Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Doors

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The circular saw is the main instrument for a specialist or an amateur wood or metal workshop.

In the cuts you produce, a good circular saw blade gives a fantastic finish and increases the productivity of your work.

These blades are specially designed for the task, regardless of whether the door is made of plywood, hardwood, or other wooden material.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Dremel US500-01 Ultra-Saw 4-Inch Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel...
Dremel US500-01 Ultra-Saw 4-Inch Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel...
Premium Swiss made Carbide wheel cutting grit for high performance cutting.; Highest-quality engineered wood and plastic cutting wheel
SaleBest Value
Rockwell RW9232K VersaCut 3-piece Circular Saw Blade Set ,...
Rockwell RW9232K VersaCut 3-piece Circular Saw Blade Set ,...
3 pack variety pack of blades for VersaCut circular saw; 1 #60 grit diamond blade; 1 44T HSS blade
Flooring & Tiling Blade Crain Diamond Undercut Saw Blade
Flooring & Tiling Blade Crain Diamond Undercut Saw Blade
For use with SuperSaw models 812, 820 and 825; Use for brick, concrete, stone, marble, granite and more

10 Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Doors

Here we have reviewed 10 of the best circular saw blades for you to choose from. Besides, to get a better understanding to help ease the process, read the buying guide.

If you search for a circular saw blade for any wood, MDF, or some other material, including metals, we are here to help you out in this buying process.

1. Dremel US500-01 Ultra-Saw Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel

  • Carbide cutting grit
  • 4.62 x 5.35 x 0.36 inches
  • 22.68 Grams weighs
  • For soft and hardwood

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What we Like!
  • High performance
  • Longer lasting
  • Requires no excessive pressure
Things to Consider!
  • Not for heavy plywood


The circular saw blade is specially made to cut various wood materials. The materials include various soft and hardwood, plywood, composites, laminate flooring, drywall, PVC, and plastic.

For high performance, wood cutting the blade has a carbide cutting grit. It also has a segmented carbide design that cuts two times faster and lasts two times longer than its competitor.

Cutting wood does not require extra pressure and effort. The tool works efficiently to provide smooth and precise cuts.

The blade has a diameter of 3.9 inches with a maximum speed of 15,000 Rotations Per Minute. This much speed is to ensure the cuts that are unmatchable.

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2. Marshalltown Crain Diamond Undercut Saw Blade

  • For SuperSaw models 812, 820 and 825
  • safe speed 10,000 RPM
  • The finest commercial grade
  • for brick, concrete, stone, marble, granite
  • Not for cutting steel or aluminum

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What we Like!
  • 6-1/2 diameter
  • Diamond blade
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty
Things to Consider!
  • Not for metals


The flooring and tiling blades of Marshalltown were specifically built for the SuperSaw brand. With various models, you can use this blade .i.e. 812,820 and 825, respectively.

The blade is fine for cutting bricks, asphalt, blocks, marble, granite, and much more. It delivers such fine cuts with unmatchable accuracy.

The blade is not appropriate for cutting steel or aluminum. It can decrease the lifetime of the blade and cause serious damage.

The blade has an amazingly secure top speed of 10,000 RPM. The blade is made of the best commercial-grade material; the blade is durable and tough due to this. The life of the blade can be improved by cautious and sensible use.

3. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter & Table Saw Blades

  • Tougher tungsten carbide
  • Thin kerf
  • Computer-balanced plate
  • for the miter saw and slide miter saw
  • maintains a true edge

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What we Like!
  • stays sharp
  • durable material
  • fast and smooth cutting
  • improved accuracy
Things to Consider!
  • Poor value for money


The blades come in a pack of two. It is indeed a good buy. Due to its tougher Tungsten carbide, it stays sharp for a considerable long period.

The arbor size is 5/8″, and because of its thin kerf, it gives smooth and rapid cutting.

The cuts it gives are excellent and precise.

The blade is balanced with precision on computer-guided machines.

This computer-balanced blade has no vibrations that increase the life of the machine as well as the cuts and is fine and smooth.

The blades are specifically made for the miter saw and slide miter saw jobs. Choosing this product makes life convenient.

4. IRWIN Tools Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 10-inch

  • Laser-cut blade
  • anti-vibration vents
  • carbide teeth

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What we Like!
  • smooth and accurate cuts
  • withstand impact
  • longer blade life
  • lower cost per cut
Things to Consider!
  • Only for metal


This circular saw blade is a laser-cut tool with anti-vibration vents that are clean, smooth, and precise because it does not heat up.

The blade has an extended life due to its metal cutting-grade carbide teeth. The blade can withstand any impact as well as it has reduced wear and tear.

The blade is entirely different from any abrasive cutting wheel in the market. It does not grind and cut the metal instead, it delivers a smooth cut keeping the metal cool and easy to touch.

The cost per cut is comparatively lower than abrasive wheels because it is made of sturdy and durable material.

