7 Best Aluminum CNC Machines 2021

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Aluminum is one of the softest metals, and this makes it easy to work on.

Many CNC machines can deliver good results while working on this metal. Still, I am here to give you heavy-duty machines to get into your business anyway.

The fact is that these CNC machines are pretty expensive, but still, we can get less than 10,000 dollars or even less.

Before we jump into the topic, you must be clear in your mind about the nature of the project and user requirements.

Either you are a hobbyist or a professional worker, a diverse range of CNC machines are available as per your level of use.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

JFT 6090 2.2kw+ 4 Axis + Mach 3+usb Port CNC Router...
JFT 6090 2.2kw+ 4 Axis + Mach 3+usb Port CNC Router...
High Quality;All the products have passed the European CE certification;; with New ER11 collet spindle more powerful,With auto checking instrument tool;

7 Best Aluminum CNC Machines Reviews

Here is my list of the Best Aluminum CNC Machines in 2021;

1. Genmitsu CNC | Best CNC Machine for Metal Works

  • Working Area: 400 x 300 x 110mm
  • Structure: C-beam
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Work on: MDF, vinyl, aluminum, foams, and plastic
  • Pack includes: Offline controller and Router machine

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What we Like!
  • Robust C-beam structure
  • Suitable for a variety of operations
  • Offline controller with touchscreen
Things to Consider!
  • Sufficient knowledge about the software


Finding the best CNC machine under 10k is just like a dream; here, we come with a router CNC machine that performs exceptionally.

You will adore the top-notch quality deliverables of carpentry and furniture making by this model known as Genmitsu CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030 with GRBL.

Genmitsu is a market-leading brand for milling machines. The brand’s tagline is CNC & Engraving, which demonstrates its dedication to its manufacturing. You can find CNC routers, CNC accessories, Milling bits, engraving materials, and more.

Firstly, it is straightforward to install. The wires and XYZ  axis modules are pre-assembled to reduce the installation efforts for the whole setup.

You will get the Genmitsu router machine and an offline control module. In addition to this, this model comes with a 3-month subscription to Carveco maker to design your own art in a much fun way.

All the components are completely redesigned to drive the system with more power. The beefy C-bean frame, powerful spindle, adapter, and NEMA 23 stepper motors highlight this model.

2. GOWE Mini CNC Milling Machine for Metals

Best CNC Machines for Metals

  • Stroke: 300 x 250 x 120mm
  • Material: Cast Iron frame
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Work on: Metals, softwood, PVC, and Acrylic
  • Pack includes: CNC milling and engraving machine

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What we Like!
  • Reinforced body structure
  • Flexible coupling
  • Accurate positioning
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for home use


Put your hands on a budget-friendly CNC milling machine known as the GOWE mini CNC milling machine.

This model is simple to operate and assemble. The body and structure are ready to face commercial-scale challenges. The cast-iron frame takes a long to last and delivers high functional values. The 3-axis stroke lies at 300-X, 250-Y, 120-Z.

The fasteners are made up of high-strength bolts and linear rail guides. The working of the spindle motor 80mm diameter is incredible. The machine can work at a maximum width of 290mm and a maximum height of 150mm.

The table size of 250 x 300 is great to engrave your designs on metal, softwood, hardwood, plywood, and more. Just play with the materials and your striking ideas to create something unique.

The machine is compatible with the March 3 Software that is intelligent and simple to engrave the designs. The spindle motor lets you perform small positioning and support throughout the operations.

In short, if you want to create some state-of-the-art crafts with wood detailing work, then grab this model at first glance.

3. TEN-HIGH 6090 Industrial CNC Milling Machine

  • Engraving Area: 600 x 900 x 125 mm
  • Material: Cast Iron frame
  • Weight: 246 pounds
  • Work on: Amber, Tooth, Bamboo, Plexiglass, and much more.
  • Pack includes a Control box, Engraving machine, engraving tools, spindle wrench, and water pump.

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What we Like!
  • USB connectivity
  • Accurate and stable operation
  • Water-cooled motor
Things to Consider!
  • Moderate friction


Precision & accuracy are the prerequisites of wood cutting projects. This is something offered by one of the top-rated and market-leading models known as TEN-HIGH 6090 2200W CNC Router Engraving.

Engrave your art on the block of wood, metal plate, or any other material using the professional-grade machine.  The best CNC under 10k offers much more at such a reasonable price.

