10 Best Chinese CNC Routers Reviews 2021

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Chinese CNC routers are not only affordable but also come in good quality. However, as with all good things in life, they are not easy to find. Most brands may not be reliable, and some may not offer a good after-sales service.

Due to this, the list below gives some of the well-known Chinese brands that are sure to give you a good product at reasonable prices.

Since CNCs machines are quite expensive, it is always good to know what you should look for before making such a considerable purchase. At the end of this article, a helpful buying guide outlines all the basic things a CNC should have.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

10 Best Chinese CNC Routers Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Chinese CNC Routers in 2021;

1. MCWDOIT 3018 Pro-MAX CNC Metal Router Kit

  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Motor speed: 12,000 rpm
  • Weight: 22 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Powerful Spindle
  • Durable
  • Excellent customer service
Things to Consider!
  • A bit pricey


The upgraded version of MCWDOIT’s CNC is really a no-brainer when it comes to buying long-lasting and versatile DIY CNCs.

Made out of aluminum alloy, it is durable and lightweight with a boosted spindle that can support 200 W against a direct current of 24 Volts. This means that the final output of the motor is 12,000 revolutions per minute! That’s a lot!

In addition, it comes with a new and improved control board that features a built-in driver chip, a heat sink, an external fan, and a strong protective shell to keep it safe from falling apart.

And if you are someone who is mostly on the move without having a computer handy all the time, you do not need to worry. This is because, with MCWDOIT’s upgraded version, you get to work offline as well.

This means you can operate the CNC without connecting it to the computer and control the machine using a separate controller with a storage capacity of up to 1 GB. So you can easily store all your code files and images.

With the controller, you can manually adjust the axis positions. There are three axes X, Y, and Z.

But for online work, you can always connect the CNC with your computer and use the open-source GRBL software to operate the machine.

As far as the applications are concerned, the CNC can work on wood, plastic, acrylic, soft metal, and even aluminum.

Lastly, to top it all off, you benefit from MCWDOIT’s excellent customer service.

2. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit

  • Frame material: Wood
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Weight: 32 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Large Engraving Area
  • Good for beginners
  • Can engrave a pen
Things to Consider!
  • It is quite heavy


With a high-precision laser cut and an eco-friendly wooden frame, BobsCNC’s Evolution 3 is the perfect CNC router if you are looking to do some beginner-level engraving stuff.

It comes with a rail system that supports SG20U and a GT2 belt drive for the X and Y axes. As for the Z-axis, ACME’s trademark TR8 screws make the engraving really smooth and quick.

The machine is equipped with the RT0701C router along with an Arduino microprocessor. It works with the GRBL software, so you can easily use the router with a computer.

The recommended computer systems include Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

The engraving area is quite accommodating as well, with dimensions measuring 16x18x3.3 inches. Plus, the router can work with a voltage of up to 115 and support 600 W of power.

3. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Motor speed: 20,000 rpm

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What we Like!
  • High Speed Spindle Motor
  • Noise suppression system
  • Versatile
Things to Consider!
  • Cannot carve hard materials


The Genmitsu CNC comes with the latest technology improvements and exceptional design that delivers high performance and quality.

This DIY CNC has a spindle motor that is equipped with an ER11 collet. The collet is a high-quality clamp that keeps the working material fixed in place.

This speeds up the engraving process and produces great final results.

It has also got a high-quality adapter that CE has approved due to its durability and heavy-duty performance.

In addition, you get to have an offline controller as well, which means you can work even without having a computer from anywhere you want. Simply adjust the 3 axes X, Y, and Z according to your requirements and begin your work.

Of course, the CNC can be used to engrave several different materials. These include wood, plastic, aluminum acrylics, and other similar stuff.

Lastly, it has an extra powerful 775 spindle motor that gives an incredible output of 20,000 revolutions per minute. And to counter the noise that such a speed brings, the motor is integrated with a PCB noise suppression mechanism.

So now you can work long hours without disturbing anyone else in the house.

