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The electric chainsaw has improved with time in terms of power and is equipped with a longer cutting bar, the piece that is like a blade.

Ensure there are limitations in corded electric chainsaw as you may not get a cord that can go beyond 100 feet or so. Also, the efficient battery can not go more than 45 minutes and need a recharge to work again for one hour usually.

This chainsaw, when tested, went head to head with gas powered chainsaw models.

You can read the specifications before investing your money.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch, 15-Amp, Corded...
BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch, 15-Amp, Corded...
POWERFUL MOTOR – 15 Amp motor for optimal performance when making demanding cuts.; CHAIN BREAK – For optimal safety during use.
SaleBest Value
WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16'
WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16"
12A motor rotates the chain at up to 44 feet per second; Lightweight design limits fatigue to the user

10 Best Best Electric Chainsaws Reviews

Here, I have listed the top-rated electric chainsaws to help you out to choose the right one…

1. Makita electric Chain Saw 16 inches bar | Editors’ Pick

  • Tool-less blade and chain
  • Rubberized grip handles
  • Large trigger switch
  • Large oil reservoir corded electric source

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What we Like!
  • Looks good
  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended for all types of tasks
  • Heavy-duty machine
Things to Consider!
  • Quite expensive


If you are a professional, then Makita has made this electric chainsaw for you only.

In this machine, you are going to experience a lot of advanced features with different functionalities.

It consists of a tool-less blade and chain that makes this machine portable and convenient for the toughest operations.

There is no more tension for maintaining this machine; Makita electric chainsaw is absolutely easy to maintain.

In this machine, we will have a rubberized handle that is ergonomically designed, and you get great easiness while cutting. A large and significant trigger is also given in the Makita chainsaw through a user can handle this machine and take a smooth start.

An advanced current limiter is available in this machine to protect this machine from overload or brunt.

A massive oil reservoir and a small viewpoint make you know the oil level before or after work.

On this machine, you are going to have a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the day of purchase. It produces a 2,900 FPM speed that is considered for both cutting and trimming.

For extra productivity and smooth cutting operations, you may buy and use this electric chainsaw.

2. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

  • Includes 18″ guide bar
  • Lubri-Tec oiling system
  • PowerSharp chain
  • Silent between cuts
  • Availability of Chain brake

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What we Like!
  • Looks good
  • Well designed
  • Affordable
  • Preassembled
Things to Consider!
  • Durability not confirmed


Oregon’s electric chainsaw is a high-power saw made with a 15 amp motor, and this is the only electric chainsaw in the market that sharpens itself. Like a chainsaw, it contains many traditional amenities, including a quick start with the help of a trigger, low noise, and great portability.

It requires low maintenance and remains silent while cutting. The Oregon CS1500 machine is highly considerable for normal cutting tasks. It precedes one step extra by joining the Power-sharp chain sharpening system.

If someone desires a high power and low noisy chainsaw, then CS1500 is best.

Normally people buy and use this for trimming branches and cutting limbs. I want to use this machine for outdoor cutting operations, especially in my yard.

This is the right choice for personal and professional use that saves both your money and time. This is a hassle-free chainsaw that starts quickly and doesn’t need greasing.

The Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw permits the user to tighten the chain and ring over the cover. No more complex tools are required for installment because this is a preinstalled machine.

In this chainsaw, you are going to experience a smooth operating time with its 18inches long chain. By pulling the lever, you can sharpen this chainsaw within 3 seconds only. An automatic oiler system allocates oil on the chain and bars while lubrication and prevents premature wear.

3. Remington RM1645 Versa Electric Chainsaw

  • Powerful 12 amp electric motor
  • 16-inch low-kickback bar and chain
  • External adjustment screw
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Oil level viewer
  • Wraparound handguard
  • Fully assembled

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What we Like!
  • Looks good
  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Preassemble machine
Things to Consider!
  • Not considerable for complex tasks


The RM1645 Versa Saw by Remington manufacturing company is a good quality chainsaw that is made for multi-use. This is a lightweight machine made for high performance; the 12 amp motor of this machine works ideally for pruning limbs and trimming branches.

You may rely on this machine to clean up tasks. The RM1645 electric chain saw comes with various amenities that you require for yard cleaning easily and quickly. Its ergonomic design and lightweight are making this machine overwhelming for heavy-duty.

In comfort and portability, no other machine can beat this. You may balance this machine while cutting due to its low vibrate mechanism and ease of provider handle.

