Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tool

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A crimping tool is underrated when it comes to your garage need.

You are a DIYer or a professional; these tools will help to increase your efficiency and tidiness.

People who use a lot of tools are bound to have opinions about the equipment they work with.

When it comes to installing and upgrading wires, not only will you need to upgrade your skills, but you also have a physical toolkit as well.

The majority of your time will be spent assembling and replacing automotive components.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

7 Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tool Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools in 2022;

1. IWISS Open Barrel Terminal Crimping Tool

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tool

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As soon as it arrived, I crimped and wired the VW Audi coil adapter using 20AWG and 18AWG crimps.

CONGRATS! The brush section of several more expensive multiple die crimper sets could not be tightly crimped on a nice bellmouth with a good quality tight crip.

As a result, the crimper I recently discovered has become my new favorite.

My most commonly used crimp sizes are 18-22AWG with seals. When compared with crimpers that can cost over five times as much, this one performs extremely well.

The number of terminals I have assembled in my profession is no exaggeration. It is my personal experience that I am speaking of.

The crimping technique for weather pack terminals determines the straightness of the female and male terminals in assembled sockets.

With my needle nose pliers, I ended up with crooked ends even after trying to be as careful as possible. Connecting the sockets and plugs became tedious as a result.

Despite its low price, this tool is sturdy and provides the same results as expensive ones costing seventy dollars.

A MOLEX and other crimpers can sell for $500 & they aren’t more complicated than this tool.

This tool has a very affordable price and is comparable to more expensive products.

What We Like!
  • Handles are comfortably gripped by rubber
  • Easily cleaned up
  • Various wires and terminals can be crimped into four pockets
Things to Consider!
  • It is important to make sure that the jaws are aligned when using it.

2. Glarks 3PCS Automotive Crimping Tool

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools

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According to my experiences with it, it’s quite well made for automotive wiring projects. The first time I crimped, snipped, and stripped the wires properly, it fits snugly.

This crimping tool kit includes a tool used to crimp wiring harness connections. This kit also comes with a multi-purpose hand tool and an electronic wire cutter.

The blue leather bag in which it is packaged is well-made. This means that it is portable and easy to store.

Due to the steel’s high-quality carbon content, it is particularly durable and strong for long-term use.

Ergonomically designed, it is easy to operate. Handles made from non-slip rubber are comfortable.

If dirty, the panels can be removed and cleaned. A single tool offers five crimp sizes. For a straight crimping engagement, the jaws are kept parallel by a double-hinge mechanism.

It applies to any semi-insulated or fully insulated but with a terminal connector.

In most automotive sealed harness connectors, the 22-10 AWG terminals on this tool work well.

What We Like!
  • Designed with ergonomics in mind
  • Rubber handles provide a non-slip grip
  • The crimps come in 5 different sizes
  • Semi-insulated electrical connectors are suitable for most types of fully insulated connectors, but terminals are not.
Things to Consider!
  • The handles make my hands itchy.

3. Wire Crimp Tool by Wirefy for Garage

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools 1

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Well-packaged and as expected, the item arrived. Experience has shown me that many crimp tools fail to meet expectations; however, this tool is constructed well and is a fine example of how one should be used.

A ratchet mechanism ensures the correct pressure is applied, and the jaw pressure can be adjusted to handle a range of gauges and crimp quality.

The program works very well! My tool makes a perfect crimp every time, whether it’s crimping nylon crimp connectors or heat shrink connectors!
My only complaint is that the small release lever is difficult to use.

The crimper closes so tightly that there is not much room to push the release lever up with a finger. However, many other crimpers made like this use the same style, so maybe there is no choice.

According to my experience, right angle terminals do not work with the crimping tool because the crimp part is too short of grabbing with the crimping jaws.

In addition to this, there are many other options. It may have been the brand of terminal I tried to use, or it could have been that another jaw insert is needed, but I was unable to use it.

It is, however, an awesome crimping tool for all other straight terminals. Apparently, it would help if you crimped the entire way until it releases. You cannot release it if you crimp partially.

To crimp it all the way through, you will have to apply lots of force. Nonetheless, in my case, the connector is crushed in a way that resembles welding.

I want to make sure for those who do not know that the application has an auto-release feature.

The majority of people are unaware that the auto-release function of pliers only works when the pliers are completely compressed. Alternatively, some pliers can be closed to release the ratchet manually, but this becomes challenging when the pliers are closed.

The method I use to utilize the tool properly is as follows. First, place the wire at the correct distance from the light source.

There are specific length requirements for crimping 10/12/14/16 AWG wires. Second, to properly crimp a connector, you must line it up with the crimp tool properly. To crimp tightly, you might need to do so near the insulation and then further away.