5. Oshlun 60 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with Arbor

  • Fits: 6-1/2-Inch Saws
  • Negative Hook Angle
  • Triple Chip Tooth Grind
  • Professional Grade C-1 Carbide
  • Heat Vents

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What we Like!
  • Lasts longer
  • Burr free cuts
  • Cooler operation
  • 60 teeth
Things to Consider!
  • Needs coolant


This blade is specially designed for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, silver, copper, bronze, and hard plastics of any kind.

The blade is produced to provide a smooth and consistent cut with precision ground micro grain tungsten carbide tips and a triple chip tooth setup.

The specially crafted carbide for the manufacturing of this blade makes this instrument last for a longer period.

Thanks to its heat vents, the blade remains fully cold throughout the cutting process, which does not cause the blade to absorb heat in it.

The blade has sixty teeth and is 6-1/2 inches in diameter. It will suit better on 5/8 inch arbor-bearing units.

As a safety measure, for a good and smooth cut, the metal that needs cutting should be firmly clamped into the clamping system and any lubricant or coolant should be applied. Using this would raise the blade’s life significantly.

6. TWIN-TOWN 80 Tooth TCG Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metal Blade

  • Made of tungsten carbide.
  • tungsten carbide teeth
  • Expansion slots
  • Sharp cutting edges
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents

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What we Like!
  • Maximum resistance
  • 2X longer life
  • Runs straight and true.
  • Fast, smooth cuts.
Things to Consider!
  • Thickness


With eighty sharp teeth, this Twin- Town circular saw blade is ten inches in diameter. The blade fits snugly on the arbor of 5/8 inch.

The blade has a straightforward and elegant design. It is perfect for cutting materials like plastic, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals. The blade is to be used on a table saw or with a miter saw.

Compared to other inexpensive alternatives available on the market, the blade has a two-fold longer life. This blade’s extended life is due to the tungsten carbide teeth of its C4 construction standard, which are intended to provide total resistance.

TCG Grind aims to provide accurate, smooth, and clean cutting on especially non-ferrous surfaces and plastics.

It has laser-cut stabilizer vents that reduce noise and vibrations in the cutting process. To decrease the wear and tear of the blade, these vents also keep the blade cold.

7. Rockwell RW9232K VersaCut Circular Saw Blade Set

  • 3 pack variety pack
  • 1 #60 grit diamond blade
  • 1 44T HSS blade
  • 1 24T Carbide tipped blade

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What we Like!
  • can seamlessly cut
  • utmost accuracy
  • sharpest and fastest cutting teeth
  • extended life
Things to Consider!
  • vibrations


This circular saw blade comes in a pack of three that is a money-saving option. The pack includes 1 #60 grit diamond blade, one 44T HSS blade, and one 24T Carbide tipped blade.

These blades cut the various wood materials showing the highest performance. The cuts are seamless and exceptional. Due to its versatile teeth that are extremely sharp and gives the fastest cuts.

Using this blade set has multiple uses. If you are an art lover and want to produce art or designs on wood, this set of blades is a great tool.

You can produce elegant designs and artwork with the help of these blades.

The cuts this blade provides are of sand-free finish leaving no sharp edges either on the top or at the bottom. The blades are capable of cutting either soft or hardwood very conveniently.

8. Lit Freud D0530FM by 30t Diablo Saw Blade with Arbor

  • Max cut thickness 1/8-inch
  • Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density Carbide
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Perma-shield Non-Stick coating
  • Triple chip design

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What we Like!
  • Metal cutting saw
  • Extended cutting life
  • smoother cuts and flatness
  • Stable cutting
Things to Consider!
  • For soft metals


This powerful blade is designed to render ferrous metals with accurate, clean, and burr-free cuts. The teeth are made of TCG with a special mix of carbide to reduce the strong effect of steel cutting. This aspect contributes to the blade’s life.

This blade is suitable for metals that are 1/8 inch or less thick. It will trim metal sheets and pipes perfectly.

The blade has thirty TCG blades and a 0.59-inch kerf that is laser cut to provide extra power. This helps to increase job accuracy and efficiency.

The laser-cut stabilizer vents are designed to minimize noise and vibrations when the cuts are made. There are less friction and extended life, thanks to this feature.

The blade is secured from any wear and tear by the Hi-Density Carbide compound. This, therefore, assures the toughness of the blade.

9. Oshlun SBFT-160048 Tooth FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw Blade

  • Fine Tooth
  • Crosscut Blade
  • Professional Grade C-3 Carbide
  • Hook Angle: 5 degrees
  • Kerf: 2.2mm

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What we Like!
  • For hardwood/ softwood
  • Forty-eight teeth
  • Cuts melamine
  • Durable
Things to Consider!
  • No heat vents


Such blades are designed to render cuts that are cuts of industrial quality. To make smooth and accurate cuts, this blade has micro-grain tungsten carbide tips.

