Best Cover for Weber Spirit E-310

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You brought a fancy grill for a barbecue party with friends, and now it’s over. And your barbecue grill is standing right there without any cover, welcoming all the heat or cold air and getting ready to get rusty. What should you do now?

A wise person would buy a cover for the grill. Buy something that would prevent the grill from sun exposure, comfort it during rainfalls and snowfall; in short, a cover that’d be your grill’s companion.

But, there are numerous covers available in the market. If luckily, you are the owner of a Weber Spirit Grill E-series, this article contains a list of the 10 best Weber Grill Cover to choose from.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Char-Broil 2 Burner Medium Basic Grill Cover
Char-Broil 2 Burner Medium Basic Grill Cover
Designed to fit 2 burner grills, Medium charcoal grills and smokers up to 52 inches wide; 14mil vinyl fabric provides essential grill protection
Weber Spirit and Spirit II 200 Series Premium Grill Cover,...
Weber Spirit and Spirit II 200 Series Premium Grill Cover,...
Uv inhibitors In fabric resist fading; Breathable and weather resistant to help protect grill from the elements

10 Best Cover for Weber Spirit E-310 Reviews

Here is a list of 10 Best Cover for Weber Spirit E-310 that we have picked as per our editors;

1. Weber 7138 Premium Cover Spirit II

  • It is perfect for the Weber Spirit 220 and 300 series.
  • It is made from Polyester.
  • It has UV resistors that make the color unfadeable.
  • It is 0.25 inches thick.

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What we Like!
  • It’s completely water-resistant.
  • Fastening belts to help them be fixed on the grill.
  • It is breathable and almost weightless.
Things to Consider!
  • It is not suitable for the Spirit II model.


Weber grills are everyone’s favorite, and no one wants rust to take over their beloved grill. Unless you keep your grill isolated, you will need a cover away from heat and water molecules. There is no better cover than Weber 7106 grill cover.

You can easily use it to cover most of the Weber Spirit 300 and 220 series grill because of its thickness. The diameter is also enough to create a good shelter over a medium-sized grill pan.

Also, it is breathable. What does it mean by breathability? It allows air to pass and doesn’t isolate the grill. The breathable cover helps in keeping the grill new for years.

We have mentioned it at the top because of its qualities. We like this grill because it is UV resistant, which means no amount of heat can reach your grill. Being a water-resistant cover is also cherishable.

This grill cover has all the qualities to keep your grill safe and secure. So, the next time you prepare for a barbecue party, your grill pan remains as new as it was months ago.

2. Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover

  • It is designed for Weber Genesis 300 series grill.
  • It’s a UV-resistant medium-sized cover for a 3 burner grill.
  • It is made from 600D Polyester.
  • It is a jet-black-colored rip-resistant piece of cloth.
  • It comes with a brush, thermometer, and a tong.

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What we Like!
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It has a strong adhesive strap.
  • It’s a light-weighted cover.
Things to Consider!
  • It is not recommended for heavy monsoon seasons.


What do you typically look for in a grill cover? Stain resistance and water resistance. Something that does not tear off in heavy rainfalls and something strong enough to hold together.

This KingKong 7130 Grill Cover for the Weber Genesis II series has a complete kit to keep your grill safe from dust and dirt. What we liked the most about it is its velcro strap.

It would hold together the cover in the windiest of seasons. Despite not being from the Weber brand and a minimal price, this cover promises to do what no one else does.

The most important thing to look for in a grill cover is sturdiness. Imagine getting a cover to protect the grill from dust and water and realizing that you will need another cover to protect the cover as well.

That’s bad! This KingKong works well in the field. Its broadsides conceal every side of the grill with sheer dignity.

Also, you might find the smell of the plastic a bit annoying, but a bit of sunlight and fresh air would minimize it as soon as you put it out there.

With its accessories, KingKong wants to take charge of keeping your grill new and clean completely. It is indeed a great alternative to a branded cover and is inexpensive too!

3. LiBa BBQ Gas Grill Cover 7107

  • It is designed for both Weber Spirit and Genesis series. 
  • 600D polyester material is used in its manufacturing.
  • This cover has UV inhibitors.
  • It comes with a sturdy velcro strap.

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What we Like!
  • It is dust and water resistant.
  • It has a perfect size and can suit all the Weber Genesis and Spirit Grills.
  • It is easy to place and remove.
  • It comes with a replacement warranty.
Things to Consider!
  • Its color fades away after a year or two.


If you are trying to switch to a polyester grill cover, the LiBa grill cover would be the best choice for you. It is suitable for all Weber Genesis and Spirit Grills. With a dimension of 44 x 60, this cover makes sure it perfectly conceals a middle-sized grill.

