Best Crimping Tool for Anderson Plugs

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One of the questions frequently asked is, “Should Anderson Powerpole Connectors be soldered or crimped?” The Anderson Powerpole connector is much stronger and more durable when crimped to a wire, but the soldering method will work too.

To install Anderson plugs, you need a specifically designed crimping tool.

However, I have made it easy for you to find affordable and high quality crimping tools for Anderson plugs, so you don’t have to spend time searching.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

TC-1 Ratcheting Crimper for use with 15/30 and 45 Amp...
TC-1 Ratcheting Crimper for use with 15/30 and 45 Amp...
The perfect original tool for crimping Anderson Power Poles 15/30 and 45 amp connectors.; Produces a high strength low resistance crimp every time.
Best Value
Zhushan Powerpole Crimper , Powerpole Crimping Tool for...
Zhushan Powerpole Crimper , Powerpole Crimping Tool for...
【Crimping range】Crimping pliers all three sizes of contacts: 15,30 and 45 amp

5 Best Crimping Tool for Anderson Plugs Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Crimping Tool for Anderson Plugs in 2022;

1. TC-1 Ratcheting Crimper for Powerpole Connectors

TC-1 Ratcheting Crimper for Powerpole Connectors

See at Amazon!

PowerPoles need to be crimped so that there is no overhang of crimped material beyond the width of the blade. The standard crimpers can’t consistently do that.

PowerPole assembly became easy with the TRIcrimp (irrespective of contact amp rating) and made almost foolproof.

This crimper will make a reliable and firm crimp as long as the wire insertion barrel is fully extended.

Just make sure that the pin is inserted to roll into the stripped wire and digs into it. The connection has a low resistance.

This crimper surprised me with its quality.  This ratcheting crimper is less expensive than the expensive pliers, so I weighed the advantages.

Upon opening the package, I was blown away by its heavy-duty construction and the meager price.  There is no doubt it will last a lifetime – it’s a professional-grade unit.

Position of the Jaws & Contacts

Different amperage ratings are available for the 3 contacts:

  • Wires gauge 16, 18 & 20 can be used with 15 Amp.
  • Wire gauges 12, 14 can be used with 30 Amps.
  • Wire gauge 10 can be used with 45 Amp.

On the die, there is a position marking corresponding to the contact size. 15 amps are plugged into the 15 amp position. For the 45 amps, they go to the 45 positions; similarly, the 30 amps will go to the 30 positions.

Assembly Instructions for 15 & 30 Amp

The wire should be inserted into the 15 & 30 amp contacts before crimping them. To properly crimp the end of the contact, insert the flat side down into the slot.

When the ratchet mechanism releases, squeeze the ratchet handle. Be careful not to over crimp the handles, as this can break the die.

Assembly Instructions for the 45 Amp

For crimping the 45 amp contact, it is suggested to insert the 45 amp position slot into the tip of the contact before insertion of the wire.

The U (open contact) of the contact should face up when properly positioned. To obtain a proper crimp, the contact must lie sideways. Once the contact is inserted, insert your wire into it.

Once the ratchet mechanism has been released, release the handle. If you over crimp the handles by pushing them together until they touch, this may cause the die to break.

What We Like!
  • It supports different Anderson Powerpole contacts 15 amps, 30 amps, and 45 amps.
  • Designed to be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect crimp every time with this easy-to-use tool.
  • It is offered at an affordable price.
  • A crimping positioner is built-in to hold the contact during crimping
  • The ratchet mechanism assures every crimp
  • Faster and more efficient than soldering
Things to Consider!
  • Useful only for contacts up to 15 amps, 30 amps, 45 amps, and 60 amps

2. Zhushan Anderson Powerpole Crimper

Zhushan Anderson Powerpole Crimper

See at Amazon!

There is nothing cheap about this Chinese crimper, including the piece that holds the contact in place. There is no difference in performance between the original and this.

There are three sizes of power pole contact: 15, 30, 45 amps. That it provides the lowest resistance connections and the highest strength is what I liked most about it.