4. Titoe 2-in-1 7000 mW CNC 3018 Pro

  • Material: Aluminum + PF
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Motor speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Weight: 16.65 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Includes Stepper Motor
  • Protective Baffles on both side
  • High precision
Things to Consider!
  • You should know G-code to operate


With a sleek and ergonomic design, Titoe’s powerful 7000 mW CNC is a state-of-the-art engraving device that is not only pleasing to look at but also gives sharp carvings that seamlessly blend in the surface.

First of all, the engraver is conveniently designed to allow you to switch between an engraver or a laser router easily. And you won’t have to go through much trouble to assemble the machine as well.

Secondly, you will benefit from the long-lasting control board that features an integrated chip and heat sinks along with an external fan to keep things cool for long hours of work. Similarly, there are two 5 mm baffles on the sides of the CNC machine to prevent tiny parts from making a mess.

To keep all these ornaments safe, the control board is encased in a protective covering, making the entire structure quite durable.

It comes with a working area of 30x18x4.5 cm and a frame size of 400x330x240 mm, which means you get ample space to work on a wide variety of materials.

In addition, it has a 775 spindle motor that runs at 10,000 revolutions per minute on a voltage of 24 against a rated power is 60 W. And to boost performance, there is also a stepper motor with a rated current of 1.3 amps against 12 V, which is enough to produce a torque of 0.25 Nm.

There are both offline and online modes. You can work with the GRBL open-source controller for the online mode, whereas you get a high-quality offline controller to work in the offline mode.

The CNC is good for working with wood, plastic, acrylic, soft metals, etc.

5. VEVOR CNC Machine 3 Axis CNC Router

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Motor speed: 8,000 rpm
  • Weight: 49 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Includes 6 stepper motors
  • Innovative design
  • Heavy duty
Things to Consider!
  • No offline support


With an effective working area of 11.8″x7.9″x2.2″ and a weight of 56 lbs, the VEVOR CNC Machine is a smartly designed carving device that works to high precision and provides the capacity to work for long hours.

The CNC is made of Aluminum alloy and includes 3 axes, X, Y, and Z, each having a sturdy chrome-plated shaft. Not to mention that the motor also has 1202 screws that have a shape of a trapezoid along with sliding units. All this contributes to the motor’s high stability and unbelievable precision.

But this is not where it ends. The motor has two stepper motors for every axis, so six stepper motors in total! This makes the drills move extremely well, and given the motors’ high torque, the final results are simply exceptional.

Also, a powerful 300 W spindle motor gives a full output of 8000 rpm.

Then there is the controller. With a futuristic and glossy design, the controller features an emergency stop button and a transformer, ensuring the CNC’s smooth supply of power. This means that the machine won’t go out of order due to electrical issues anytime soon.

And then on top of all this, the CNC router is made of 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys and has dust-proof plates, which means that the router is lightweight and durable, and very light to carry.

Finally, the CNC machine can engrave materials like plastic, wood, acrylic, PCB, PVC, and even MDF boards.

6. RATTMMOTOR DIY CNC 1610 Pro Router

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Weight: 11 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Enhanced control board
  • Compact design
  • Supports PWM and TTL
Things to Consider!
  • Cannot update software


This little DIY CNC by RATTMMOTOR is a compact yet highly functional router that will cater to almost all your engraving needs as far as DIY applications are concerned.

So what does it come with?

Well, to start with, it has a working area of 30x26x25 cm with a weight of approximately 11 pounds with a guide rail which has a diameter of 10 mm.

The machine is also equipped with a 42 stepper motor that has a torque of 0.3 N.m. and can support a current of 1.3 amps.

Moving onto its software, the CNC machine has the standard open-source GRBL software that allows you to control the machine by connecting it to the computer.

But if you don’t want to use a computer, you always can use the offline controller and adjust the axes manually. The surprising thing about this CNC is that you can get into the offline module even when connected to a computer. The CNC will automatically recognize which mode is in control.

And speaking of offline control, the controller has a storage capacity of 1GB, so more than enough space to store heavy files.