You get great maneuverability while cutting through a compact design. Genially, it can fit into small spaces; you can consider this machine for trimming hedges and bushes quickly and easily without any need for gas or refills.

In the RM1645 chainsaw, a 16 inches low-kickback bar and chain improve its performance, and the side-mounted tensioning structure saves you time.

It also confirms chain tension and stays consistent because chain adjustments are made for fast operation.

The auto oiler system is best for maintaining an accurate amount of lubricant on the chain to keep the chain sharp and greasy. Due to users get safe and smooth operation time.

A quick view clear window is also given in this chainsaw for oil visibility that ensures refilling time.

Chain break is designed in this machine that provides you optimal security while operating. You may take this low-noise and lightweight machine for your job and can enjoy your working time with its easy to pull the trigger.

The Remington offers 2 ears of limited warranty on this machine that gradually trust this saw.

4. Sun Joe SWJ698E Electric Chain Saw

  • Maximum Maneuverability
  • 9-Amp Motor
  • 12 in. Bar/Chain
  • Safety switch
  • Great versatility

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What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to start
  • Looks good
  • Affordable for you
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for harder surfaces


Have you ever used sun joe saws? If now then surely this electric chainsaw by sun joe manufacturing company will give you a great company for your job.

Now, forget bulky gas saws and use this electric chainsaw to win the competition.

This is a good way that help you to make the yard greener and trimmer. You may consider this chainsaw to maintain your garden areas and cut bushes and trim branches with the help of SWJ698E Electric Chain Saw.

Sun joe presented this chain saw with a 9-Amp motor that makes this machine powerful and substantial for cutting limbs. You can make slices of bushes by its 9 inches brushless blade.

This machine can cut a cord; wood and other resemble materials that bear the load of logs. It can trim a pine tree with a simple pushing button. This machine is made with a safety switch that avoids rough starting and causes accidents.

This SWJ698E Electric Chain Saw is weighing only 10lbs; means easy maneuverability while operating. There is no more need for gas to trim your yard or garden; this machine will give great ease.

Now, there is no more need for any lug a jug when you have an extraordinary electric chainsaw. The brand is offering 2 years of warranty on this machine, though you may trust SWJ698E easily.

5. CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw

  • 12 Amp Motor
  • 16 inches Bar and Chain
  • Auto-Oiling system
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

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What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Considerable for trimming
  • Best for single hand
  • Affordable machine
Things to Consider!
  • Get hot sometimes


In this machine, you are going to be amazed by having a bunch of advanced features. Craftsman engineers have made CMECS600 with a 12 amp powerful motor that you may consider for rough cuts.

16 inches low kickball and chain are also designed in this machine, ultimately for trim. The machine is built with an auto oiling window and does not require priming at all.

This machine contains a tool-free chain tensioning that gives the user great ease to get a high-performance level.

Three years of limited warranty on the machine is also one of its notable features, starting from the day of purchase.

The CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw is weighing only 6.19lbs that will never make you tired. The red and black color makes this electric saw more attractive that will definitely suit you.

Don’t worry if you cannot pay a high amount; you may buy this machine at affordable on amazon.

6. Srenelife Electric Corded Chainsaw

  • High-Powered Cutting Motor
  • Easy-to-Use, Hassle-Free Control
  • Comfortable Handheld Grips
  • Integrated Oil Container for Chain Lubrication
  • Safety Lockout Power Cut-Off Switch
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

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What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Easy to use
  • Looks great
  • Available at amazon
  • Highly considerable for trimming
Things to Consider!
  • Lightweight can increase the risk of fall


Here you are going to have a hassle-free and easy to use chainsaw by serene life manufacturing company. This chain saw is made for professionals, in which you are going to experience a lot of advanced features.

The brand offers rough and tough service by this machine, and also, the user gets great maneuverability.

With the help of this machine, you may maintain your garden and trim garden, even forests, though. The engineers have made this electric saw, especially for making your life easier.

It features 12 inches blade length with 45 chain drive links that can drive a .5 chain gauge. It specifically produces a 3800 rpm operating speed to complete your task faster.

Anyone can rely on this electric chainsaw for landscaping and gardening. A tool-less chain tensioning system makes this machine a more appropriate craftsman. To reduce the accidents, you have to fit the chain on the guide bar.

It contains a 10feet long hassle-free cord that you can plug in your switch for cutting and landscaping. Easy-grip and comfortable handle grips are available in this machine to reach the smooth operation’s peak.

