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A cordless circular saw could be your time-saver and versatile partner tool while repairing/building unless when belongs to the best category.

I have reviewed the most advanced and high-selling circular saws of the markets.

Each product is based on durability and high efficiency through the worker gets complete ease during operation.

You can pick any one of your desiring circulars saw for multi-purposes, including; cutting doors or windows, making shelves, home repairs, DIY things, and many more.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Kobalt 24-Volt Max 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw Brake
Kobalt 24-Volt Max 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw Brake
0-50° bevel with bevel stops allows for non-traditional cutting applications; 6.73-lb ultra-compact design is easy to use, even in tight spaces
SaleBest Value
BOSCH Bare-Tool CCS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 6-1/2-Inch...
BOSCH Bare-Tool CCS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 6-1/2-Inch...
Exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing into the work piece; Heavy-duty aluminum foot and upper guard for enhanced durability on the toughest jobsites
SKIL SPTH77M-11 48V 7-1/4' TRUEHVL Cordless Worm Drive...
SKIL SPTH77M-11 48V 7-1/4" TRUEHVL Cordless Worm Drive...
The first and only cordless Worm Drive saw gives you legendary SKIL power to go anywhere; The convenience of a cordless saw without compromising any Worm Drive power or performance

10 Best Cordless Circular Saws

Here is my list of top rated cordless circular saws with batteries and charger;

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Circular Saw | Top Pick

  • Brushless motor
  • 100 cross cuts in one pine
  • up to 57 degrees bevel capacity
  • 3 year limited warranty

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What we Like!
  • User friendly
  • Noiseless
  • Works smooth
  • Great ease
Things to Consider!
  • Quite expensive


Dewalt machines are just incredible when they come to the repairing and building field. The 20V MAX Cordless Circular Saw is specially made for professionals.

Through this saw, anyone may complete his tough and tricky reaping/cutting tasks in a short time. This machine will never make you disappoint when you use it.

The engineers of Dewalt have made this machine with a brushless motor that gives 5200Rpm. The motor can maintain its speed under load, although the machine can cut (2X4) 100 times within one pine.

The 20V MAX has an advanced blade that can cut into 2-9/16″ depth with a 7-1/4″ long blade. This machine is only 8lbs weight means no more tiredness during use.

The bevel capacity of this circular saw is about 57 degrees through the user gets great ease.

Dewalt gives a 3-year limited warranty on this circular saw, and you may repair the machine if you see any technical fault in the machine within this time period.

This is a cordless saw, so the battery voltage is 20 if we measure without workload; otherwise, nominal voltages are 18.

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2. WORX WX523L Plunge Circular Saw

  • 1.5Ah battery and 5-hour charger,
  • 3-3/8″ inches long blade
  • Safety trigger
  • No-load speed of 2300 rpm
  • 4.4lbs weigh

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What we Like!
  • Well made
  • Affordable
  • Durable tool
  • Works well
Things to Consider!
  • Get hot after prolong


Normally a traditional saw can be unwieldy and bulky due to its long tangled cord.

If you are looking for a reasonable and lightweight saw, then here we have an excellent advanced saw by WORX manufacturing company.

The WORX WX523L is basically a plunge saw that meets all your repairing requirements. This simple cordless circular saw is made for beginners those who are interested in making DIY things.

The WX523L plunge saw is always ready to work with its advanced mechanism.

Through this saw, the user may perform small to medium plunge cutting tasks.

For serious woodworkers, this machine will give them a creamy experience. 1.5Ah battery with charger runs this machine smoothly for many hours.

One hex key for switching out the blade, 24T carbide-tipped blade, vacuum adapter with the parallel guide are given in this machine. In short, now a user gets experience smooth and sleek operation by having this machine.

With its no-load speed of 2300 rpm, this circular can achieve high speed than the larger saws due to the thinner blade laying less strain on the motor.

All this system makes the motor light and able to work for more time. The WX523L circular saw is only 4.4lbs heavy means no more tiredness while working.

Now, you can carry this saw for outdoor works because it is light and portable.

It comes with a safety trigger that makes this machine safer for all-time use. Through its left side blade, you may cut as per your own wish.

This blade will not need any measurement or guessing, but it will give you accurate cuts compared to a traditional saw.

3. Ridgid OCTANE Cordless Brushless Circular Saw

  • Battery Powered
  • Integrated accessory rail
  • 18 volts
  • Vacuum Attachment
  • Bare-tool
  • 11lbs weigh

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What we Like!
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to carry
  • Affordable machine
  • Well made
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for toughest cutting tasks


The rigid manufacturing brand presents OCTANE cordless circular saw with a brushless motor. This is an amazing saw equipped with all functional features.

