6 Best CNC Router Under 2000 Reviews & Buying Guide

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CNC routers have made it easy to own a CNC machine for your business.

There are much cheaper CNC routers, but if you are looking for serious business, you can get a router in the range of 2000$.

CNC routers are mini, pre-assembled, and DIY router kits available in the market to allow a hobbyist or a weekend warrior to engrave and carve at the comfort of his home.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

BobsCNC Quantum Mini CNC Router Kit with the Router Included...
BobsCNC Quantum Mini CNC Router Kit with the Router Included...
A rigid laser cut 5-Ply Baltic Birch frame with SG20U supported rail system.; NEMA 17 Stepper Motors and Home switches on all axes with a Self-Squaring Gantry.

6 Best CNC Router Under 2000 Reviews

Here is a list of Best CNC Router Under 2000 that we have picked as per our editors;

1. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit

  • Cutting area: 24″*24″*3.3″
  • Collet: ¼”
  • Weight: 58 Pounds
  • Software: GRBL
  • Cutting depth: 85 mm

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What we Like!
  • Arduino-based microprocessor.
  • Compatible with Window, Raspberry Pi, Linux, OSX.
  • Can cut 3.3″ deep.
Things to Consider!
  • Assembly is time-consuming.
  • noisy.


Bob wants you to unleash your creativity with its high-quality CNC routers that you can get just by maintaining your budget constraints. Bearing all the key features of a standard CNC router, this one strikes the users with its comparatively larger working area to cut through long stock.

Suppose your computer OS is either  Windows, Linux, or OSX, this one for you. Thanks to its Arduino-based microprocessor that supports Java-based Universal G-code Sender to run on your PCs as well as Laptops. By downloading the right software, you would be able to create your desired projects.

Along with this, this CNC router uses straight, vee, and rounded bits that have a collet size of ¼”. So make sure to install only bits with ¼” or suitable shaft size.

Even though the machine takes more than one day to assemble all of its parts to start working, all your efforts are paid off when you get precise gantry orientation and safety limits to make routing a bit of a process.

If you’re a starter, this machine is great for you to take baby steps into the world of CNC machining.

2. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit

  • Cutting Area: 16″*18″*3.3″
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Software: universal Gcode
  • Cutting depth: 83.8 mm

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What we Like!
  • Great for beginners.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Extremely affordable router kit.
Things to Consider!
  • Does not support Mach3.
  • Louder machine.


Unlike Evolution 4, which comes with an extended cutting area, this router has a small working area to cut small workpieces. If you’re a starter, this one is feature-rich and is reasonably priced.

After assembling, it becomes a breeze to engrave on wood stocks or other soft materials. Along x and y-axes, it gets the job done precisely, but along the z-axis, the shaft never aligns completely and makes routing somehow inaccurate.

Another great feature of this router is its ¾” MDF spoil board that has 20 threaded inserts.

If you don’t want to invest in a high-budget CNC router kit for your CNC projects, this one will be your go-to. The kit comes with a router, stepper motors, electronics, and software controllers to make routing a cakewalk for the novices. Along with this, all of these units, when combined, take routing to the next level.

The best thing about this CNC router is its cutting capacity of 3.3″ deep. So if your CNC stock is thick and you want to engrave deeper, this 3-axis router will get the job done for you.

3. MYSWEETY CNC 3018Pro MAX Engraver

  • Cutting Area: 300*180*45 mm
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Collet: ER11
  • Software: Arduino GRBL1.1
  • Cutting depth: 40mm

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What we Like!
  • 52mm air-cooled shaft.
  • 4040 aluminum frame.
  • Offline control system.
Things to Consider!
  • Spindle chatters a lot when cutting thicker stock.


This CNC router is an upgraded version of the CNC 3018 router and, obviously, has got some better and advanced features. The good news is it’s better and improved construction quality.

Unlike its previous version made up of mostly plastic material, all aluminum is built to last longer. So the reliability of this router is out of the question.

With its average-sized working area now coming to its performance, this one allows you to engrave medium-sized stock and wood pieces with ease.

Unlike its predecessor, this one bears a more powerful spindle motor and has also got improvisation regarding its 3 axes to drive transmission.

Be it engraving and carving any soft material such as paper, plastic, ivory, wood, etc., this one delivers the precision and accuracy matches to none. On the other hand, for engraving hard surfaces, this one may break the deal.

What else? The package comes with an engraving router, router bits, CNC  clamps, extension rod, and an offline controller.

So if you’re a beginner and want to assemble your CNC router for your first machining task, this one has everything that you need to build your first CNC router machine.

4. SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine

  • Cutting Area: 300*180*45 mm
  • Weight: 21.4 pounds
  • Collet: â…›”
  • Software: GRBL
  • Cutting depth: 45mm

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What we Like!
  • 1.8″ display offline controller.
  • Acrylic baffles to keep the stock lock.
  • Hassle-free assembly.
Things to Consider!
  • Not ideal for engraving thick materials.