With other qualities that almost every grill cover has, UV inhibitors are the best ones. The initial purpose of buying a grill cover is to protect the grill from sun exposure, and UV inhibitors are perfect for the job.

Dust and water resistance of this cover is also an inevitable quality. And we shall not ignore its velcro strap! A velcro strap helps keep the cover stick to the grill and supports it during strong windy seasons.

All these qualities make this product worth all the money. It is affordable as compared to other grill covers.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy piece of cloth that is easy to use and even easier to remove, the LiBa cover is for you.

4. Char-Broil Medium Basic Grill Cover

  • This grill cover is designed for almost all middle-sized grills.
  • It is 52 inches wide and 40 inches long.
  • It is perfect for two to three gas and charcoal burners, respectively
  • Its thickness measures to be 24m.
  • It is made from vinyl fabric.

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What we Like!
  • It has a long velcro strap.
  • It has sealed seams to block moisture.
  • It has UV protection.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
Things to Consider!
  • It contains elements that are prohibited by the State of California.


Life without a good cover is soggy and annoying. So, why don’t you get yourself a waterproof grill cover? This Char-broil grill cover is perfectly suitable for Weber Genesis and Spirit series.

It is also apt for Char-broil and other brand grills. This Char-broil grill cover claims to be an all-rounder.

Similar to other grills, this grill has UV resistance, water, and dust resistance. Then, what makes it different from others? It is made from vinyl fabric, which makes it extremely light, weighing less than pound lbs.

But, how does a light fabric make a good cover in a windy season? Well, it has an extra-strong velcro strap. It helps the cover get a perfect fit on the grill.

Also, vinyl fabric is straightforward to clean. Just some soap and water would do the job to perfection. Another exceptional part about this grill cover is that it can easily be placed and removed by anyone, even a kid.

So, if you are looking for a grill cover that is light but durable, look no further. This Char-broil grill is ironically intact for the Weber Genesis and Spirit series.

5. Weber Spirit II 300 Series Grill Cover

  • It is specially designed by Weber for the 300 series grill.
  • It is a UV-resistant cover.
  • It has wide sides to conceal the side-mounted space.
  • Jet black color looks attractive.
  • It comes with a three years warranty.

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What we Like!
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is water and dust-resistant.
  • A velcro strap keeps the cover in place even in a thunderstorm.
Things to Consider!
  • Color might fade away in some weeks.


Weber has the best grills; that is something everyone knows. But did you know that Weber has the best accessories for your grills? Now you do! Weber products are long-lasting and extremely easy to use.

This Weber grill cover is very light in weight and easy to put on and pull off.

However, you might have to tighten the velcro strap to save it in the windy season. Another noteworthy fact about this Weber cover is that it is UV, water, and dust resistant, or it claims to be.

It is suitable for Weber 200 and 300 series. If you own any of these Weber grills, you know which cover to choose. It will perfectly fit your grill without dragging itself on the muddy floor.

The greatest thing about this cover is a THREE years warranty and lifetime customer support. Weber truly showed who’s the boss of grills here.

So, if it causes any trouble in the future, you can know Weber’s door and get your cover replaced by a better one. What a treat for barbecue lovers!

6. Miss Grill 7139 Grill Cover

  • It is designed for both Weber 200 and 300 Weber grills.
  • It comes with a storage bag and a free apron.
  • A 51-inch wide cover to make sure all parts of the grills are concealed.
  • It is made from polyester and has a hydro test of 12000 Pa.
  • It has strong UV inhibitors.

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What we Like!
  • Easy to use.
  • Dust resistant.
  • Heavy PU coating for better water resistance.
  • Durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Rip, dust, and bend resistant.
Things to Consider!
  • Couldn’t find one.


Miss Grill 7139 is no ordinary grill cover. It perfectly fits Weber 300 and 200 series, even those with side-mounted controls. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for Weber E-310 grills.

We absolutely loved this grill because it’s environment friendly, which is a rare factor and appreciable. Also, it has the same features as other grill covers, such as heat, water, and dust resistance.

Not only this, it claims to be one of the most durable covers for Weber grills. And, not to forget the ultra-strong UV Inhibitors to protect from sunlight.

The best aspect of this grill is being made from an easy-to-clean fabric. With a little damp water and some soap, you will be able to make it cleaner than ever.

We have also found out that this grill cover has been stitched perfectly. The oxford polyester fabric can bear pressure up to 12000 pascal, which is AWESOME! Therefore, it becomes rip and bend resistant as well.

So, barbecue lovers, get this Miss Grill cover for your grill if you live in extreme weather conditions. This cover has the capacity to bear everything! What a gorgeous black cover to own.