Silver with orange color contrast makes this machine attractive for all.

The total weight of this machine is only 11lbs, which is an ideal weight as a saw. As the Ridgid OCTANE is a cordless saw, it is powered by a battery requiring 18 volts to run smoothly.

Its portable design and compact body make this machine favorite for many workers.

The designers have tried to give many more unexceptional features to this cordless saw. Usually, it provides the best-in-class brushless motor technology for the user.

This machine is highly considerable for industrial works because, through this saw, you may have 2-11/16 inches cuts in depth.

As compared to the previous brushless unit, this model genuinely delivers 30% more power.

Rigid offers you some accessories in the box, including; rail, Blade Wrench, Vacuum Attachment, Dust Chute, and Blade.

Through its rail, you may attach its rafter hook for easy placing.

This one is an affordable circular that you may gift to your craftsman friend. For easy shopping, this one is available on Amazon means no more worry about shopping.

4. SKILSAW SPTH77M-11 TRUEHVL Cordless Circular Saw

  • TRUEHVL 48V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 11.69lbs
  • TRUEHVL 380W Quick Charger
  • Brushless motor
  • Magnesium construction
  • Worm Drive Gearing

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What we Like!
  • Well designed
  • Durable machine
  • Looks good
Things to Consider!
  • Quire heavy


This machine is designed by silk saw, a manufacturing brand that gives quality and sufficient results. This one is the only cordless saw by this brand equipped with a worm drive means now you may need great power for any task.

This circular saw is easy to use and simple to carry.

It comes with a brushless motor to respond to challenging works. It works smoothly by boosting power torque. SPTH77M-11 is powered with a TRUEHVL battery and tended to be cool while working.

This machine’s intelligent power management optimizes and notifies each cell that means no more worry for prolonged use.

It can give you the innovative and ultimate performance for difficult cutting tasks with its fully charged battery.

No problem if you are in a hurry and want to charge this battery fast; within an hour, the TRUEHVL 48V Lithium-Ion Battery will be charged.

Its durable body and advanced mechanism make this considerable for everyone. The brand offers you an admirable and super convenient circular saw at a negotiable price.

The electric brake is one of the most fascinating features that make this machine significant.

It never compromises on the work though you will be satisfied with its fast and smooth working.

The Skilsaw TRUEHVL circular saw is best for repairing and building wooden structures.

5. Bosch CCS180B Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

  • Top-of-the-line muscle
  • Variable bevel for quick bevel cuts
  • Long-lasting build

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What we Like!
  • Versatile machine
  • Maneuverable saw
  • Powerful
  • Durability confirmed
Things to Consider!
  • Battery and charger sold separately


Bosch machines are most demanded in the market, so here we are going to include an amazing circular saw by Bosch. The machine that we are going to review has great popularity in the repairing field.

It is a cordless saw and powered by a lithium battery that runs on 18-volts to run smoothly. The 6-1/2-inch long saw blade makes this saw workable for the toughest tasks.

The CC180 machine is best for professionals because it can cut within 2 inches thick material at 45 degrees bevel.

Additionally, the CCS180 Bosch circular saw has a left blade design that gives you great ease and great precision of cut line when using whether the main handle is for the right hand.

This machine’s extra features are an anti-snag lower guard for easy cutting workpiece; a 50-degree bevel range is available in the machine for a high range of bevel applications.

You’ll have easy blade change and ease in this machine to read the depth of cut and bevel scales in this machine. It comes with sturdy aluminum and an upper guard to enhance the durability of hard-cutting jobs. The electronic brake quickly stops the blade for reducing time while making tedious cuts.

Bosch CCS180B has a heavy-duty Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) that secures the motor against overload, which means a long life for both motor and cell.

The machine is specially made for those people who won’t have to overheat and deep to discharge.

6. EnerTwist 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

  • One-Hand Operation
  • Plunge & Bevel Cuts
  • Easy to Transport and Maneuver
  • Fast Accurate Cutting

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What we Like!
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Looks good
  • Best for simple repairing tasks
Things to Consider!
  • Not suggested for complex jobs


If you are looking for a sleek and smooth circular saw at an affordable price, why don’t you try EnerTwist 20V max. This is a highly optimized machine made for one-handed users.

It can actually cut 2×4’s within a single pass. The machine is simple to maneuver and easy to use, though you’ll have accurate cuts at your depth.

It comes with a compact design weighing only 4.5lbs; its volume is less than a regular saw means no more tiredness within the operation.

The blade size is about 4-2/1 inches, and the no speed is up to 3,500 RPM means ideal for multi-purpose cutting tasks.

You may consider this machine for tile, softwoods, drywall, plastic sheets, and soft boards.