The machine is driven by a spindle power of 2200watt. The working area is 600 x 900 x 125, which is good enough to design small wooden crafts. This machine can engrave on various materials, including plastic, agate, shells, amber, tooth, bamboo, plexiglass, and much more.

The machine has a streamlined gantry design that is beautiful and stable. The machine can easily connect with the computer via a USB port (64 bit, 32 bit, computer, and laptop).

The software that controls the machine is Mach3, one of the in-demand and popular designing software. Apart from Mach3, the other compatible formats are MasterCAM, CDR, CAD, CAM, and more.

4. TEN-HIGH 6090 CNC for Aluminum Works

  • Engraving Area: 600 x 900 x 125 mm
  • Material: Cast Iron frame
  • Weight: 246 pounds
  • Work on: Amber, Tooth, Bamboo, Plexiglass, and much more.
  • Pack includes an Engraving machine, control box, engraving tools, spindle wrench, and water pump.

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What we Like!
  • Perfect 3D engraving
  • USB Port with 4th Axis
  • Adequate working table
Things to Consider!
  • Need hands-on experience


Are you seeking an advanced CNC machine that can perform 3D engravings? Here we have an upgraded version of TEN-HIGH 6090 2200. The CNC engraving machine is compatible with a wide range of materials, including plexiglass, MDF board, PVC, tooth, bamboo, stone, amber, shells, jade, plastic, wood, agate, PVC bones, etc.

The entire structure is built from high-quality cast iron that takes a long to last. The ball screws are up to the mark; therefore, they deliver exact and accurate results.

The machine is amazingly stable throughout the operations. The streamlined gantry design is exceptional and rare when it comes to engraving machines.

The machine is connected via a USB port that can support 32bit, 64bit, laptops, and computers. So, plug in the engraving machine via USB cable to the computer and start engraving your designs.

The TEN-HIGH 6090 2200W CNC Router Engraving is controlled via Mach3 software. Mach3 is one of the most demanding and highly professional designing tools. Other compatible file formats are copper can, CAD, CAM, WENTA, CDR, JINGDIA, TYPE5, MasterCAM, etc.

5. TEN-HIGH 4060 Aluminum CNC Milling Machine

  • Engraving Area: 400x600x80 mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 160.6 pounds
  • Work on: Jade and soft metal
  • Pack includes an Engraving machine, control box, engraving tools, spindle wrench, USB cable, power cord, pressure plate, water pump, machine cutting line, sink, and 4ith Axis.

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What we Like!
  • USB port
  • Sink device 220v
  • Top-notch quality build
Things to Consider!
  • Moderate spindle power


Ten high is one of the top-rated and recognized brands for the power tool. Here we come with another hit model by this brand.

If you are low on budget and the above-mentioned two models are beyond your requirements, this one is designed to fulfill your needs for upcoming projects.

The engraving area of this model is equal to 400x600x80 mm that is less than the other models. So, it is the best CNC router, engraving, drilling machine.

Although, the spindle power of this model is 1500watt, whereas the other models have 2200 watts. This spindle power delivers precise cuts throughout the operations. The compatibility and control software is similar to the previous models. The machine can perform on jade and soft metal.

6. JFT 6040 5 Axix CNC Mmachine for Aluminum Work

  • Engraving Area: 900x650x590 mm
  • Material: hard Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 209 pounds
  • Work on: Three-dimensional woodworking on metal, jewelry, jade,
  • Pack includes: The cooling water pump, tool, free support

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What we Like!
  • Exceptional 3D working
  • 8000MM/MIN Carving speed
  • Travel limit switch
Things to Consider!
  • Handle with care


JFT presents great milling machines for bringing out the designs in an incredible way. If you are a beginner and want to educate yourself on a durable machine ready to face the pressure point challenges, this model is perfect for you.

The 3D working environment is ready to engrave on jade, jewelry, metal, and woodworking. The model is equipped with a high 5.6A high current stepper motor.

Grab this model for its high-speed stability. Most machines start producing vibrations and distortion in design. This is not the case with JFT 6040 (60×40cm) CNC router 5 axis machine.

This industrial-grade machine will produce high-quality engraving with no burns. The operating speed of this machine is 0-10000mm/min, whereas the carving speed is 8000mm/min.