The Srenelife Electric Corded Chainsaw is made with advanced housing and a steel blade.

Users get great company for pruning and trimming different trees, shrubs, bushes, and branches, etc. landscaping is straightforward with this machine.

The safety lock is also available in this electric chainsaw that ensures the user’s protection while cutting. The left-side button on the switch handle and joined oil container for chain lubrication is one of its admiring features.

7. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

  • 2A Motor
  • 16-Inch Oregon Chain (3/8-inch pitch, 56 drive links)
  • Scabbard
  • Auto-Oiling System
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning
  • Lightweight 10 lb Design
  • Two-Year Warranty

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What we Like!
  • Plenty of power
  • Good around the yard
  • Perfect for frequent use
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use
Things to Consider!
  • Low integrity


Cutting trees means a waste of gasoline, but you can reduce the risk of this waste if you buy WEN Electric Chainsaw. This machine is a symbol of productivity and integrity.

The WEN Electric Chainsaw offers up to 12 amp power and makes your work easy. Now you can trim or cut bushes with the help of this electric chain saw.

People who desire well designed and trimmed yard then may rely on this machine. In this machine, you are going to be amazed by having its 16-inch Oregon chain that runs up to 44 feet within a second.

However, the lightweight design will never make you tired and reduced fatigue while cutting. You have to plug the cord in the electric switch, and it will be started with 2.2.Nm of torque.

The WEN 4017 has an auto-oiling system that lubricates the guide bar and chain while the user cut. It also extends the life of both the blade and the chain itself.

This admirable machine comes with a cable strain relief notch and a tangle-free cord to keep the unit plugged in. Along with its tool-free chain, it gives you tension free operating time.

Without any doubt, you may consider this saw for the perfect design of the yard.

On this WEN 4017 electric chainsaw, the brand offers two years of manufacturing warranty, and also a skillful support service is always ready to help you.

Next time keep in the eye if your lawn needs to be trimmed. Remember WEN 4017 electric chainsaw.

8. Greenworks 20222 Electric Chainsaw

  • 10.5 amp electric motor
  • 14-Inch Bar
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Auto-oiler
  • 8lbs weight

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What we Like!
  • Works great
  • Flawless design
  • Easy to use
  • Preassemble saw
Things to Consider!
  • Gets heated


Here you are going to experience an amazing electric chainsaw by Greenworks. In this model, the manufacturing company multiple sizes. In this machine, you are going to use a good range of advanced features.

This electric chainsaw leads to great innovation; its corded mechanism provides many tools and completes your work fast. When you need something extra at a reasonable price, then don’t forget Greenworks 20222 Electric Chainsaw.

It offers great ease of high performance and gives you awesome reliability. You can avoid gas-hassle and get a smooth operation time for many years by using this machine.

It comes with durability and advancement that you cannot ignore. For indoor yards and gardens, we would like to suggest this electric chainsaw. 4 years mechanism warranty is one of its main features that attract buyers.

The 10.5 amp motor of this machine starts quickly, and you get reliable power with complete ease. 14 inches long bar makes this machine more sustainable, and the user can wind up their cutting work shortly.

It comes with a tool-less chain tensioning system for quick adjustment so you can get back to the job again soon. The handle is warped around, which offers comfort while cleaning dirt and debris. A clear oil tank is given in this machine to have clear oil levels.

Automatic-oiler gives possible lubrication to confirm the best cutting performance without any worry.

9. BLACK & DECKER Electric Chainsaw

  • Clear window for oil visibility
  • Guide Bar Scabbard
  • Chain brake for optimal safety
  • Tool-free chain tensioning

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Works nicely
  • Well designed
  • East to use
  • Best for beginners
Things to Consider!
  • Oil hogs often


The Black & decker manufacturing brand introduces our second last electric chainsaw. In this Decker CS1518 corded chainsaw, you will have a 15 Amp strong motor through which you can cut large branches.

It gives you flawless operating time due to portability and advanced mechanism. 18 Oregon low-kickback bar is given in this chainsaw, and you get demanding cuts through this.

An improved chain is designed in this machine, and it confirms great integrity. Its tool-free chain tensioning system is available in this machine for quick and easy adjustments.

With its automatic oiling system, it ensures chain lubrication and a regular bar. You may have an idea about the oil level through its clear window.

Its chain break feature makes this machine admirable for optimum security. Two years of limited warranty is also one of its main features.