As well as rotating the connector, it would help if you crushed the wire equally, so the break on the connector distributes the pressure.

The last step is to perform the pull test. You must make sure that both sides of the connector are crushed down if it pops off. In that case, you misaligned it.

What We Like!
  • The handles of the crimping tools are 6 inches long.
  • It has a feature of an auto-release mechanism.
  • It is possible to lock a connector.
  • Insulate against heat shrinkage.
Things to Consider!
  • MC4 connectors are not compatible with this tool.

4. Titan Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools 2

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My normal crimper has consistently let me down for years and years. There is nothing good about them. This thing is probably what you need if you’re here looking at it.

The old one ended up being thrown across the garage, narrowly missing the garbage can when I was irritated from bad crimps.

A small box without packing materials was included with the blister packs – no need to worry about that since it is merely a tool.

It’s much better this way. Because of the ratchet, you can hold the terminal in place while using this tool. Then, using one hand to insert the wire and the other hand to crimp, you can quickly crimp a wire.

I have used them for crimping insulated electrical blade connectors and barrel connectors from the small reds to the large yellows. The crimps are consistently solid. In electrical wiring projects around the house and automotive wiring, I have used them.

A beautiful one-handed operation coupled with a sturdy connection that I truly enjoy using.

In comparison to other crimpers, the price of this tool was reasonable, and the quality of the tool is solid, making me confident it will last several years. A smooth operation characterizes this mechanism.

The build quality seems high. It is so inconvenient to have to go to the workshop to retrieve this tool every time I need it at home to buy another one for my shop.

What We Like!
  • The construction is solid
  • Having a good grip
  • Crimps are solid
  • Suitable price range
Things to Consider!
  • Leverage was not designed well. There is too much space between the handles. The mechanical advantage is not enough.

5. Qibaok Crimping Tool for Automotive

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools 3

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In the past, I would have loved to own these. However, crimps are consistent every time. Ratcheting is also a convenient feature. The tool is helpful for those who use heat-shrink wire connectors (such as those from Ticonn).

Furthermore, it can be used in automobiles and car stereos. Among their best features is the ability to stabilize and weatherproof connections.

To make this tool usable with one hand, the designers designed it to be used in a small space. Connectors without soldering are held in place by several jaws.

Despite the high quality of the product, it is reasonably priced. Neither this tool nor its handle will rust. Along with their superb finish, the crimpers are very thoroughly greased and very well assembled.

You get a flat crimp from these pieces since they do not have dimples.

It is no longer necessary to worry about wiring with these crimpers. This secures the wire and reduces the chances of slipping in the future, so there will no longer be any broken connectors.

In addition, Crimp pressure can be precisely adjusted with this feature. For a professional look, it is a great solution for your wiring project.

As opposed to the old connectors, the plastic no longer tears off the connectors. Adding this to the connector gives it a professional appearance. I have tried other methods, but that is by far the easiest.

I did not receive an instruction manual when I ordered. I will describe how to use it so it won’t be difficult. It’s important to insert wire terminals into the crimper in a specific way. On your terminal, there are colored dots where you can insert a wire.

It was set up well by the manufacturer, as far as adjusting it was concerned.

After the flat is crimped to the terminal, it will appear on the terminal at the location indicated. It is quite similar to the Klein 3005 cr tool, so you can also look up information about it on the web.

You already know how to use it from what I’ve explained above.

  • Several factors need to be considered:
  • AWG 10-20, total crimping range
  • While being crimped, terminals are never damaged
  • Heat shrink connectors of nearly all kinds can be connected to it.
What We Like!
  • Each of the jaw holes is colored to make it easier to identify them.
  • Easy adjustment of the ratchet mechanism makes it easy to use.
  • A handle with a soft grip feels better in hand.
Things to Consider!
  • Information on how to use the product is not included in its packaging.

6. Qibaok Ratcheting Wire Crimper for Automotive

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools 4

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This kind of kit is nice. Because they’re easy to use and strong, crimpers alone are worth the price. By using the latching handle, crimping is made easier. Wires are crimped and then inserted into a mechanism after they have been crimped.

A wired setup suitable for this method allows it to be used to crimp with one hand.

The tool includes instructions that are easy to follow. The metal bits or wire gauges may be crimped with three different positions, making the crimping process flexible and flexible.

The process of crimping a 9-pin connector should not take you more than a minute once you know how to do it. In addition, you will need to spend far less time removing wires than stripping them (unless you have special wire-removal tools.

Additionally, I like how well the connectors fit together. Both plastic and metallic bits are well molded, so they are easy to insert and retain.