In short, a high-quality and efficient machine to choose from for your upcoming project. The best part is that the XYZ axis functions have a travel limit switch to avoid inconvenience. In Fact, it produces zero error due to its z-axis function.

The company provides a 1-year warranty to claim any damage or defect free of cost.

7. JFT 6090 4 Axis Milling Machine Under 10000

  • Engraving Area: 48.43 x 33.46 x 17.32 inches
  • Material: hard Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 238 pounds
  • Work on: Three-dimensional woodworking on metal, jewelry, jade,
  • Pack includes: CNC router machine

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What we Like!
  • New & beautiful design
  • Powerful collet spindle
  • Effective working area
Things to Consider!
  • Not for small projects


Let’s have a look at another advanced and upgraded model known as JFT 6090 2.2kw CNC Router /Engraving /Carving/milling Machine.

The look and feel of this model are great and attractive. The eye-catchy CNC machine has a flexible USB port to connect the computer with the CNC machine.

This model is European CE certified for its top-notch quality parts and products. Unlike its previous model, the spindle collet is more powerful. So what are you waiting to put in the router bits in the collet and start engraving your unique designs on wood, plywood, hardwood, and softwood? The screwballs are also higher and stronger.

The repeat accuracy of this CNC machine is 0.03mm, which is far better than others. The machine has a reset button to recover the settings in case of a sudden break or disconnecting issue.

The machine comes with a 1-year warranty for all its parts broken within one year.

Buying guide – Aluminum CNC Machines

Either you are looking for the best CNC router machine or CNC milling machine, there are some basic considerations ip take notice of. It will help you to buy the right tool according to your project.

What is the nature of your project?

It is important to make a clear sense of your project… If you intend to engrave the metals in different patterns, then choose the CNC milling machine. If you require to work on hard materials like wood and plastic, then better grab the CNC router machines.

Thus, every machine has its own scope and usage; thus, choose the one that suits your requirement.

Does the pack include some helping material and tutorial?

It is advisable to choose the best CNC machine that comes with an instruction manual and tutorials. The tutorial has all the instructions on how to use it. Better to see these videos and review them to make your final decision. If you think you can use it, then grab the particular model.

Do Technical support work?

Being a beginner, you may face turbo shooting problems or setting issues while working on it. Thus, customer support helps you to correct the mistakes. The experts are always there to guide you in the right way. It is recommended to choose the best CNC under 10k with technical support and warranty to claim the damage.

Are spare parts available?

Don’t buy a CNC machine that is difficult to maintain. Look for the model whose spare parts are easily available for replacement. Just in case any part gets damaged, you can easily replace it.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Save you time and energy and trust our selection of the best CNC under 10k?

They are ready to accept the materials and mark them with your required results. The usefulness of the tool will save you from the inconveniences of bit breakage and poor deliverables.

The editor choice is Genmitsu CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030 with GRBL due to its c-beam structure, performance, and precision.

Strike your next project with accurate and precise moves!

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People Also Asked about CNC Machines for Aluminum

Here a few questions that people also asked about CNC machines for aluminum;

What are the Best Aluminum CNC Machines?

Here is my list of the Best Aluminum CNC Machines in 2021;

  1. Genmitsu CNC | Best CNC Machine for Metal Works
  2. GOWE Mini CNC Milling Machine for Metal
  3. TEN-HIGH 6090 Industrial CNC Milling Machine
  4. TEN-HIGH 6090 CNC for Aluminum Works
  5. TEN-HIGH 4060 Aluminum CNC Milling Machine
  6. JFT 6040 5 Axis CNC Machine for Aluminum Work
  7. JFT 6090 4 Axis Milling Machine Under 10000

Can a CNC machine cut aluminum?

Yes, as we the aluminum is one of the softest of metals. We only need to care about the router bits we are using, feed rate, and the stepper motor power rating.

What is the application area of the CNC machines?

There are great application possibilities for router machines, including cabinet making, furniture making, decorations, architectural millwork, 2D carving, 3D carving, aluminum fabrication, door and sign making, mold making, and more.

What is the use of a USB port in CNC machines?

USB port lets you connect your machine with the computer in a quick way. There is software that is used for controlling the CNC machine. Open your computer, start that software and enjoy engraving, milling, drilling, and more.

How to choose the CNC machine?

The major concern is the table area that is given to the design. It is better to seek a CNC machine with an adequate engraving area. You can use this cutting area for hollowing, cutting, and other processes.

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