This is a fantastic mini circular saw that people love to buy and use for their personal uses. For nominal cuts, EnerTwist 20V is the best option to choose from.

It offers you easeful working time and completes portability at a negotiable price.

You may try this mini saw for tight spaces; the other corded traditional EnerTwist 20V will satisfy you anyway.

In this, you’ll have an adjustable cutting depth at 45 to 90 degrees means no more worry about repairing things and making models.

Additionally, the brand has made this machine with an easy set depth gauge lever and 0-45 degree bevel settings for fast installment. For high precision, don’t forget its laser and parallel guides through the user can cut accurately.

In this, you’ll have a left-sided blade design that offers great visibility for the exact cut line, and its safety switch is especially merged in this tool to provide comfort and control.

In the box of EnerTwist 20V, you are going to have a Vacuum Adapter, Allen Key, Diamond Blade, 60T Soft-metal Blade, and 24T Carbide-tipped Blade.

Before order, never forgets 2 years warranty by the Entertwist brand that gives on the mechanism.

7. BLACK & DECKER BDCCS20B 20-volt Max Circular Saw

  • 5.5inches blade length
  • Battery-powered
  • Require 20 volts
  • High torque motor
  • 45 and 90 degrees bevel adjustments
  • Tool-Free Depth of Cut

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Maximum timing
  • Portability guaranteed
  • Best for repairing
Things to Consider!
  • No more color choice


In the range of best cordless circular saws, how can we forget the BDCCS20B 20-volt Max Circular Saw by Blackdecker? In this machine, everything is given that is a must for a circular saw.

It is an exceptional tool that is specially made for cutting and repairing.

BDCCS20B has a high torque motor with a more than 5 inches long sharp blade. With the combination of this sharp blade and high torque motor, you get a fast cutting experience for different cuts.

This machine comes with a tool-free depth of cut-through; users get simple depth installments. You will get easy bevel adjustments with given detents at 45 to 90 degrees in this circular saw.

Its compact design and sturdy body are some of its admirable features. The simple structure and quality mechanism make this BDCCS20B saw easy to use.

After purchasing this saw, once you have to buy a battery and charger separately, it means no more restriction on the machine.

This is one of the attractive uncommon tool that is made for affection with great perfection.

8. Kobalt 24-Volt Max | Best Cordless Compact Circular Saw

  • Blade length of 6.5 Inches
  • 5400 RPM speed
  • 8.2lbs weight
  • Battery-powered

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What we Like!
  • Looks good
  • Well designed
  • Advanced features
  • Affordable machine
Things to Consider!
  • Quite heavy


Kobalt is one of the famous manufacturing companies that make innovative machines. In the range of saws, the Kobalt cordless circular saw is a best-selling product in the market.

This one is an awesome saw carrying a lot of functioning and advanced features.

Kobalt 24-Volt Max is a battery-powered circular saw carrying 8 lbs weight; it means no more worry of tiredness for many hours. Blue, silver, and black color contrast is making this saw most wondering by its looks.

You will have 0 to 50 degrees manure along with several bevel stops as speed breakers in this machine. You may use these bevels for hard or non-traditional cuts.

This machine comes with an ultra-compact design that gives you the complete ease and great satisfaction while working. People are considering this machine for tight or small spaces.

The Kobalt 24-Volt Max has an electric brake that halts brake blade rotation while the trigger is released for further security.

This machine is integrated with an LED that gives users precision while cutting in darker workshops.

This circular saw is compatible with Kobalt batteries and chargers that you can buy separately.

The machine is not including both of these in the box. The brushless motor by Kobalt permits you to work with 5,400-RPM.

The spindle lock gives in this machine through you may experience a secure task. 5 years of warranty is one of the notable features that Kobalt offers.

9. Genesis GLCS2055A Cordless Battery-Powered Circular Saw

  • Laser cutting guide
  • Electric brake
  • 18T Carbide-Tipped Blade
  • Motor Power 20V DC
  • 2 Year Manufacturing warranty

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Affordable machine
  • Portable design
  • Ideal for repairing
  • Built for building
Things to Consider!
  • Not able to cut harder materials


Our second last product is presented by Genesis manufacturing company. This machine is highly advanced and made for easy and simple tasks.

Through this GLCS2055A circular saw, you can quickly cut over 2X materials.

This is weighing only 7lbs that allows you to work without any tiredness for many hours. In this machine, a laser cutting guide is also included for accuracy and fast alignment.

In this machine, you’ll have more power and extra running time than the traditional time of NI-CAD. The battery can make you wonder by its 18 months charge holding quality.

The electric brake is given in Genesis GLCS2055A to give you security while making or repairing things.