However, the machine’s specialty lies in its GRBL control board. This is because the board features a limit switch, steering gear, a cooling fan and supports PWM and TTL mechanisms. This helps in keeping the machine cool for heavy work and makes sure it lasts long.

Lastly, the spindle drive of the machine can work with a motor of up to 20,000 rpm. Plus, there is an ER11 collet to keep the working material fixed in place for better engraving results. Therefore, the machine is great for carving plastic, wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB, and other such materials.

7. DIY Wood Engraving Machine by Cenoz

  • Material: Metal
  • Working Area: 200mm x 290 mm
  • Axis: 2 axes (XY)
  • Weight: 11.73 pounds

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What we Like!
  • High Precision
  • Easy to install
  • Bluetooth control
Things to Consider!
  • Does not have Z-axis


Cenoz has truly outdone itself in terms of making one of the most user-friendly CNC machines out there.

It is not only easy to install but also effortless to operate by anyone, even if you never had any experience using a DIY CNC.

It is a heavy-duty 3000 mW CNC router that is the perfect machine to engrave wood.

It has a built-in mechanism that keeps out the heat and is equipped with a Smart Light system which acts as a marker for the engraver for X and Y axes. This allows for high precision.

The CNC supports several image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and can work on computer systems that have Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10 and even Android.

But there is no support available for Windows Vista, Mac, Linux, and Unix.

There is support for both offline and online mode, and you can use the machine even with a Bluetooth controller. Plus, the CNC can carve materials other than wood as well.

These include PCB, PVC, plastic, and acrylic.

Lastly, the CNC comes with other accessories. These include a pair of protective glasses, a USB cable, cardboard, a user manual, and of course, a power supply along with Bluetooth and offline controllers.

8. Beamo Laser Engraver and Cutter by MICRO-MAKE

  • Working Area: 200mm x 290 mm
  • Axis: 2 axes (XY)
  • Weight: 49 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Compact design
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used with conventional software
Things to Consider!
  • Very expensive


Tired of all the old bulky CNC machines that just keep taking up space on your work desk? If yes, then Beamos incredibly innovative Laser engraver might just be the right one for you if you have the budget for it, of course.

Although expensive, Beamo’s laser cutter is undoubtedly the way forward. It is perhaps one of the few machines that will truly become the next norm in the CNC industry.

With a compact and simple design, the engraver looks nothing like the traditional engravers. It feels just like an everyday printer sitting on the table but has many things going on inside.

A compelling and smart laser module can carve even metals, along with other materials like cardboard, wood, bamboo, leather, fabric, rubber, cement, acrylic, glass, stone, anode, and stainless steel. This is way more than what a traditional machine can do.

The precision of the laser will literally take you by surprise. Although everything seems small and simple, it really isn’t. The laser works at a precision of 0.05 mm and gives a 1,000 DPI resolution. It is truly magic once you see your finished work.

And you’ll be left speechless once you find out how unbelievably easy it is to use the machine. All you need is to connect it up to your computer, upload the image, or draw what you want to engrave, and the machine will take care of the rest.

The Smart Trace technology in the machine allows you to transform rough sketches into beautiful carvings on any type of material mentioned. Truly, the possibilities are endless. And the colorful LCD touch screen makes it easier to operate the unit and upload images, even for a kid.

But this is not the end. All traditional CNCs use proprietary GRBL open-source software to control the CNC routers. This is not the case with Beamo, however.

You can use it with conventional image editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Now, how cool is that? No need to learn G-code or any other software. Even Microsoft Word or PowerPoint will work!

The only thing you need to take care of before using this work of art is to make sure that the unit is at room temperature; starting it cold will damage the machine.

9. MakerMade Complete CNC Router Kit

  • Working Area: Adjustable
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Weight: 11.68 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Good for large-scale projects
  • Adjustable frame size
  • Can cut thick materials
Things to Consider!
  • Difficult to assemble


DIY CNC’s are usually small, and there aren’t many of them that can help you with large-scale stuff. But MakerMade has made this easy.