It has a thin kerf of 2.2 mm and laser cut expansion slots. This feature is to ensure burr-free cuts that don’t need any grinding and sanding afterward.

The tips of the C-3 carbide are sharp and have a longer life. The blade has a diameter of 166 mm, 48 teeth, and an arbor of 20 mm.

This blade’s top velocity is 9,500 RPM.

10. Freud D1208DH Diablo 8 Tooth Polycrystalline Saw Blade

  • The PCD triple chip design
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Non-Stick Parma-Shield coating

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What we Like!
  • 60 times longer cutting
  • Stabilized blade
  • Less cutting noise
  • Stays cool
Things to Consider!
  • 6000 RPM


This circular saw blade gives cleaner cuts in fiber cement. In cutting fiber cement it does not produce dust that makes the working conditions worse. It gives precise and accurate cuts as well.

Each worker, whether a specialist or a DIY worker, chooses the blade. The blades cut the fiber cement goods very conveniently, such as paneling, siding, and backer-boards.

The blade has a diamond-tipped polycrystalline design that provides it with long life and adds to its longevity. To resist the hard and dense materials, the teeth of this blade are a triple-chip grind.

The Perma-Shield Non-Stick coating is intended to make this blade resistant to rust, corrosion, and fire. Because of these properties, the blade has a nearly sixty percent longer life.

The blade has a laser cut kerf and eight TCG teeth to ensure smooth and precise cuts. It also reduces some inconvenience rather than increases the quality of the task.

To minimize noise and other forms of vibrations, this blade has laser-cut stabilizer vents. This eliminates warping, provides greater control, and prolongs life.

This circular saw blade can fit with various miter saws because the diameter is twelve inches.

Buying Guide for Best Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Doors

It takes some foundational understanding to purchase a circular saw blade. To stop you from making a wrong investment, we have covered some of the major aspects for you. Check out this shopping guide and pick the right blade.

The size

The choice of the correct size is an important part of the procurement of a circular saw blade. Look first for the size that suits your circular saw machine better. You would not be able to get better results from the machine if you want to buy a small blade for a big machine, or vice versa.

The Arbor

You should be familiar with your power machine’s shaft configuration and then purchase a circular saw blade. For Achieving higher efficiency the blade must fit snugly on the shaft; otherwise, you will have to face adverse consequences.

Type of work and Material

The task you want to do and the stuff you want to cut must be decided. For various materials, there is a wide selection of blades. Often, blades for wood and metals are distinct. Do also consider this element.

The Coating

The circular saw blades have multiple coatings, such as permanent and semi-permanent coatings. This coating is meant to shield the blade from any wear, tear, and corrosion. This coating adds to the blade’s life and makes it durable for a long time.

Blade Teeth

You need to select blades with different numbers of teeth and design for different materials. It would help if you had a blade with fewer and smaller teeth for softer materials. In comparison, you need a blade with large and more teeth for tougher materials.

Final Verdict

It is incredibly vital to set the correct form of the blade for your circular saw which will improve the performance and pace of your project. All of the items listed above are top quality and you can pick one of them based on your specifications. We have also ensured that the variety of clients and even the multitude of distinct projects on which saw blades are used are taken into account so that you can purchase the right option.

Video Guide for Circular Saw Blades

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FAQ for Best Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Doors

Although we have checked the top-notch items and illustrated their characteristics and strengths, we refer to some of the frequently asked questions to give our respected readers a deeper understanding.

What are the Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Doors in 2021?

Here is a list of top ranking Best Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Doors as per our editors;

  1. Dremel US500-01 Ultra-Saw Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel
  2. Marshalltown Crain Diamond Undercut Saw Blade
  3. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter & Table Saw Blades
  4. IRWIN Tools Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 10-inch
  5. Oshlun 60 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with Arbor

How do I choose a circular saw blade?

Choosing a circular saw blade depends on the material you want to cut. The number of teeth is also a factor. Less number of teeth cuts fast, on the other hand, the blades with a greater number of teeth deliver finer cuts with precision.

What is the most popular size in circular saw blades?

The most widely used blade compatible with many circular saw machines is the 7-1/4 diameter blade. They will cut two-inch dimensional lumber at a forty-five-degree angle with a single pass.

Are circular blades interchangeable between brands?

No, the blades of the various brands are not interchangeable. The fixation relies on the configuration of the shaft. According to those requirements, a brand produces blades.

How long do circular saw blades last?

It depends on the material you cut. A decent circular saw blade normally lasts from 12 to 120 hours. Again, the blade’s existence depends on the substance that the blade is made of.

Is it worth sharpening a circular saw blade?

Yeah, it is an alternative that is cost-effective. The sharpening of a blade that costs more than fifty dollars is quite fruitful. The cheapest ones should be replaced instead of re-sharpening. This saves a great deal of time and waste.

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