Using it is a piece of cake. I would still list down the steps to make it easy for you to follow along.

Step – 1: Placing the pin in any of the three slots depends on the slot selected.

Step – 2: Wire connectors must be plugged in after the wire has been stripped.

Step – 3: Hold the connector with one hand while closing the tool slightly until the ratchet engages.

Step – 4:  A neat crimp and strong pin must be used for wires.

What We Like!
  • The product comes with a 12-month money back guarantee.
  • Low priced clone than the original product, but similar in usage and benefits
  • Exactly what I expected.
Things to Consider!
  • There are no instructions included in the package, but it is relatively simple to use. The operating steps are also outlined above for our readers.

3. TC- 1 Ratcheting Crimper for power Poles

TC- 1 Ratcheting Crimper for power Poles

See at Amazon!

If you make a lot of connections, the 45 amp connector is an absolute necessity. Throughout my career, one of my mottoes has been, “If it’s not connected, it’s not crimped well enough.”.

After reading an article on crimping specifically for marine terminals a few years ago, I learned that a GOOD crimper would actually cold form the copper strands into one solid piece.

Even if you wanted solder to get inside, a GOOD crimp prevents it. Until now, I had only encountered and used garbage crimpers, but I never encountered one that was good.

As soon as I was able to trust my crimper, I could connect terminals reliably without soldering. Then I learned about Powerpoles (finally!) a few years later.

When I made my first couple, I soldered my connectors, but my 10 gauge wire and 45 amp connectors didn’t fit. The Powerpole crimper (this one) was the one I decided to buy solely for it.

The 45A connectors, after they were soldered, were then crimped using this crimper. Everything went well. Even the excess solder was squeezed out as thin flashing with the connectors the right size and shape for the shells.

Thus, the crimper tore the metal in the terminal into pieces that are stronger than before. It looks good that I have bare copper terminal crimps for 15A and 30A.

Powerpole connectors are similar to Molex connectors. Despite the minor issues, the benefits outweigh the costs of buying these tools.

What We Like!
  • You can use this connector to connect circuits of 15,30, and 45 amps.
  • The Anderson plug is easy to use with this.
  • It’s not too expensive.
Things to Consider!
  • In case your connectors are primarily used for 45 amps, you should buy additional dies.

4. Knoweasy Anderson Powerpole Crimper

Knoweasy Anderson Powerpole Crimper

See at Amazon!

The first thing I notice about it is the blue handle. Those who are familiar with Anderson connectors know that the pins must be crimped to fit into the plastic part.

There is no other tool that can do this job. Other connectors do not get crimped. You don’t have to compromise on quality when it comes to Anderson connectors. They’re the right tools for the right job.

There were only two markings on the crimper: “KNOWEASY” and “For Anderson Powerpole Connector”. There is no doubt that this is a fine, heavy-duty tool, obviously well suited for regular use.

This crimping tool crimps connectors up to 15 amps, 30 amps, and 45 amps, and it produces neat clean crimps. My recommendation for this tool is highly favorable, and I have no plan about buying another.

Putting the clip into the hole is as simple as gently pushing it in. Once you have clicked the lug into the right channel, you are done. Then place the wire gauge in the indicated location (handles 10-20).

Finally, squeeze enough to ensure the lock/release. You’re done. You can pre-bend the U-shaped lug where the wire goes if you need to crimp thin wires on 45 amp Powerpole connectors.

On the other hand, the crimp in the smaller channel will literally ‘melt’ when applied pressure. The excess metal can simply be trimmed off.

What We Like!
  • A crimping tool intended for connecting Anderson Power Pole 15/30 and 45 amp connectors.
  • The crimp positioner is built into the unit to keep the contact in place while crimping.
  • This ratchet mechanism assures that every crimp will be of high strength and low resistance.
  • Faster and more efficient than soldering.
  • Connections that are highly powerful and have the lowest resistance.
Things to Consider!
  • A problem may arise if you fail to follow the instructions given in the manual.