With its highly versatile CNC kit, you engrave several materials that are large in size; the small working area won’t limit you.

It is basically a 4×8 foot DIY CNC with a Z-axis and uses the Ground Control software to operate.

This is beneficial since the software can be used across all platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The best thing about this is that you can adjust the frame size instead of sticking with one fixed size.

This is because the CNC includes a Chain drive system that lets you adjust the frame size by altering the chain length.

Finally, you can use the kit to carve all sorts of materials like wood, plastics, acrylic, MDF laminate, and other types of hardwood.

10. CNC 2418 by CNCTOPBAOS Router Kit

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Working Area: 24x14x4 cm
  • Axis: 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Weight: 15.54 pounds

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What we Like!
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
Things to Consider!
  • No offline controller


Another lightweight, easy-to-use, and compact DIY Desktop CNC router by CNCTOPBAOS are great for beginners and experts alike.

The working area of the machine is 24x18x4 cm with a frame size of 26x24x22 cm. It comes with a durable 775 spindle motor that runs on 24 volts, giving 10,000 rpm.

There is also a spindle chuck the ER11 collet, which is a premium collet for CNCs. As such, the engravings of the machine are precise, and there is minimal wastage during the process.

Plus, to improve precision and stability, the CNC comes with a NEMA 17 stepper motor with a torque of 0.25 Nm against a voltage of 12 and a current of 1.33 amps.

It is equipped with the latest GRBL 1.1 control board with a GRBL controller and an integrated spindle drive chip by MOSFET. There is PWM support as well.

You can use the machine to engrave wood, plastic, acrylic, PVC, PCB, soft metals such as copper.

Buying Guide for Chinese CNC Router

Purchasing a CNC is surely a big investment. For beginners, it can surely be a daunting task. It’s not like buying groceries. A good amount of technical knowledge is necessary, including being familiar with CNC manufacturers and how it works.

The problem is made worse with so many CNCs out there. You just couldn’t tell which one is the best. And quite fairly so, there isn’t a single CNC that has everything. Some CNCs might have a good design but lack durability; others might be long-lasting but weigh too much.

Due to so many complications, it is always recommended to know exactly what you want the CNC for. This makes choosing a CNC quite easy. You can simply get a CNC that fulfills all your requirements.

But even then, there are things that you should look at before buying any CNC. These factors are discussed below. They are meant to help you get your first CNC machine if you are a beginner. And even if you are an expert, we would encourage you to read who knows; you might find something useful!

The Spindle

The spindle motor of any CNC is the workhorse of the entire thing. The stronger the motor, the better the engravings. Usually, the quality of a spindle motor is determined by its revolutions per minute or RPM for short. The higher the RPM, the faster the motor.

You also have to look at the rated current and voltage values. These measurements tell you what the maximum amount of current and voltage is that the motor can bear.

If you have a power supply with a higher current or voltage than the rated values, then the motor might be at risk of being damaged.

Normally, DIY CNC’s have an RPM of 10,000 with a rated voltage of 24 and a current of 1.3 amps. Also, many CNC manufacturers offer a power supply adapter that regulates the voltage and current from your own power sources at home.

The Working Area

The working area or the engraving area of a DIY CNC is the amount of space available to keep your material on the CNC. There is no one perfect size. It again comes down to what your usage will be.

If you are someone who will be working with large size materials like cardboard, then it is good to have a CNC with a large engraving area.

The way to find it out is to see the digits written in the title of the CNC brand. For instance, many CNCs online have a title like CNC 3018 Pro. The 3018 is actually the engraving area of the CNC in centimeters; 3018 implies 30 x 18 cm.

The Material of the Frame

The durability of the CNC is one of the major things you should consider before buying. Of course, there is no way to find out everything about how long a CNC will last since it is partly dependent upon how carefully you use it.

However, there are still ways to figure out if a CNC can endure the amount of work you will put it through.

One way is to see what the material of the frame is. The material should be good enough to subdue vibrations while engraving is in process and can dull down the noise.

Apart from this, it should be resilient enough to endure the engraving particles splashing all around while carving.