7. QuliMetal 7139 Grill Cover

  • It is suitable for Weber Spirit 300, Spirit II 300, and Spirit 200 Series with side brackets.
  • It is 51 inches wide.
  • It is manufactured from PU.
  • Vinyl coating for water resistance.
  • Special fade resistance for UV protection.
  • It has been stitched with superior quality

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What we Like!
  • It is waterproof, dust and rip resistant.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is also very durable.
  • It has a fastening strap for a better grip.
  • It gives all-around protection.
Things to Consider!
  • Heavier than others as it weighs around 3lbs.


Ever since I started looking for the best cover for Weber grills, I knew that I had to put it in here. It is perfectly apt for all Weber Spirit Grills.

The best part about this QuliMetal 7130 Grill cover is that it is available in FOUR different sizes. You can find a match for your grill.

Now we are talking about how resistant it is. It has UV resistors, rain, wind, dust, and snow resistors. Being almost everything in this world resistor, this grill cover conveys a message that they take grill protection to another level.

Not to forget that it is rip-resistant as well. The velcro strap is a common feature in all grill covers here, and it is no different here.

This Weber grill cover is a durable one and provides 100% complete protection. Apart from these qualities, it is also easy to clean. QuliMetal grill covers are for those who take grill protection seriously. Grab it now if you also do!

8. CHEFUN 7139 Grill Cover

  • This grill cover is apt for Weber Spirit 200 and 300 grills.
  • It is made from 600D polyester fabric.
  • It has UV inhibitors.
  • It weighs around 2 lbs.

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What we Like!
  • It is so easy to clean that even rain can clean it.
  • Available in six different sizes.
  • It is made from durable material.
  • It has a fastening strap to keep it in place.
Things to Consider!
  • Only suitable for gas grills.


Every grill cover looks similar to each other. It’s their quality that differs them. Chefun grill is a great grill cover that can conceal your grill from all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

Being a light-weighted grill cover, if it were not for their TWO extra strong velcro strap, they would have been flying in the sky.

It is made from polyester, which itself is known for its durability and resistance. So, what is out there which this cover cannot inhibit? Absolutely nothing! It is dust, water, and heat resistant.

This grill cover has made itself a popular product. It is an easy to clean product; just one jug of water would be able to ace the job.

If you are having any second thoughts about this grill cover, you can still have it. Chefun grill cover has a 3 years warranty so that you can live without any worries.

9. Texas Weber Grill Cover

  • It is perfectly suitable for all Weber Spirit II, 300, and 200 series.
  • It is made from PVC.
  • It has four large fastening straps.
  • It comes with a tong and a brush.

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What we Like!
  • It is water, and dust-resistant.
  • It has UV inhibitors to block sunlight.
  • It is durable.
  • It comes with a ONE year guarantee.
Things to Consider!
  • A bit heavy as compared to its peers.


If you live in cities with extreme weather conditions, be it heat, rain, wind, or snow, this Texas grill cover would be your muse. The PVC used in making these grill covers ensures durability and sturdiness.

What we loved about this grill cover is its serious commitment to face weather conditions. While PVC is perfectly apt to resist heat and water, rain still stood as a problem. Therefore, they designed FOUR velcro straps to tie the cover to assess the weather.

You can use it for almost all medium-sized Weber Spirit grills, as the width and height are perfect. It is 52 inches wide and 44.5 inches wide, enough to cover a grill perfectly.

It is pocket-friendly and long-lasting. Buy this if you live in any mountainous region or anywhere! It is just so amazingly designed.

10. X Home Weber Grill Cover

  • It fits perfectly on Weber Spirit grills with 2-3 burners, i.e., medium-sized.
  • It is made from 600D polyester with PVC coating.
  • Four large fastening straps are to die for.
  • It has a mesh air vent on both sides of the grill.

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • It is extremely easy to clean.
  • The PVC coating makes it 100% waterproof.
  • It is enough to conceal a tall grill.
  • Fastening straps make sure your grill does blow away.
Things to Consider!
  • It weighs around 3lbs.


Suppose you are looking for a grill cover perfect for concealing your Weber Spirit grills with 2 or 3 burners. It is 52 inches wide and 43 inches long.

Every grill cover has a unique aspect. For this grill, it would be a mesh air ventilator. It doesn’t let moisture store itself inside and evaporate it by speeding up heat dissipation.

Another absolutely amazing factor of this grill is FOUR velcro straps to fasten the grill cover. It makes sure your grill cover sticks to the grill even in extremely windy weather conditions.