The will to have Blade Wrench, 18T Carbide-Tipped Blade, Battery, Charger, and Rip Guide; means everything you need into in the box.

It comes with a sturdy motor that requires 20 volts that can run up to 4k RPM. The total charging time is about 3 to 5 hours, and then you’ll be able to cut for the next few hours.

Further, its 2 years manufacturing warranty and US-Based customer care support is some of my favorite features of Genesis GLCS2055A.

10. Makita Cordless Circular Saw | Editor’s Choice

  • Electric brake
  • Die-cast magnesium base
  • Blade guard and blade cover
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT)
  • Dust and water resistance

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Highly recommended
  • Durability confirmed
  • Best for professionals
  • Advanced features
Things to Consider!
  • Quite heavy


If you are looking for an advanced circular saw for tricky jobs, let men introduce you to our last suggested best circular saw by the Makita manufacturing brand.

Makita is actually meant to be free of cord though the majority of machines by this brand are cordless.

Makita XSH06PT saw has everything that should be in a standard saw. It comes with brushless motor technology with battery novelty.

These features are tended with each other all you need to have two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries to run this machine smoothly.

Its brushless motor matches RPM and torque to the material. Simply this machine is highly demanded, cutting a variety of sheets and also dimensional lumber.

Both of these are mainly tended to be cut with corded saw traditionally.

The machine is tested that can be made up to 600 cross-cuts per charge. For 2×4 SPF lumber, all you have to need is 2 charged 5.0Ah batteries.

Some of its extra features are larger capacity for up to 2-11/16″ inches at 90 degrees. The electric brake is also one of its notable features that are especially given for maximum productivity.

Motor housing, die-cast magnesium base, and die-cast aluminum blade cover are jointly making this circular saw durable.

As compared to the other heavy-duty circular saws, Makita XSH06PT is only weighed.

It is made with a dust blower that clarifies cuts and cleanness within working for precision. It has an expanding world’s largest cordless tool system that insists you buy and use this machine.

The batteries can charge in a short time means now you can charge this tool for emergency jobs.

Buying Guide for Cordless Circular Saws

According to experts, a circular saw that we prefer for building and repair should be based on considerable things.

Brushless Motor

A cordless circular saw must have brushless motor technology. Some people think that a brushless motor is a trendy market feature, but this technology is going well since it is introduced.

It actually reduces the friction complicated with brushes, whether it is more powerful and gives long battery timing. As compared to the brushed motor saws, a brushless motor circular saw is more powerful and advanced.

The left-sided Blade is Right.

Often people get confused about which sided blade is better for relaxing jobs. It is all up to users’ demand, whether left-handed or right-handed, as per the engineers. The left-hand blade design is preferable for right-handed people, and the right-hand blade designed is good for left-handed people.


As a circular saw is mainly used for building and repairing, and as compare to the other saws, circular saws take less time for cutting workpieces. Although never focused on the weight, you can choose a saw with 8 to 10lbs weight.

Wrap Up

A circular saw is a useful tool for building and repairing anything wooden. Not only wood, but you may use a circular for different materials too and make cross cuts on. Usually, two types of circular saws are in the market corded and cordless. Some people’s cords may confuse them by getting tangled, so they want to have a cordless saw. If you are also one of those, then don’t worry. This review article has included the top 10 best circular saws that can be deliberate for building structures and repairing.

All our suggested saws are most innovative and wonder that you may purchase Amazon at a negotiable price. Our suggested products are based on some basic facts. If you are still confused about choosing your best one, you may have a slight look at the given buying guide.

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People Also Asked for Cordless Circular Saws

Here are top questions that people ask on different forums;

How well do Cordless Circular Saws work?

A cordless saw is the best option for smaller and thinner materials that you use in repairing and building structures. This saw will work well for drywall and plywood. However, the lithium-ion batteries ‘ arrival malformed circular saws into the most powerful tool compared to the previous versions. By inspiring power, people highly consider cordless circular saws as compare to the traditional corded saw.

How long does a Cordless Circular saw last?

If you properly maintain a cordless circular saw, then it can last for many years fairly. In maintenance, you have to keep your saw clean and charged to avoid overcharge. Also, avoid using your machine for any harder surfaces. If you are going to use your machine daily, then the life span will definitely decrease.

Should I buy a Corded or Cordless Circular Saw?

I must say both types of circular saws are highly admirable and useful for building and repairing. The corded saw is mainly made for high professionals. Whether for a beginner or in extended use, a cordless saw is the best option to choose. It is all up to you that which types of materials you will cut, like thinner and soft material (for cordless circular saw) or harder and thicker (for corded circular saw.)

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