Aluminum alloys and steel are some of the most durable materials. But they do make the CNC a bit pricey. However, if you will use CNC to carve out soft materials like wood or plastic, then frames made out of a combination of aluminum and plastic will work as well.

Control Board

DIY CNCs normally come with the GRBL control board. A control board of a CNC is essentially the brain of the machine. It has many features that keep the entire thing going.

But more importantly, a control board should have a good cooling system and a protective casing. This makes sure that the integral components of the control board do not heat up and that the casing keeps everything intact, even from dust.

Nowadays, many control boards come with an integrated drive for the spindle, a heat sink, a cooling fan, and other necessary features such as an offline module for offline control, PWT/TTL support for laser control, and a USB port.

Stepper Motor

A stepper motor is in addition to the main spindle motor. A stepper motor can be integrated with each axis of the CNC. So if there are three axes, X, Y, and Z, then there will be at least 3 stepper motors. Or, there can be just a single stepper motor.

But not all CNCs have them. Those that do are quite expensive. This is because a stepper motor greatly increases the precision of the engravings and makes the axis movements more stable.

The thing that you need to look for in a stepper motor is its torque. This is basically the force with which the motor engraves and rotates. A higher torque is good for engraving thick materials. But a torque of 0.3 Nm is enough for soft materials like wood and plastic.

The Software

CNCs are usually controlled by open-source GRBL software. This is mostly like any other image editing software, but you will still need a bit of learning to understand it completely.

However, the important thing here is to make sure that the GRBL software version is compatible with your computer’s configurations. Almost all GRBL software packages support all versions of Windows from XP to 10.

But there are some which do not support Vista, Mac, or Linux operating systems. So make sure you enquire about this before buying.

Offline Mode

Although most CNCs have an offline mode, some may not have this and yet be more expensive than those that do. Watch out for this!

If a CNC has offline control, it will come with an offline controller, which will have a good storage capacity to store all your code and image files. You can use the controller to adjust the axis positions manually and let the CNC engrave the material as per your files.

You won’t need to be connected to a computer. So it’s a pretty handy feature.

Final Verdict

So now you should know the things that you need to look for in a CNC. It is definitely not rocket science. Most of the specifications are easy to understand. It just needs a bit of research.

But this should give you an idea of the basic things that a good CNC has. Namely, the CNC should be equipped with a high-quality control board, should have a strong frame material, contain durable spindle and stepper motors, and compatible software along with offline control.

Of course, additional things like protective shells around the CNC, a larger frame size, or many more step motors allow for extra precision. But it all depends on your use.

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People Also Asked about Chinese CNC Routers

Here are a few questions that people frequently asked about Chinses CNC Routers;

What is the best Chinese CNC router brand?

Here is my list of top rated Chinese CNC routers in 2021;

  1. MCWDOIT 3018 Pro-MAX CNC Metal Router Kit
  2. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit
  3. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit
  4. Titoe 2-in-1 7000 mW CNC 3018 Pro
  5. VEVOR CNC Machine 3 Axis CNC Router
  6. RATTMMOTOR DIY CNC 1610 Pro Router
  7. DIY Wood Engraving Machine by Cenoz
  8. Beamo Laser Engraver and Cutter by MICRO-MAKE
  9. MakerMade Complete CNC Router Kit
  10. CNC 2418 by CNCTOPBAOS Router Kit

Is CNC difficult to operate?

Not that hard. Many CNC kits come with user manuals that are easy to follow. Plus, some brands have their own websites with relevant tutorial videos that you can watch to learn more.

Can DIY CNC’s carve hard metals?

Most DIY CNC’s are not made for carving hard metals. There may be some that are for that purpose, but they are most likely to be quite expensive.

Should I purchase any custom software to operate a CNC?

No. You do not need to buy software since CNCs come with the GRBL software, usually stored in a USB drive along with a user manual. If there isn’t one, ask the manufacturer for it.

In any case, GRBL is open-source software, so you can download it for free and learn it using online tutorials.

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