Best 5 axis CNC Controller Reviews

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CNC controller is the brain of your CNC machining project. CNC controllers can control simple point-to-point linear control motions and various other direction controls of a machine shop equipment.

If you’re a machinist and want to build your 5-axis CNC project, you need a controller to provide multiple axes of controls simultaneously.

You can get several 5-axis CNC controllers in the market, but the one that is reliable and suits your needs is a pretty difficult situation.

Therefore to make this situation hassle-free, we’ve reviewed the 5 best 5-axis CNC controllers that are extremely useful for your CNC machining applications.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

UCONTRO NCH02 NCD02 5 Axis DSP Manual CNC Controller Pendant...
UCONTRO NCH02 NCD02 5 Axis DSP Manual CNC Controller Pendant...
Can read and run G-CODE from U-disk, can replace for GRBL.; Can offline control. You could operate without computer.

5 axis CNC controller Reviews

Here is my list of the Best 5 axis CNC controller in 2021;

1. Ethernet CNC Mach 3 Motion Controller

  • Brand: Wal front
  • Weight: 1.7 Pounds
  • Max Output Frequency: 300kHz/axis
  • Size: 3/4/5/6 axis
  • Power Supply: 24V DC>1Amp

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What we Like!
  • 3-6 axes adjustable motion control.
  • Builds network connection directly.
  • Works with Mach3 Software.
Things to Consider!
  • Not for CNC beginners.


If you’re looking for a CNC controller that can support Mach3 software, then this 5-axis controller could be excellent for your next CNC project.

It can build a network connection for your entire CNC project with or without using a router and switch.

Since you’re looking for a 5-axes controller, this one can motion control along 3-6 axes. It can control the speed of the spindle along the X, Y, and Z axes as well, as for more precision and faster machining, it can motion control in A, B, and C axes.

Be mindful that the power supply should not exceed more than 1A, else there are chances of damage to the motherboard and other sensitive units of your computer.

This controller has an Ethernet interface to support standard MPG and Digital Dream MPG.

The whole set includes 1 motion control board, 2 terminals, and 1 connection cable. The seller has reassured to refund or return the product if there occurs a problem with the product.

2. UCONTRO 5 Axis DSP Manual CNC Controller

  • Brand: UCONTRO
  • Weight: 1.54 Pounds
  • Max Output Frequency: 125kHz/axis
  • Size: 3/4/5 axis
  • Power Supply: 24V DC>1Amp

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What we Like!
  • Read G-CODE.
  • Operate even without a computer.
  • Work with CNC machinery and engraving machines.
  • ARM motion control chip.
  • 3.5″ TFT screen to show running programs.
Things to Consider!
  • Mathematical skills are an obligation.


Being a CNC machinist, you must know the significance of G-code. It’s a software programming language to give specific commands to the machine for rapid movement. Being the brain of your CNC machine, this controller can efficiently read G-code from U-disk.

You would find it dimensional and flexible enough since you could operate it without a computer as well.

This controller comes with 8 photoelectric isolated input ports, 5 photoelectric isolated output ports, and 1 analog output port with 0-10V adjustable spindle speed for changing the PWM output of your CNC project.

Being a 5-axis controller allows you to integrate this controller with your 5-axis stepper system. The best thing is it gives for every axis; you will get 125khz pulse output frequency.

For simple CNC machining applications, this one bears 19 user keys and a 3.5 inches TFT screen.

Get a 5-axis DSP Pendant Motion controller system and a manual guide for just under $200 and make your intuitive CNC project.

3. Stepper Motor Driver CNC Motion Controller

5 axis CNC controller

  • Brand: Wal Front
  • Weight: 1.94 Pounds
  • Max Output Frequency: 460 kHz
  • Size: 5-axis
  • Power Supply: 24V-36V DC

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What we Like!
  • Supports Mach3.
  • Flexible Input and output interface.
  • Anti-interference ability.
  • Metal-shell controller board.
  • Compatible with 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 axis stepper motor.
Things to Consider!
  • Needs an external digital potentiometer to change the value of FRO/SRO/SJR.


Being the brain of your CNC machine, this 5-axis CNC controller is efficient and performs fairly well. It can control multiple facets of your CNC machine while sending and receiving the right commands in a realistic timeframe.

Its ethernet interface supports Mach3 that is a crucial part of any CNC milling or drilling machine. Along with this, it features an 18-channel optical coupler to separate it from a digital input interface. You can even isolate the common digital output interface with its 16-channel optical coupler.