5. Haisstronica Crimping Tool for PowerPoles

See at Amazon!

Most insulated terminal crimpers don’t conduct electricity well. The best way to verify that a crimped terminal is performing correctly is to actually cut it in half.

It was actually possible to cut the test terminals in half with the Haistronica crimpers, and there were no voids and it was a solid piece of metal. Your expectations have been met. A crimping machine crimps the insulation correctly as well, tightening it without deforming it.

Furthermore, the crimper is made with thick steel and neither flex nor bend even when hot. A good surface finish is apparent in the forgings of the anvils.

I honestly expected to pay a lot more for this tool than I did after using it. THESE are the insulated terminal crimping tools you should buy if you want an inexpensive one.

A consistent, clean ratcheting is the result of every clamp crimp. Very good value for money. This is one where you could put Klein on any side of them without knowing the difference.

Although I had previously purchased a Klein product over the others since it had been recommended by my friend.

This Haisstronica crimper crimped both plain insulated and heat shrink connectors properly. It was especially important that I crimp 16-18 AWG wires with “red” connectors.

Neither connector could be crimped by the Klein crimper and both wires were easily removed. Moreover, the crimping of heat shrink connections caused the insulation to be damaged.

I have crimped both heat shrink connections and insulated wire with the Haisstronica crimper. Before shrinking the wire, a pull-out test was performed to make sure that no damage was done to it.

What We Like!
  • It feels good to use and has a well-made ratchet handle. Ratchets and releases smoothly.
  • 7 die sets are included in the kit.
  • It has an adjustable tension dial.
Things to Consider!
  • A crimping tool like this isn’t designed for wiring, just for crimping.

Best PEX Crimping Tools Buyer’s Guide

Numerous factors must be considered before making a purchase decision. The preferences of each play an important role. There should be some general features in a good Anderson plug crimping tool.

In this guide, we aim to provide as much information as possible about those features.


When selecting a crimping tool, you should consider your company’s workload before discussing the manual crimping tool options in this guide.

It goes without saying. For anything installed in a large commercial setting, it is best to use an automatic or pneumatic crimping tool.

It can handle considerably more connections because it can handle a larger amount.

For those working on a smaller scale or with fewer connections, the hand tools described in this guide may be adequate.

Important Features

Comparisons of Anderson plug crimp tools are possible. This means that you will get the best possible deal with these features.


Steel is an integral part of any tool that you choose. A tool’s durability should always be taken into consideration. Long-term, the best tools will be more expensive.

Additionally, their reliability is higher. Saving some money is possible when you use a less durable tool. This device may cause headaches if used frequently, or you may end up replacing it sooner.

It’s better to buy the best tool only once rather than buying inferior ones repeatedly.


You are much more likely to run into more variations than you thought. Different sizes of pipe and connections can be accommodated by your crimping tool.

A project usually uses various pipe sizes, so the same size pipe is not typically used all the way through.

They are adaptable to changing pipe sizes and connections quickly and easily, which is one of the benefits of crimping tools.


It would help if you used a calibrated crimping tool each time because this will ensure optimal performance. It has been noted that some modifiable crimping tools perform well on some sizes but lack efficiency on others.

When you switch sizes, you want to be able to calibrate your crimper quickly and easily.


Choose a tool that is comfortable in your hands. During plumbing projects, you may have to use your crimping tool repeatedly.

It is worth investing a little extra in tools that are easy to hold, grip, and use to prevent blisters, stress, and strain on the hands.


Ratcheting can improve the seal. When you have more control, the compression level can be greater. It is worth the extra money to invest in a high-quality crimping tool with ratcheting. Embedding crimpers of the cinch type will be discussed later in this section.


By using a lightweight tool, the unnecessary strain will be reduced. In this case, the challenge is to ensure that the product remains durable.

Heavyweight is generally stronger than lightweight, while lightweight is typically weaker. Select a crimping tool that can satisfy both requirements and make the most of your investment.

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