My main complaint about these kits (as usual) is that they include the right amount of male and female connectors to fill all connectors.

Because of this, if you lose even one pin, you will be forced to start from scratch. However, the connectors are pretty standard in size, and most folks won’t use them all.

My experience with it was great. To place the wire, the bullet needs to go in the crimper first. Once the wire is in the bullet, apply some pressure in an angular direction. Then, crimp down all the way. Crimping can be done at the same time on both wires and insulation sections.

What We Like!
  • Crimping requires less strength
  • User-friendly
  • This is the best choice for automobiles
  • Die swapping is possible
Things to Consider!
  • Crimping is possible up to AWG22-16 wire size.

7. Knoweasy Spade Automotive Connectors Crimper

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools 5

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Special steel is used to manufacture the components of ratchet crimping tools. It has been designed based on human factors engineering, allowing users to reduce their energy consumption by 50%.

Optimum crimping results are ensured by the precision die sets and an integral locking mechanism that releases themselves after each crimping operation.

This crimping tool is lightweight, compact, and has a good gripping position.

In addition, its design and texture ensure that the handle holds the crimp perfectly.

In addition to being cheap and feeling good, they also come with connectors, a plus point. Nickel-plated copper is used for the terminal blocks and nylon for the insulating sleeves.

This product has exceptional conductivity, oxidation resistance, and durability. As a result, it can be used to meet a wide range of automotive needs.

By removing two screws, the crimping end can be removed to fit most types. Crimping is performed with high precision.

What We Like!
  • Crimping is made easy
  • Complex connections are made easier by it
Things to Consider!
  • The weight is a bit too great for the size.

Buying Guide For Automotive Crimping Tools

You should consider a few points before you make a final decision when reading this buying guide. Crimping tools are composed of several parts. The list will also include a factor determining their suitability.

Here are a few things that you should know about crimping tools, regardless of whether you choose to purchase this product or not.

Know the Popular Brands

Numerous brands are available on the market, and the competition is fierce.

Consider the unique features of each brand. Be sure the company you plan to buy from offers support if you consider buying an imported machine.


Comparing tools with similar characteristics is a good idea. The device should perform effectively, and the materials used to create it are of high quality.

I highly recommend that you take the time to watch a video of how the assembly and setup are done.

Spare Parts

In the case of replacing parts, make sure they are not expensive. There is sometimes difficult to find the right tool when it is imported. In some cases, spare parts are available separately, but most packages include only a few spares.

Instructions & Manual

A technical spec and user manual for the tool would be useful. Some manufacturers provide user-friendly guides, but they are difficult to obtain and take an immeasurable amount of time to read.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to read the manuals, but you can always refer to an online guide if you are unsure about something.

Weight and Dimensions

Would you please ensure you know how much the machine weighs and how big it is? When you find that you are holding the crimping tools for an extended period of time, they must be kept in a safe place.

Final Thoughts

To use the right tools, you need to know what you are doing. Taking advantage of our top 10 list can help you achieve strength and precision with no effort. For example, with this tool, you can easily and quickly crimp connectors and terminals.

An accurate and repeatable crimping process plays a crucial role in automotive repair. So your hands remain comfortable and safe, you can repeat the process as many times as necessary. An adjustable wire crimper should be used as it must both be safe and sturdy.

Wire crimpers are ideal if they provide smoothness and comfort while working. Because of its ease of use, this tool is perfect for working in tight spaces. Easily attach connectors using a flexible crimper that meets the needs of insulated and uninsulated solderless terminals.

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FAQs About Crimping Tools for Automotive

Crimping tools can confuse some people, and they need more information on how to use and buy them. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

What is the best Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tool?

Here is my list of the Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tools in 2022;

  1. IWISS Open Barrel Terminal Crimping Tool
  2. Glarks 3PCS Automotive Crimping Tool
  3. Wire Crimp Tool by Wirefy for Garage
  4. Titan Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper
  5. Qibaok Crimping Tool for Automotive
  6. Qibaok Ratcheting Wire Crimper for Automotive
  7. Knoweasy Spade Automotive Connectors Crimper

What is wire crimping used for?

Crimping is used to secure electrical connectors to cables. Depending on where they are located (on computer circuit boards or the high-tension cables bringing power to your home), they can be of different kinds and sizes.

Is soldering better than crimping?

This isn’t about being efficient; it’s about doing what’s right for a given project. For example, soldering is typically the most common method of joining wires permanently, while crimping is typically the preferred method for connecting disconnected wires.

What are the best tools for crimping?

To ensure a successful installation, make sure you choose a tool that can handle the type of wire size and terminal type you will be using.

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