Being a beginner in the world of CNC machining, you don’t want to drive yourself crazy by assembling a router for a day or two. Right? This CNC router will take you straightforwardly into the world of routing since it requires minimal assembly.

Owning a CNC router is a costly investment; therefore, you must not compromise on the built quality of your machine. Take a sigh of relief as this machine bears all-aluminum construction to stand against wear as well as last for many years to come.

For setting it apart from its competitors, this machine features a motor that cuts while remaining ultra-quiet. Apart from its smooth cutting capacity, this one gets one step higher with its deeper cutting capacity to cut a workpiece 4″ deep.

The hobbyists prefer using this machine to carve intricate designs and patterns on ornaments and furniture.

An offline controller requires no connectivity to the computer while the router is performing its job.

Make your g-code file and use a microSD card to install the file. Now plug the card into the offline controller, and the rest is your 3D printing design on a material.

5. MYSWEETY 3018 DIY CNC Router Kit

  • Cutting Area: 300*180*45 mm
  • Collet: ER11
  • Weight: 16.49 pounds
  • Software: GRBL
  • Cutting depth: 0-30mm

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What we Like!
  • Excellent choice for professionals.
  • Compatible with Windows OS.
  • Cuts acrylics, wood, plastic, PVC, etc.
Things to Consider!
  • learning curve.


There is no shortage of high-quality CNC routers in the market, and this one is no exception. For hobbyists, this machine works excellent and engraved little projects effortlessly.

Calibrating this machine requires a machinist to know the nitty-gritty of CNC. However, if you’re a master in your field, this little giant will be a lifesaver. The more and more you use it, the maximum results you will get.

If your computer supports Mach3 software, this one is not for you. It uses GRBL software and is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 10 versions.

Bearing an Arduino microprocessor chip, stepper and drivers, CNC bits, and other parts will allow you to do milling and designing efficiently.

The machine impresses a user with its durable construction, making it stand against wear. But be mindful some parts are plastic made and can cause flex when cutting too deep in a pass.

Even though this router is slightly lightweight and wobbles when cutting thicker and industrial-grade jobs, the reasonable price tag makes it worth investing in.


Best CNC Router Machine under 2000

  • Cutting Area: 160*100*45mm
  • Collet: ER11
  • Weight: 10.88 Pounds
  • Software: GRBL
  • Cutting depth: 45mm

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What we Like!
  • Supports G-code
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Excellent choice for small projects.
Things to Consider!
  • Never supports Mach3.
  • The machine is prone to jamming.


With its smaller footprint, this machine is a great choice for any professional who knows how to assemble the machine for working. At a low price, this one has plenty of features to make engraving hassle-free.

Since it’s a mini routing machine, it bears a relatively smaller engraving area of 160*100 mm. Therefore if your CNC routing project involves cutting and engraving small workpieces, this one is the guy you need for.

Most hobbyists use a router supporting standard GRBL software to connect to their personal computers and laptops with Windows OS. This one utilizes GRBL software to make routing a phenomenal thing.

Having a complete grasp and authority over the unit and its software is a prerequisite, and if you’re a beginner and don’t possess sound knowledge, this one is quite excruciating.

But once you set it to work, this mini workhorse can route little projects fairly well. For this money, it is worth its price.

CNC router under 2000

Things to look for while buying a CNC router under 2000;

When you plan to invest in a CNC router, you should look for certain factors that meet your budget and needs. The essential elements that you should look for include the following:

Automatic tool changing function

If you are buying a CNC router for an industrial purpose, you should seek a CNC router that comes with an automatic tool-changing function.

It’s because it makes your work easy and allows you to change the tools immediately at production times. It’s highly recommended to buy automatic tool changer systems for CNC routers as it saves your time and offers an efficient cutting experience with minimal chances of errors.

However, if you work as a hobbyist or a beginner, you don’t need this too.

Other than that, you must know how to use the software in CNC and what they do. Plus, you need to update the software to indulge in precise cuts regularly.

If you plan on producing any complex parts, you should try getting hands-on special software.

Size of the motor in the CNC router

If you are using CNC routers for business or in industries, it’s best advised to choose CNC routers that come with servo motors and high torque capacity, allowing you to work at high-speed operation.

Such motors are not too loud when you use them. Servo motors are designed so that they don’t heat up, plus they are highly efficient. On the other hand, stepper motors are cheaper and work over high torque and medium for low speeds.

The movement of such motors is based on the pulses. You won’t receive any feedback in terms of real-time location. The stepper motors are easy to use plus easy to install.

They last for a longer time and won’t undergo any damage if overloaded. However, they are loud when you work on them at high to moderate speeds. Pick the CNC router that requires minimal supervision with efficient functioning and specific cutting skills.


The spindle within the CNC router performs the cutting job using a cutting tool.

The spindle is available in several shapes and sizes. You can easily use it for heavy cuts considering factors like application and cycle time.