This is a 5 axis CNC controller, and that’s why it can motion control in the x,y, z-axis, and motion control three additional A, B, and C axis.

It requires a 24V-36V dc power supply that is not less than 20W. Keep these configurations in mind and develop your DIY CNC application by using this controller.

The package includes 3 terminals, 1 cable, and 1 motion controller unit.

4. JIAWANSHUN 5 AXIS CNC Mach3 Controller

  • Weight: less than 2 Pounds
  • Max output frequency: 200KHz
  • Size: 5 axis
  • Power supply: 5V DC

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What we Like!
  • Supports Mach3.
  • Aluminum case.
  • Acrylic panel.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • IDC 2.4mm port.
Things to Consider!
  • Comparatively hard-to-understand.


Are you looking after a user-friendly CNC controller for your milling machines, lathes, and other CNC projects? Well, look no further than buying this 5 Axis CNC controller for your DIY CNC projects.

It’s a professional-grade CNC controller kit with a built-in motion control system.

Acorn utilizes an integrated NXP-LPC main control chip that communicates with CNC PC via a fast and reliable Ethernet connection.

This controller is reliable since it is compatible with small and large axis stepper motors or drives that accept motion and direction commands.

What’s more! It comes with 10 optoisolated input ports and 14 optoisolated output ports.

The brand is famous for its high-quality products, so if you want to invest in something reliable, durable, and functional, this could be the best one for your CNC project.

5. Davitu 5-Axis with MPG Controller Card

  • Brand: DAVITU
  • Weight: not mentioned
  • Max output frequency: 100KHz
  • Size: 5 axis
  • Power Supply: 12V-24V DC> 500MA

See at Amazon!

What we Like!
  • Industrial-grade CNC controller.
  • CNC software and hardware kit.
  • Compatible with servo and stepper drivers.
  • Optocoupler isolation input signal interfaces.
Things to Consider!
  • For a closed-loop driver, pulse frequency needs to be checked strictly.


If you’re looking to build a budget-friendly CNC application, this can be the best. Its Ethernet supports Mach3 series software and the peripheral machine dynamic electrical.

This controller is suitable for engraving machines, plasma cutting machines, CNC lathes, and CNC milling machines.

It features a high-quality speed chip that sends and receives commands to the drives and machines using its input/output ports.

Being a 5-axis controller can help a machine work stably and correct the signals to get more precision in your CNC DIY project.

It bears 5 input interfaces that communicate with the host computer. A limit switch, emergency stop switch, home switch, spindle speed input, and NPN sensor switch are the 5 input interfaces for you to make CNC a cinch.

It also features 4 output ports, one port for one function at one time.

This 5-axis controller is also excellent for it works with CNC servo and stepper drives with optimal efficiency.

Buying Guide for 5 axis CNC Controller

It can be daunting for you to choose the right 5 axes, CNC controller, especially if you are a beginner. This controller’s ability to work with various inlets pushes you to consider different factors before buying the one.

There is so much to go through when you decide you buy a 5-axis controller.

It is highly recommended to use such controllers when you have a massive project to work with. For a project that requires several operations to be done at a time and there are many stepper motors involved, it is the best choice to go for a 5 axis CNC controller.

Here we have mentioned some valuable factors to consider before buying a 5 axis CNC controller:


It is vital for the machine’s stable functioning to get a controller with enough input and output signals. It will help maintain the flow, but it will also increase the durability of the machine.

Disturbed signals can destroy or upset the functioning, which is why a controller that can prevent such disturbances is a better option. A controller with many signals will provide consistent flow and connect to the hot computer with ease.

You won’t be disrupted during the processing because of a suitable controller choice. More input and output signals mean increased functionality of the controller.

Processing Power

If your controller doesn’t have adequate processing power, you won’t perform well. To control the axis number used simultaneously, calculate and compute, you need a controller with enough processing power.

You rely on a controller to do all the things for you with a CNC 5 axis machine. Hence, if the power is not enough, you will be disappointed.

Look Ahead Function

The controller has different look-ahead functionality. The machine type decides what controller type you need. Therefore, when you plan to buy a 5 axis CNC controller, you must match the machine’s look-ahead function.

A controller with about 1000 block looks ahead functions will be great to calculate with higher speeds and accuracy.

The faster option is always suitable for 5 axis CNC machines because it requires quick calculations to proceed.

