user-friendly saw having unexpected and advanced features that you’ll love, obviously.

Its 9.5 lengthy blade has large teeth with a configuration of 6.4 cm per inch. If anyone wants to have speedy cutting and efficient results, then Silky ultra-accel is only made for you.

9. Corona RazorTOOTH Best Folding Saw for Pruning

  • 3 sided razor teeth
  • Co-molded handle
  • Easy to latch blade
  • Impulse hardened teeth
  • Traditional saw

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable for everyone
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for extra-large branches


Our second last product is named corona razor tooth folding saw. This is a super cool saw with three sides of the razor, giving you sleek cutting.

The total size of each razor is about 10 inches that can cut 5 to 6 in diameter and recommend for small and medium branches.

The corona razor saw has an ergonomic design and a comfortable grip with a co-molded handle. People usually buy and use this folding saw for extended use.

The red and black colored saw has perfect looks that can attract anyone in your camping.

Normally people think that they might have any cut or injury by these sharp saws but believe me, this corona razor saw is an injury-free saw for all.

It comes with a curved blade, and taper ground means complete safety; both options are replaceable.

The durability of this co-molded folding saw is absolutely confirmed. If you use this saw with some care and technique, it can give a long company.

Certainly, 6 extremely sharp teeth are given in each blade that can cut even faster and be sleeker, obviously compared to a traditional saw.

10. Silky KATANABOY Professional 1000mm Folding Saw (Editor’s pick)

  • Two-handed folding saw
  • Premium Proprietary Japanese steel
  • Tooth hardness & blade flexibility
  • Locking safety system

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Looks awesome
  • Portable tool
  • Compatible for all cutting tasks
Things to Consider!
  • None


Here we are introducing our last but not least pick by our editor’s choice. The name of this fantastic folding saw is Katanaboy’s professional folding saw designed by silky manufactures.

This is a beefy, and two-handed folding saw suggested for all types of small to big cutting works.

The second name of this saw is a man-powered chain-saw which can cut bigger branches. Katanaboy folding saw is made with premium quality Japanese steel that gives ideal balance with flexible blade and tooth hardness.

The blade length of this saw is quite long (39 inches) than all other suggested saws. Basically, the designers have made this saw with three teeth technology, and each of its teeth is 30mm in length and near to the handle.

It has an additional locking system that automatically stops the blade just before snug to handle.

It is quite a unique feature of this folding saw that prevents its users from all types of injury or harm.

Buying Guide for Folding Saw

Well, in the online and offline markets, there are hundred-plus folding saws available that may attract you, but what about your needs and deeds? Will, any of these saws can meet your requirements? Don’t be an over-thinker. Let us share some of the basic points that can help you choose your desiring saw.

We are quite sure that you may have an admirable and committed folding saw for your outdoor trips by considering given things.

Type of saw

Undoubtedly all saws are designed with the same material or same features so, always buy a saw as per your requirements daily use or extend? Some saws work great in your backyards, while others may design for cuttings limbs only. Normally folding saws are only made for hiking and trekking.

Size Matters

The size of a folding saw should be compatible with your cutting tasks. If you are about to cut medium-sized branches, you’ll need a long saw, not a smaller one. Otherwise, a medium-sized folding saw will be enough to cut all medium to small branches in your garden. You cannot prefer a long-sized folding saw for hiking because it may irritate you while climbing.

Saw Weight

We admit that the weight of a folding saw is directly pretentious by the size. Keep your eye on your needs, and then choose a good tool. Sometimes light saws can be difficult to use, whether heavy saws can be problematic to carry during the hike.

Adjustable Blades

Normally a versatile and good quality saw comes with adjustable screws that can be tightened or loosen. This tight and loose screw feature is generally coming for an alter blade. Moreover, with the help of these, you may have short or long saws that may fulfill your cutting needs.

Good Grip

A good grip is a must when you want to cut something hard. Good shape and the rubberized folding saw will be enough to relax your tasks. Otherwise, people buy uncomfortable saws and then complain about the regularity and grip that irritates them. Nevertheless, always choose a saw that meets your hand’s size.

Fast Service

Often folding saws come will slow a maneuver. That’s why you cannot prefer in emergencies. You should buy durable and fast folding saws that we have already included in today’s list to have quick cuts.

Safety is Must

We know that you are looking for a durable and sharp folding saw for cutting branches and meat but never rely on a traditional saw for your outdoor trips. Often people get injured due to their local knives, so; always prefer a lockable or folding saw with safety features.

Final Words

A folding saw is actually a compulsory tool for hikers, trekkers, and those who have their gardens. We have especially reviewed 10 types of different folding saws for all these people to help choose their desired one.

Before buying, you should keep some points that we have included in our buying guide. Afore ordering, we must say to you that quality always comes with a good budget. Here we have specially chosen affordable and well-quality folding saws for you. Likewise, with sharpness, safety features, and grip, each and everything is not ignorable, so, if you are still wondering then, you may review our products again.

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FAQ’s about Folding Saws

Here are a few questions answered about folding saws;

What is the Best Folding Saw in 2022?

Here is a list as per our recommendations;

  1. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw | Hunting & Camping
  2. Samurai Kiwami multi-purpose straight folding saw.
  3. EZ Kut Kamikaze Max Saw Curved Blade
  4. Samurai Ichiban GC-300 Curved Hand Saw
  5. Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw

Can Folding Saws be Sharpened?

Often manufacturers suggest changing the blade rather than sharping. It is the only way that some people are really unable to sharpen, and blade replaceable saws may give you satisfactory results compared to the sharpening blades.

Can You Kill a Tree by Cutting Branches with a Folding Saw?

Well, as per experts, a cut cannot kill your tree, but sometimes wrong cuts may harm your tree. Moreover, the size of a tree actually matters. Now, it is all up to you whether you are going to kill your tree or trim.

What Month is Best to Trim Trees?

As per our experience, we must tell you to trim your trees in the mid of fall and at the starting of spring. These days are best for pruning or trimming your garden.

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