Ensure to check the capacity of your CNC router’s spindle before you invest in one. Examine the motor type of your spindle, its torque, and power requirements.


Heavy CNC machines are highly durable and stable compared to lighter ones. Choose the machine which is not that heavy but ensures being compatible, durable, and long-lasting.

If you move the machine regularly, then choose the lightweight one.

Vacuum System

When you plan on buying CNC routers under 2000, choose the one that comes with the capacity on the table holding down your favorite materials.

The vacuum pressure in the CNC router determines the heaviness of the materials it can have. CNC routers produce a tremendous amount of dust, sawdust, and metal shavings.

So make sure you know the amount of dust produced by your machine, determining the space where you need to place the vacuum system for keeping your production house clean.

Place the computer at a distance from the CNC router so that you protect it against dust but make sure it’s easily accessible.

Router Size

When buying the CNC router, choose the perfect one for your current and further future needs. Choose the one which works well in meeting your needs.

If you are running a small business or working as a hobbyist, you can opt for a smaller machine. If you are running a vast business and don’t want a limited amount of production, you should seek a huge CNC router that comes with enough room to accommodate your choice of large materials.

Software for CNC router

When you buy the CNC router, you need to check whether it comes with advanced software or not, as CNC machines are all about digital tooling.

Moreover, it’s best to check the CNC router software, which comes with regular updates, efficiency, and ultimate accuracy.

Incredible features

Get your hands on the CNC router, which comes with immense features. Choose the machine which is efficient and highly productive. The machine should be such that it doesn’t need much supervision.


Seek the CNC router that comes with durable bits. To keep the bits sharp, you need to maintain them with ultimate care properly.

Final Verdict

Getting the best CNC router under $2000 is difficult until you don’t step into the market to explore the most appropriate one for your machining needs. Only a performance-delivering machine is capable of delivering the results you’re craving for.

Routing becomes real fun when you put all the machine parts together in symmetry.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Router Under 2000$

Here are a few questions that people need to know about Routers under 2000;

What is the Best CNC Router Under 2000?

Here is a list of Best CNC Router Under 2000 that we have picked as per our editors;

  1. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit
  2. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit
  3. MYSWEETY CNC 3018Pro MAX Engraver
  4. SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine
  5. MYSWEETY 3018 DIY CNC Router Kit
  6. MYSWEETY DIY CNC Router Kits

What are the types of CNC routers?

CNC routers include 3 axes, 4 axes, 5 axis, and 6 axis routers. They can quickly cut 3D parts precisely. Spindle featured in 5 axis CNC routers spins in additional dual planes. The 4 axis CNC routers come with a turntable where they are attached with a cutting bed or spindle head. 3 axis CNC routers can cut materials within a 3D form, having limited depth in dimensions.

5 axis CNC routers, on the other hand, are expensive and come with efficient, artistic applications plus prototyping. You need specific knowledge regarding software for operating such machines.

Which materials can be easily cut by the CNC routers?

If there is no handheld router for cutting materials you work upon, you can use a CNC router. Such machines can cut a diverse range of materials like plywood, steel, hardwood, plastics, metal, fiberglass, foam, aluminum, acrylic, or composites.

When buying a CNC router, which size should you opt for?

It varies on the type of work you plan on doing and why you will need the machine for upcoming years. A larger CNC router measuring around 4×8” serves well for users who plan on cutting full sheets. The machine, which is smaller in size, works well for creating small parts. So, it all depends on your personal preferences.

Is it necessary to learn G code and other programming languages for using a CNC router?

No, it’s not necessary as you can import pictures and drawings with designing files. You can also manipulate the images in the software, resulting in the formation of G code required by the CNC router for cutting the parts.

What is the ultimate difference between a CNC router and a CNC spindle?

Both of them hold and rotate the router bit for cutting materials at high speed. Spindles serve as industrial motors helping in cutting in the production process. However, routers with 110V consumer-grade are to be used intermittently.

Spindles feature precision bearing making them more potent than the CNC routers. Spindle machines maintain torque at low RPMs. Moreover, the hp ratings are not equal in spindle and CNC router.

What is the ultimate difference between a CNC mill and a CNC router?

Both these terms are used interchangeably for each other, but they come for specific purposes and are distinctive machines.

CNC router, for instance, is used for cutting hardwood, model foam, plastics, plus soft materials. Some routers are also capable of machining aluminum which is utilized for engraving.

The spindle of CNC routers rotates at 20000 RPM having low torque at times of cutting material. CNC routers also offer a considerable working space to work in the X, Y, and Z-axis. CNC routers are less stiff, and it varies based on prices.

On the other hand, CNC mills are pretty expensive and come with a price range of around $10000 or more. CNC mills can machine all sorts of metal like aluminum alloys, steel, or precious metals. Spindles of CNC mills run at a slower speed or around 1000 RPM. They cut precisely with tenths of a millimeter based on the tool quality, machine, and talent.

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