This cover makes sure that your grill is protected from harsh weather. So, if you are looking to buy a waterproof, dust, and heatproof bbq grill cover, X Home is a great choice.

Buyer guide for Weber Grill Cover

Grills are personal favorite equipment bought with love and fondness. Most people keep grills in their backyard, but they worry about ruining their condition. Brands realized this and created barbecue grill covers. Here in this article, we have mentioned the 10 best grill covers for Weber Spirit E-310, which ultimately belongs to the E-300 series.

Most of the covers are suitable for almost all Weber Spirit grills. But, we have different qualities and sizes as they are all different from each other.

Therefore, in this guide, we will look for qualities that an ideal grill cover should have. Qualities that every grill cover mentioned in this article has.


While talking about a Weber grill cover, we look for enough space to conceal the grill in a cover. However, we cannot overlook the fact that we are not looking for drapes. So, the size of the cover has to be perfect. What we meant by perfect is, it should not be small or too big for the grill. All of the above-mentioned grills are designed especially for Weber Spirit E-310 grills.

UV resistance

Another IMPORTANT factor that cannot be overlooked is UV RESISTANCE. Where sunlight is great for living things, it is horrible for some metals. Good UV inhibitors are a primary component to look for in a grill cover.


This is so important! We cannot emphasize much on the importance of waterproof covers. Rain or even a little moisture can destroy your greatest quality grill, be it Weber Spirit E-310 or any other brand. To save your grill from corrosion and rust, water resistance plays a critical role.

Fastening strap

A fastening strap is also a great feature to look for. It will keep the grill in the best condition, even in a thunderstorm. It holds together the grill cover tightly. Many brand covers have one to two velcro straps, while others go up to four velcro straps for customer satisfaction.


Basically, this factor is dependent on the quality of the material and stitching. If the material is made from polyester, it is more likely to last longer than thin plastic. The stitching also plays a vital role in durability. You wouldn’t want your cover to tear off after a day or two. So, note two things, materials and the quality of stitching of the cover. If both factors are on fleek, that cover is an awesome accessory to own.

Dust and drip resistance

Outside accessories have to be tough. They have to have dust resistance and sturdiness. This is a no-brainer! You should always look for a grill cover that offers dust resistance or at least provides a brush to clean the cover. Believe us; your life will get easier.


You wouldn’t want 15 people to help you put a cover on your grill. The ideal weight of a grill cover is around 1.5-2 lbs. This type of cover is easy to use and doesn’t fly like a drape would do. So, now you know what to get!


Lastly, you must give a brief look at the price. Grills covers are usually available under $50, and they are of good quality. So, one thing is for sure; you wouldn’t have to spend loads of money on keeping your grill new. Just figure out your budget and buy one.

Final Verdict

There are loads of grill covers available for different grill brands. But, these grill covers are the best we could find for a Weber Spirit E-310 grill. Some of them come with a guarantee, while others do not. All you have to do is to assess what YOU are looking for and buy it. We hope your grill lasts forever!

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People Also Asked about Weber Grill Cover

These are some of the most frequently asked questions answered.

What is the Best Cover for Weber Spirit E-310?

Here is a list of 10 Best Cover for Weber Spirit E-310 that we have picked as per our editors;

  1. Weber 7138 Premium Cover Spirit II
  2. Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover
  3. LiBa BBQ Gas Grill Cover 7107
  4. Char-Broil Medium Basic Grill Cover
  5. Weber Spirit II 300 Series Grill Cover
  6. Miss Grill 7139 Grill Cover
  7. QuliMetal 7139 Grill Cover
  8. CHEFUN 7139 Grill Cover
  9. Texas Weber Grill Cover
  10. X Home Weber Grill Cover

Should I cover my Weber grill?

Absolutely yes! These grills are designed to cook food, and the metal is created to bear extreme heat. But, water and sunlight can worsen your grill’s condition. It is to prevent rusting and corrosion. If you cover your grills with a good fabric, they will tend to last 10 to 15 years.

What’s the best material for a grill cover?

We consider polyester to be a great material for a grill cover. It is tough and can bear even the harshest weather conditions. Most of the grills mentioned above are made from polyester and coated with PVC (which is a plus point).

Are all covers for Weber grills water-resistant?

Yes, most of them are. It is good to buy products that are waterproof. All of the above mentioned grills are waterproof.

Does a velcro strap really help?

They help more than you can imagine. We have no idea what windy weather could bring. It is good to tightly fasten the velcro strap to not make it blow.

How to clean my grill cover?

It depends on the material used for manufacturing the grill cover. Mostly it is a polyester fabric that is easy to wash. You can wash your grill cover by just pouring some water from the hose or cleaning it with a damp cloth.

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