Sufficient Power

The 5-axis machine center has a crucial part that plays a vital role in the cutting processes. The powerful machine spindle is that part of a 5 axis CNC machine.

It means you need a rigid mechanical design to support the machine spindle, which is powerful enough. With sufficient reserves and enough capability to handle stress, only a suitable 5 axis CNC controller will work well.


What if you don’t get a durable and lasting controller for your 5 axis machines? You will be regretting it in just a few days, which is not appreciated. Always consider the durability at first.

It is vital to consider whether the controller has higher tolerance and durability rate or not. The construction of the controller matters the most for its durable life span. The controller can be of two constriction types, mechanical or electrical.

Well, mechanical is always supported because the built is reliable. At the same time, the electrical use may lower the value and capabilities of the controller.

Compatibility with Different Software’s

It would help if you looked for compatibility to prevent mishaps. The controller you are planning to buy should work efficiently with the PC you have.

Such high-performance external motion controllers are easy to install and compatible with most of the software these days. But, still don’t forget to check the compatibility of your desired software.

Easy Connection

A well-performing controller never fails to communicate with the computer network control. The connections are faster, clear, and better. It makes your usage improve so that your cam works with ease. You can get a link directly or with the help of the router.

Great Voltage Supply

For any 5 axis CNC machine, a powerful controller is a must. When you buy a better version, you will also not need any external power supply for the IO port.

The controller will be able to supply power to the IO port if it’s the best one. A higher voltage supply is what makes a difference. With a high voltage supply, the controller will let you work efficiently and without any disruptions.

Adjustable Speed

When we work on a giant project with so many operations, the spindle speed may vary. For this, we need a controller with adjustable voltage speed to make it easy for the spindle. Some best controller options have adjustments from 0 to 10V, which is good enough.

Instant Controlling

Not all controllers have the ability to act instantly. But when you work with 5 axis CNC machines, you need some extra features for your controller. Some of them are emergency stops, limits, and tool setup. These instant controls add more convenience to your working.

Two Power Supply Options

Having separate peripheral and USB power supply connections is more than a blessing. It is highly recommended for added convenience and safety. If you have such a feature, you will feel secure using a controlling machine.

You can easily choose the USB power supply option when connecting the controller to the PC if you have a capable controller.

Other additional features that you need to check include optical diaphragm isolation of inlets, ED signal indication, high data transfer speed, and more.

The weight, power consumption, and machine speed also matter for purchasing a suitable 5 axis CNC controller.

Final Thoughts

By wrapping it all, I would suggest you consider the requirements of your CNC project before buying a CNC controller.

Since a CNC controller is the device where you feed all the processes and the dimensions for manipulating several machine shop tools, make sure if your CNC controller can perform all its tasks.

If yes, go ahead and get precise motor movement and cutting results that are 100% flawless.

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FAQs about 5 axis CNC Controller

Here are a few questions that people ask on different platforms;

What is the best 5 axis CNC controller?

Here is my list of the Best 5 axis CNC controller in 2021;

  1. Ethernet CNC Mach 3 Motion Controller
  2. UCONTRO 5 Axis DSP Manual CNC Controller
  3. Stepper Motor Driver CNC Motion Controller
  4. JIAWANSHUN 5 AXIS CNC Mach3 Controller
  5. Davitu 5-Axis with MPG Controller Card

What does a 5 axis CNC controller do?

5 axis CNC controllers are great devices to connect to your computers to handle the machines. They provide a beneficial connection between the machine and the computer for simple and complex calculations and processes.

How many types do the CNC controllers have?

There are three types of CNC controllers:

  • Control loop
  • Motion type
  • Axis type

What is so different about 5 axis CNC controllers?

These 5 axes controlling systems feature three axes but work efficiently with different rotations and Z and Y directions. 5 axis CNC controllers are powerful options to help you run a CNC machine quickly and conveniently.

How do CNC controllers benefit you?

The 5 axis CNC controller has a specific purpose which is to help you out. But how? The controller reduces human efforts and power by doing things on its own. You only have to manage the settings and adjustments, and the controller will do the rest. The automated system calculates, computes, and works without bothering you much. This is the reason why these controllers are getting popular and demanding these days.

What is 5 Axis CNC Machining?

To know about the features affecting your buying of 5 axis CNC controller machines, you need to understand the machining first. These techniques set up a CNC machine center with 5 axes to get more options for your cutting tools. The 5-axis machining is getting popular because of the convenience and ease it provides to work with different tools and materials. The technique is quite successful these days and is improving with every passing day.

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