You will have gloves, safety glasses, a replacement chain, and leaf collection bins in the box.

The DECKER Electric Chainsaw is weighing only 12lbs, which means no more chance of fatigue while cutting. Red and black colored bodies can attract anyone; otherwise, this machine’s affordability is not ignorable at all.

10. Husqvarna 967256101 16″ Corded Electric Chainsaw

  • Air injection cleaning system
  • Anti-vibration dampeners
  • 90-degree front handle
  • 16 inches long chain bar
  • Weighing about 12lbs

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Having all positive reviews on amazon
  • Best in quality
  • Recommended for craftspeople
  • Highly considerable
Things to Consider!
  • None


In the range of electric chainsaws, how can we skip the Husqvarna machine? Last but not very least Husqvarna machine has each advanced feature that can meet flawless cutting.

This is a corded saw, and by using this machine, you may have an extreme level of smooth trimming.

It works powerfully, and you get quite an operation timing. You may consider this chainsaw for indoor cutting tasks. People who are highly involved in crafting may trust this saw and get sleek working.

In this machine, you’re going to have an air injection cleaning system that extends the operating time within filter cleaning, and your saw gets smooth cutting.

Besides, anti-vibration dampeners are available to absorb movement for easy operation.

Anyone can complete their tough cutting tasks through this machine, and that’s why we are suggesting this machine for professionals. Its compact and ergonomic design with a 90-degree front handle ensures the user’s comfort.

The slim body and advanced mechanism of this machine ensure great maneuverability smooth operating time. It gives you an instant starting with a high level of chain speed.

It can be expensive for some people but don’t forget that quality always comes with money. The Husqvarna electric chainsaw is ideal for homeowners, craftspeople, and other indoor uses.

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Chainsaws

According to the professionals, some of the things are highly considered before purchasing an electric chainsaw. Nevertheless, all our chainsaws are based on these guidelines.

Easy to maintain

An electric chainsaw should be user-friendly and easy to maintain. Bulky sizes and complex designs are quite tough to maintain.

Professionals always prefer electric chainsaws with a transparent oil checker window.

Always buy a chainsaw with an automatic system that can easily tolerate the short/overload of current otherwise, your saw could be brunt.

Size of chain

The size of the chain is also matters when you are about to buy an electric chainsaw. Always buy a saw with the chain’s traditional size; otherwise, it will be tough to sharpen with an ordinary sharpener.

Some electric chainsaws are compatible with specific chains sharpeners, and later you see many difficulties when it comes to sharpness. Simple design and the right side of the chain will be easy to sharp anyway.

Frequent usage

Your saw should be familiar with daily use; otherwise, you’ll be irritated anyway. The chainsaw should be well-quality, electric, and corded; their second machine choice could be a gas-powered machine.

For extended users, I would say to buy a battery-powered chainsaw. This type of selection will give you a long-life chainsaw.

Advanced features

An electric chainsaw should be noise-free and cool to use. Professionals never prefer noisy and hotter body machines. In the line of advanced features, a safety lock and the tangle-free cord also make your chainsaw more considerable.


An electric chain saw is a cutting machine through which you can trim or cut different bushes, branches, and other wooden objects. In this machine’s range, three main types are available: electric and corded, gas-powered, battery-powered, or cordless.

Corded chainsaws come with negotiable prices as compared to gas or battery powered. In the market lot of brands are offering different types of corded electric chainsaws. Here we have described the best quality electric chainsaws with a variety of advanced features for your ease.

At last, frequently asked questions and d buying guide is also included in this list that will guide you better. Before selecting a machine, don’t forget to observe our top pick and editor’s choice machine.

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FAQ’s about Electric Chainsaw

According to the online reviews here, we have included some frequently asked questions in today’s article. I hope they’ll give you extra ideas to choose the best one.

Why does my chainsaw blade get dull so fast?

You must apply the pressure on the chainsaw while cutting/trimming wood behind this dullness. Always apply normal pressure to the machine and increase the life of your saw.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw blade?

The short answer to this question is absolute, yes! It is taking worth and time to sharpen an electric chainsaw. A dull chain is not good for a saw’s motor, and it also can damage your machine’s mechanism. Next time, before sharpening your saw, keep in mind to sharpen the edges and corners of your chain.

What is the best way to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

This is the most important question that often chainsaw users don’t know. Before sharpening your chainsaw, keep in mind that your sharpener should be compatible with your chain; otherwise, it will affect the chain’s quality.

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